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This page is going to be the ‘polar-opposite’ of my regular page. In order to keep myself balanced and to help others achieve balance I feel compelled to create this page of information. There are many things in this world which we feel ‘we’ have no control over and to some extent that is true however the way in which we perceive things and the way in which we focus on things creates our realities and in turn the ‘things’ we see. We are all creators, no maybes, ifs and/or buts about it. We create the reality we live in based on what we see in our current lives, the lives of others, the actions around the world, the media, etc. If we can shift our view away from the things which are ‘designed’ to make us feel bad and from the things we ‘know’ we have no control over, to a more positive view of what’s going on then our whole world changes!

There are some ‘powers’ in this world who are determined to create a place of fear within us thus creating a world of fear physically. By not allowing ourselves to give them ‘our’ energy and instead give it to ourselves and learn to become selfish about it then we can find a place of Love. This sounds nonsensical however, if we are not selfish about our feelings and about what we want in our life, who will be? Selfish is not a good word when you look at it in the way society has come to know it but when you look at it in a way that indicates care and love for ourselves it literally takes on a whole new meaning. When we live in a love vibration we find all the good things in life and all the fear just melts away. If we continually focus on all the things in life we don’t like or that makes us cringe we continue to feed that ‘fear’ vibration.

We can & will create a reality around us that reflects the live we want to life whether it is ‘fear-based’ or ‘heart-centered’. This page is going to guide you through those things which come from the ‘dark-side’ that which would prefer to see us living in lack & limitation so they may continue to keep us as their minions and to show you how your perceptions can be dark or light. It all depends on you, it depends on your choice and you have free-will to view the world and your life how ever you want but please do not forget as you make these choices you create your reality. That which you focus on, whether good or ‘evil’ will manifest in your life whether you ‘think’ you want to or not.

I hope you will find what you are looking for on this pages future posts and by that I mean, confirmation of the way we are being controlled and the way we are ‘fed’ garbage in order to keep us living in a state of fear. The ‘Powers that Be’ do not want us to be free-feelers they want us to be programmed-thinkers for they fear they will lose their work-force and they will lose their wealth once we find out what they are really up to. In all fairness isn’t it about time that WE had what we want and THEY live in fear? Nice idea but once you find this place of UNconditional Love, it just doesn’t work that way. The UNconditional Love vibration allows us to forgive them, and easily too. It does not judge and it also allows us to know that everyone must walk their own path. I found this out recently while I was trying to figure out why I was wasn’t attracting the kind of financial wealth I wanted in regards to what belief was holding me back. I am so glad I did because it was MY opinion of them which helped to keep me broke, UGH! It is a simple and yet complex web they weave but we can all break free of it and live the lives we are meant to live, the life in which we are free to roam the globe, one in which we are not poisoned – to dull our senses, or fed fear through the media to ‘create’ on their behalf!

Let me put it this way, when you live a fear-based life, you live in your head rather than your heart. It’s THAT easy. I have been feeling a serious feeling of compulsion to create this page to give all you visitors an alternate example to what I normally write about in my normal blog. I see how my site could be perceived as ‘airy-fairy wishful thinking’ and not realistic because I do not ‘acknowledge’ the ‘bad or evil’ in the world. I am well aware of the Dark-side, I lived most of my life half in it. half in the Light and as a result I was a kind, loving, spiritual person who was sick and broke all the time. I want my site to be balanced and to show you the ways in which our ideas, feelings and emotions create our world, on a singular level and on a global level. We are all connected and when the human collective has a chronic way of thinking, they collectively create that reality. It needs to start on a singular level in order for it to spread to a collective level for most of us but it was mostly a backwards process for me but I got here and now it is my time to share both sides with everyone.

To raise your vibrations and start the healing process I recommend to STOP watching the news and reading the newspapers, they are DESIGNED to keep you in fear. If there is something important you REALLY need to know about, it will make its way to you through another avenue. Change your diet and STOP eating refined sugars and bleached foods, visit Natural Doctors; question your Doctor about the prescriptions they are telling you to take, these are all designed to dull our senses, to stop our bodies from vibrating in a healthy frequency, When we are free of these toxins (and more) we will find the place of healing vibration leading to alignment and enlightenment. Our emotions will become more balanced and thus we will become healthy. These are just a few of the instances I will be talking about, it is up to you to do the ‘work’, to question ‘why’ I have said these things and do your own research. Don’t just take my word for it, educate yourselves, find out where my words are coming from. I did the work for me and I am compelled to give you hints that will create questions which you will then seek the answers to.

I pray for you to find the answers you seek and to start living a heart-centered life, the way you are DIVINELY meant to as part of Source Energy! We all have to walk our own path so if you cannot ‘do’ the things I suggest, at least find out why you cannot and start somewhere. Go inside yourself and ask yourself ‘why’, talk to yourself – you get the BEST answers that way, I sincerely mean it. Your ‘higher-self’ will never guide you wrong, neither will your heart, despite what all the ‘love’ songs say. It is your ego that will guide you to a place of destruction unless you ‘get out of your head’ and only use your ego to SERVE you, not the other way round! Give yourself a break and stop being so hard on yourself, you walked the path, its over – let-go, you cannot change what you did in the past except through ‘right action’ in the future. Nothing happens by accident, everything happens for a reason. It is up to you to find out why, to accept it, to forgive it, to embrace it and to Love it.

Much Love and Light!-michelle.

11 thoughts on “The Dark Side

  1. Ndygoooo says:

    couldn’t of said this better myself. hehee πŸ™‚ Do you know how long I have been waiting for this to kick off? For people to see and feel what I feel and what others have felt and thought before me? Man, it’s a great feeling to know that I am Not the only one who thinks and feel this way. But I will say, two things I still struggle with one is Homesickness the other is Loving “Them” the ones who rape, murder and torture in the name of their false entities. When someone shares a tragic story of them losing a child to dirty bombs from dirty invasions/wars. I find myself very fired up with the respect of life is twisted and perverted. I feel like my spirit wants to go Vigilante…..why? Is my spirit naturally A fighter for the innocent? Why do I see red when someone throws garbage out of their vehicle while they drive down the street. Why do I want to scream at people for wasting food that could otherwise go to someone who is starving? I have been on this Earth for only 32 years, yet I want to go Home. Never felt I fit in anywhere on this planet. Like I was born to Late or too Soon. I’ve been homesick since I got here but have been killing time, [so to speak] all the while to keep from going insane :P. Didn’t take school or anything else this “life” seriously because I knew somehow that none of it mattered once I left this world. I would sometimes think, “hey maybe if I go to sleep, I ‘ll wake up and be home.” My heart wants so much to leave this plane of existence but I don’t want to violate this vessel givin onto me. I want to surf the cosmos, know and be everything but do this outside this body. I too changed my diet, just as simply as you stopped western medications. It was like one day I heard my spirit [voice] saying to me, “Flesh slows you down and the poisons inside are making you sick. Change diet and watch how better it feels. I thought giving up meat was going to be impossible but not when I decided with my HEART.

  2. Dearest Ndygoooo, I am so grateful that my post caused such a stir in your heart! I really do understand how you feel, I never felt like I belonged either but I have found my place, peaceful & all Loving. I understand how you are having a hard time loving the ‘criminals’ of society, it’s a toughie that’s for sure. When I realized that we all HAVE TO walk our path and how important it is to do so, I thought of them. How hard a path they are walking, being the ‘one’ everyone hates and has such strong negative emotion towards. What lead them to this place…. the answer is fear. We would call these people dark souls, would you agree. Well being that we are 3D beings now in this place, on this earth. We come here to experience both light and dark, we MUST experience that duality. We also need to accept withing ourselves that we too have the ‘dark’ qualities and understand that it does not make us a bad person to have darkness. It is what we do with it that matters! We can shed light on those things that really ‘grate on our soul’ and realize that everyone and everything is an extension of Source Energy so nothing is really bad. As well, we all come here with a contract to use our free-will to ‘create’ a ‘possible’ life depending on our choices. People who are ‘damaged’ by the darkness in other people have a ‘soul arrangement’ with that darkness, and when it’s our time, it’s our time. We are going to go and it does not matter how, we cannot avoid it. The darkness also exists so we know what we do not wish to be, to find it in ourselves and let it go. We are meant to grow and expand through ALL experiences good and bad.

    I would also like to add that you should check out Indigo Adults, Star-seed Children, Pleiadian’s, Acturian’s, Sirian’s, Orion’s, etc. I feel this is the source of your homesickness, I too felt that way at one time. My soul felt tired and I just wanted to go home, find out who you ‘really’ are, embrace it, study it, be-come your truth and your beautiful love light will shine upon the world! You are a gift to humanity this is why you become so enraged when you see even minor injustices. I know who you are because I know me, you are likely an Indigo or Pleiadian, I feel but you see which one resonates with you!

    • Ndygoooo says:

      Thank you with Much Love, and so much adoration Beautiful Michelle! πŸ™‚ I totally get what you are saying. It makes much sense, Everything you’ve said so far. I feel like I am having a conversation with myself outside of myself. hehee IT feels sooooo wonderful. I don’t usually get to speak with others who resonate on the same wave length because unfortunately, they aren’t awake. So many asleep. I try nudging but they don’t want to get up. A few years ago, my cousin’s mother asked me if I was an Indigo. She then asked me if I was a thinker or feeler but then went to answer for me before I could open my mouth. She said, “You are definitely a feeler. A thinker too but you are more so a feeler. You have such a profound range of emotions yet you work every second through them. Becoming a master of them. Now she had Just met me that day and said all this. She too suggested I look up indigo. Which I did. I’ve answered yes to all the symptoms. But still didn’t know what that meant for me. I did more research. I went through some strange changes with The Emotions. Most of them were not of my own but I perceived [Sponged] them. My premonitions came back to me as well for a short time. I read that I may have been going through the Indigo-Crystal phase if it really applies to me and it seemed to explain a lot I was dealing with emotionally.

      And in my dreams oh the dreams I’ve had all my life. I am turned inside out by them, I get to see how my spirit deals with things Not of this reality, whether it’s frightening or wonderful. I get to see my spirit do it’s work as it’s meant to. [That is, Once I shred through the earthy pleasures and so called fears]. Dreams seem so much more real to me than this world. I don’t ever want to wake from them, even the so called nightmares. There is a place I end up going in some of my dreams. At first it seems like I am still here on earth but in the dream dimension but then there are plants and other living entities that are not of this earthly realm. I thought it was all my imagination, and probably could of been but it felt sooo real plus there were things that I’ve never seen here before.
      I will look up what you suggested too and get back to you. ThAnk you again, Much Love and Respect!!!

      • Dearest Loved One! Your words touch me and resonate with me on such I high vibration. WOW! This is SO COOL! You are welcome but it is me who is grateful for being able to ‘make’ you feel better. You wanted answers and you found them. You also found a kindred spirit TOO – YAY! May I please recommend that if you believe the ‘symptoms’ fit with an Indigo, then please please embrace it within you! Learn to LOVE it and when you can allow that channel to reopen, everything makes sense! I have always been fairly balanced too as far as being a feeler first and a thinker second. I utilize the left side of my brain for things which require logic or thought, then feel the answer. It’s really magical, I know you know this though because that is exactly what you do, isn’t it πŸ˜‰ LOL

        Oh BOY! Could I tell you some stories of the energies and ‘world hurts’ I allowed to enter my vibration and energy field. When I go out now I have to do a meditation to protect me from the energies I will encounter and to keep me centered in all decisions and balanced in discernment. It seems like a lot of work but it actually comes naturally when you raise your vibration, accept who you may be – Indigo. But please understand this, the other ‘light beings’ that I mentioned have similar symptoms as Indigo so it may not be what you are but the symptoms resonate because they are similar to that which you are, in essence. Allow yourself to follow the Indigo path and embrace the gifts that come from it, as you grow – you will find that perhaps, this one or that one actually makes more sense to you now. Allow yourself to continually be a conduit for higher knowledge and the profound ALL Loving Creator, Source of Everything That IS! You will feel compelled to share and then when you speak, your friends WILL listen, I got my brothers listening to me and they would actually stop and listen, not butt-in, nothing, It was kinda spooky at first. I also have many family and friends that are spiritual, this helps me. It can make you feel alone when your friends ‘just don’t get it yet’ you will attract more people of your understanding if you embrace who you are and raise your vibration.. You are not alone, I am here and we can have great conversations about the ‘bigger picture’ and learn, grow and expand our souls through this venue! I would prefer email though:

        I also love the feedback and conversation in my blog feed, that is pretty cool. Many thanks for expressing and sharing your feelings! I really mean that.I will talk about dreams in another comment. That is a HUGE one for me too and just a little too much for now. I’ve got to allow my body to rest, I had a busy day. OH! I went to see Oprah tonite, everything she talked about is almost exact word-for-word the things I talk about in my blogs. She also spoke about ‘validation’ and for me I got ‘validation’ from someone who is a wonderful spiritual teacher and learner when all her words were what I have been writing since I started this blog.. I am humbled to know that spiritually I am on a ‘common’ vibration to Oprah and I truly understand the things she spoke of, that was huge validation. Someone told me yesterday that I speak like Jesus and that they would ‘follow’ me, holy really – I resonate that much with people. I am truly humbled!

        I send you LOVE Vibration! Healing Light to lighten the load of accepting and embracing and developing who you ‘really’ are, that being Source Energy, PURE LOVE! I thank Source for awakening another ‘Indigo’, you are in ascension, you will change rapidly once you put your heart into it. Much Love! -michelle.

    • That is a lot to talk about it , we should meet for real to talk about it and to know what is in your mind and for you too to know what is in my mind …hope you have time to meet me anywhere you like it …you can contact me at … …..OR …….thanks

      • Dearest Prof. I truly appreciate that you enjoyed this post and I thank you for commenting however, I will be unable to meet to talk about this. If you would like to share your thoughts about my site and the content within I am happy to communicate via email. My public email for my site is At this time I would also like to express my gratitude for your support of my fb, twitter and google posts as well, it warms my heart to know that I have such a loyal friend, supporter and reader. Cheers! Namaste Friend πŸ™‚ -michelle

  3. Ndygoooo says:

    You remind me so much of an angel in human form. Here to share this great message of Love, I Love You!!!! -Hugging you n my heart!-
    There was a time when all memory of the past [this lifetime] was blocked off for me, due to some traumatic experiences with people whom I thought loved me, but really they lived in the greatest fear. Fear of me hurting them. I was going through something very very dark at the time. Dealing with the MASSIVE weight of depression from an attack I had in my dream one night under a full moon. Ever since that dream, [i’ll explain in detail in future emails to you] I have struggled with remembering who I was and why I was and what I was supposed to be doing. I was numbed and felt cold and drained like my spirit was dying every second of the day, I slept soo much and barely had energy to help my baby girl. I was also heavily medicated from the hospital. For what they called Severe Depression, Personality Disorder[whatever that means], Bipolar and I forget the other one.
    My husband at the time didn’t even want to deal with me because I was barely responsive and he thought some bad things of me that were incorrect. He’d thought I was having an affair. But how could I when I was ALWAYS in BED, hurting so much It hurt to even Move. How could I when I felt so choked, suppressed and detached. He’d ignored me everyday and not talk to me, he went clubbing and wouldn’t come home till morning when the sun rose. Which made things even worst for me. Because I was under attack and he didn’t even care, this man who told me He Cared for me and LOVED me, LIED to me, I wanted to erase myself from this existence, and I tried a few times.
    I remember he’d said earlier on before we married, in a conversation we had, that “I was meant to be here to do something good. And that I was going to be under constant attack by unseen forces who wanted to stop me from my mission.” I, seemingly took his words with a grain of sand, but my spirit listened intently, as though his spirit was channeling this information. It seemed strange that he would say this to me because He usually LIKED the Lime Light. The attention, and liked being the Hero. This was sooo long ago but since my memories of past this lifetime] came back to me I am remembering the little things I’d forgotten. [retracing my steps in a sense]
    I’m trying to dig down to the Root. Something I’ve been inclined to do with everything in live. I like to dig down to the root of the situation and figure out where things started. Then step back look at the whole and try to under, inner, and over stand things from different angles. Perspective.
    I, to this day am still healing from this attack. But now I am focusing on healing my heart, my mind and my spirit. Because I truly LOVE again!! I feel like how a ‘Born again’ Feels, where I just wanna hug myself from the inside out like I did when I was a child. oH man when I was a child I was Awake but had no guidance, no one to reassure what I felt and thought to be real and credible. Nothing but myself and the little voice in my heart that I would sometimes call God, for some reason.
    The adults were concerned with the business of things [keeping money flowing so we didn’t go homeless] and I didn’t want to interfere with my “silly” questions and comments.
    “Why is everything the way it is? How can you raise me if You’re busy working all the time? Why are you letting the system raise me? Why aren’t you protecting me the way you should? Pay attention, look oh no I’ve been molested. Now what am I supposed to do? Why must you go to this stupid job and make me go to this stupid school? School is stupid!! I hate school!! They teach me stuff that I don’t care about! I don’t care about Jack and Jill or The lady in the old shoe. What the heck is she doing living in a shoe and why does she have all these kids if she can’t afford them? I thought it was so dumb to teach us this stuff. I felt we should be taught things that we NEEDED TO KNOW. But I understand now that school is Programming, and that’s what They want, to program us from as young as they can. That’s why I hold such HIGH regard to parents who Home teach their children and Raise them. They aren’t poisoned with the crap the system tries pumping them with.
    Later on as I grew I began to see how to fix the system of things but of course the excuse of “well we don’t have the resources to spend on this idea” would come up, along with five hundred thousand excuses of why nots and Can’ts. Rather than, hey listen these ideas could balance out our society and help mankind to evolve sooner. Maybe someday Minds and Hearts will open for me and then I can share my ideas to help make a new system that benefits EVERYONE HERE, especially Mother Earth.

    I was up till like six this morning doing some reading. My sleep patterns are really off these days because I am reading, reading, researching, reading, and communicating trying to reach out to people like You, as you said, to get some answers. You have been MOST HELPFUL and I OWE YOU SO MUCH GRATITUDE!!! If there is ever anything I can ever do to help you, I hope that I can accommodate You!! I really am so grateful to you!! As I type this I am sending you energy through Love in hopes that you can use it for whatever your heart’s desire. πŸ™‚ I Love You!!! You are truly a Beautiful Light !!! And I am so thankful to have met you. πŸ™‚
    I’ve looked up those names that you shared with me and here’s my take so far…..
    Ok with regard to the Pleiadians and Arcturians, all i have to say is WOW. Where to begin…ok so I found out when I was a child still, I asked the adults in my family, about our bloodline and what we were mixed with because we were too dag on Exotic to just be One. They all told me that we have Cherokee, Siksika [Blackfoot], Mohican, African American [possibly Ethiopian but I could be wrong] Sicilian and Irish. The ‘Native American’ is very strong in our blood as well as ‘African’. Even though we have lost our old traditions, I am hungry to learn them. I have been hoping to find some True Natives near me who could help assist me in learning all I need to know about Our Ancestor’s ways. I’ve even called out to them and in a dream was visited by a Shaman of our three tribes. I saw sooooooooooooo many Ancestors standing in the background silhouetted by the light of the fire behind the shaman, they were singing and dancing while drums beat. They helped remove something that was still inside me from that attack I mentioned.
    Also, I’ve noticed a spirit animal [black panther or cougar] At first, I thought she was My totum, then I began thinking she was Our Family totum. She lived with us for a while when I was in my teen years. She was a mother of 3 cubs and she lived in my room. I wasn’t afraid when I first saw her because I think I processed her energy to be harmless to me. Or rather she meant no harm. Felt like she was part of the family. No one else knew about this but me. I didn’t tell my mother till I had physical contact with one of the cubs.
    One day I was looking out my window and saw this guy who’d Violated me badly. I wanted to jump through the window and attack him. I wanted to hurt him for hurting me. I was sick of feeling like a victim and felt instantly I could remedy that. But then, suddenly, i felt something rub against my pant leg. Something brushing up against my leg, I looked down slowly and saw my pant leg Moving. I wasn’t moving I was still as a Pillar. But the fabric of my pants pressed up against me where the “apparition” was touching me. I sTOpped breathing, I blinked and then saw this black smoke form into a little black panther cub. She was being affectionate with me the same way a domesticated cat would be. I felt like she was me and I was her. Connected. Immediately I forgot about the guy outside and was filled with sooo much Love and compassion for this spirit that touched me.I felt soooo Loved, I cried happily and always remembered. To this day when I tell ‘some’ people they ask me, “what were u smokin.” lol. [my mind was clear]
    I found one site that talked about these Pleiadians and how they were close to Natives. How they had a relationship/bond. The Pleiadians taught the Natives and the Natives taught the Pleiadians. They even interloped mixing the bloodlines with the Cherokee. I could see having Pleiadian bloodline mixed in my own because they were very close to the Cherokee. The Cherokee had traditions based on what the Pleiadian’s taught them and carry them out to this day [something else I need to look up]. It is mentioned also that they LOVE water and can communicate with it. I Love being in the water, swimming Underwater mostly. My mom called me A water Baby because once I got in the pool You couldn’t get me out. To this day, I play in the pool with my nieces and my daughter [in the summer] We pretend to be marine animals. I usually channel Otter, Aligator, and Dolphin. Sometimes I channel whale when I go in the deep in and submerge myself at the bottom. I try to sing and make sounds underwater and have even tried meditating. it’s easier when your in the pool alone hehe.
    Also This dream I had one night. OMG!!!!! what a dream. I’ll have to tell you in an email. Whales and Dolphins…..being the keyword there. [so excited right now!!!!!]
    As for the Arcturians, that spooked me a bit because it brings me back to more of my dreams. The author of the site I went to said that they are like intergalactic Spies, Brave souls. Which made my heart skip because I’ve often had the thought cross my mind that what if my mission is to record gather information and send it back to “someone”. I’ve had many dreams where I was to rendezvous with another spirit and hand them information. Or they hand me information, i was more like a courier though, until I was being chased by these beings in black suits. They chased me through this city once the only way I could escape was by thinking of another place, then suddenly I was there. Far away from Harm. I’ve had dreams where I was meant to be at a certain place at a certain time and I was to wait until further orders where placed. So many strange ones.
    I feel I can relate to nearly every ET listed on that site. The Nature Plant lovers and Mystics [shamans] along with most of the others. After reading about what the Reptilian Greys did to soooo many of our ET brethren, I’m like hmmm sounds a lot like the things humans did to each other. I can see how it is alllll PARALLELED. Like we’re acting out what is going on somewhere else simultaneously.
    This is one of the sites I found:
    I dunno if you’ve been to it or not.
    My mother Loves Oprah, She seems like she does care about so many. She’s done so much for people and I think that is Awesome! But I have pulled away from celebrities and television so much and have been focusing on self healing. I have no idea what’s going on in the industry today hehehe. I hear bits here and there because I live with my family and they LOVE TV. I tend to stay in my room, away from all the noise unless I need to be in the company of loved ones. Then I try to direct their attention from the tele by engaging conversation. I’ve been trying to share with them or find ways to share with them some of the things I’ve learned but they don’t seem interested. My sister is a devout Christian and is hypnotized and has hypnotized her children. My mother is just set in her ways. They are loving though, which is GREAT. It helps alot for days when I feel low energy. These past few days have been the COLDEST days of this Winter and I’ve sort of been Locked in my room. At night I find myself drawn to the stars but its soo cold. lol I can see Orion’s belt, Sirius, Pleiades cluster right above my home, and more. When it’s not too cold I lay in my backyard on the grass with my binoculars in hand and stare at these beauties. Wondering if I’ll ever get to visit them. Well, it’s my night to cook, i Better get to it before they beat me with their flip flops πŸ˜› It’s been a pleasure communing with you here. I will send you emails of those two dreams, the one where I was attacked and the one with the whale/dolphins. Until then, I pray you Peace and Serenity! I pray you Love and Happiness! My Guiding Light Friend πŸ™‚

    • Hello Soul SiSTAR! (got that from a friend and it’s fitting) I feel tingles and chills all over my body reading and re-reading your post. Wow, the things you experience and feel, it so similar to what I have and beyond as well you have some pretty incredible memories that I do not yet have access to in my own memory – yet!

      I can tell you this right now, and I am sorry if I am coming across bossy or pushy. GET OUT INTO NATURE! It will automatically raise your vibration and ‘things’ will ‘come’ to you to rejuvenate your Native Spirit, the all knowing, the one connected to the Creator. This is on my to-do list once my move is completed because the Native in me is being called to return to Mother Earth. I am getting emotional saying this, you absolutely MUST do this! You are born of this land my darlin’ and so you NEED to maintain THAT connection to help you get through all this chaos you feel!!! I feel it with every fibre of my being, I swear my body is reacting SO STRONGLY and I am getting ansy to finish this comment and send this so the sooner you get it. WOW, I’ve reacted this strongly to other posts and conversations online and they have always had wonderful results. Also, LISTEN to your body – it is the physical representaion of what is wrong in your emotional body! Learn about body mapping, it will open your eyes so wide you will have a hard time blinking LOL SOOO much more will make sense and if you feel pain while you are out in Nature, give it over to Mother Earth. That is why she is there, to take our joy AND Pains! She loves us as much as we love our children, probably more based on how high our understanding of love is!

      I’m feeling a little weak today, I did alot ‘physically’ yesterday and I am not used to it. I am just now starting to get ‘active’ after a life-time of pain in my body and dis-ease. And So I am going to listen to my body! Funny as I typed that Spirit Walker by The Cult came on my music player. Hmmmm – whattya think that means sweetheart! If you don’t know the song, check it out! It’s clearly a msg for both of us!! Much MUCH MUCH HEALING LOVE ENERGY! -michelle ❀

  4. Ndygoooo says:

    Yes I couldn’t agree with you More. I’ll definitely listen to my body more intently. Being out in Nature is my peace. But when it’s freezing cold as it is now, I semi-Hibernate. I YEARN every day and night for a chance to enjoy a night under the stars in my backyard.I stand out there long enough to spot the constellations and Moon before I freeze over. I’m more than overdue for a meditation in the sunlight. Soon as it gets warmer, I’m grabbing my sleeping bag and putting on a pot of tea lol. My feline friend will most likely run past my head a few times in attempt to play, i’ll have to oblige hehee. Pleiades,Orion’s Belt and Sirius are right above the house between 8pm-11pm by 2a I can see the big dipper. I like to use the binoculars since it’s hard to see the stars where I live.
    I can’t wait to commune with Mother.It’s been too long since we had a heart to heart. hehe.

    I Envision You STRONG and Without the pain. I am envisioning you with Gold and White Light all around You, watching it caress you in Warmth. A greenish blue light tingling your skin as it penetrates beneath the flesh and into Your body. Gently warming and cooling you at the same time. Subtle tingles to calm and Coat your nerve endings. I want for the warm white light to purify you from the inside out pushing out any old unwanted energy and any pain out of your body. And as this happens, I want for this same bright light to grow inside you as you meditate, pulsating new energy through your chakras. So that When you wake, You are refreshed and Brand new feeling. I envision this for you, Manifesting in you some healing energy. I hope it reaches you, through these Love-filled words.
    I understand that pain is necessary at times but It doesn’t mean I have to like it. hehee, To not sympathize for my Beloveds would be a crime to my Nature. I wish you Serenity and Healing Light.
    I’ll be looking up Body Mapping too. Thanks So much for your insight, Again, Dearest Michelle πŸ™‚

  5. Ndygoooo says:

    oh i forgot to mention, I loooooooooooooooooove that, “Soul SiSTAR!” That’s awesome!!!! I love the play on words heheheee sweet.

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