The system is EVERYTHING that is not Nature or Natural to us. Imagine back to the days when we all lived as One with Nature in Tribes. Our tribes nowadays have not changed; they are our families, loved ones and those we care for. That is what is important. The control construct that has been built around us would literally crumble tomorrow if we all decided to stop feeding it. They DO NOT make it easy to leave, that is sure, but every step we can take away from it is literally and advancement for man-kind! The system is LITERALLY HOLDING US BACK from RE-evolving back to our Natural ways of life.

What is more important…? Having a job tomorrow or leaving your descendants an ‘environment’ not fit to live in, in ANY SENSE. That is a tough call and extreme. I realize people have to provide for their families, I would never call out any good loving creating people who are just making their way through the carnival sideshow that is our illusory world on Earth. When the system falls, and it will and they fire you, steal your pension, halt shipping, close all stores, cut electricity and gas, and impose FORGIEN MILITARY to ‘police’ everyone… will you still beLIEve that the system was important in anyway? It has taken away our Natural abilities to live in balance with Nature and because of that I am willing to bury them where they fall and NOT ALLOW them back in, no matter how ‘sweet’ the ‘offer’. Do not be lead into temptation and allow your nature to deliver you from EVIL!

I will not support ANY puppet masters of the system, anyone ‘claiming’ to be better or more important because they hold a ‘title’. They ALL KNOW too, if you really know who you are, they cannot control you! The ‘higher ups’ are EVIL, the ones who have to title themselves with words like ‘honourable’ because they have SOLD ALL of theirs. They ‘bought in’ to ‘being the lie’ and ‘sold their soul’, period. They hide behind these titles with their costumes and rituals adMINISTERing your life to you and it is bullcrap! We are FORCED to perform in their CIRCUS and BUY-IN-too to their filthy garbage. We have NO choice unless we exit to an extremely remote wilderness but even then, we carry ‘supplies and tools’.

In our true, purest Natural way of living we can completely and wholly trust that Nature will be there to protect, support and care for us and we have a responsibility to protect, support and care for it too. It is that easy. The system pretends to ‘support’ you yet it has created this beLIEf system in our brains through images, media, education, government, politics, religion, fashion, agriculture, the list goes on and on. There is nothing that is created by the system that is not OUT-RANKED by Nature! It only attempts to mimic our untapped, unlimited power that is our creative life force. We are all co-creators, NOT SLAVES!

Nature has its own creative and wild chaotic ‘order’ there are no ‘perfect circles’ or ‘perfectly straight lines’. It’s time we embrace and start loving our creative and wild chaotic ‘order’. We are Nature too and we have ‘fallen’ from Paradise, Nature. We have become slaves to a world of jobs, working parents, lines, grids, numbers and consuming. The ‘Eden’ spoken of in the Bible is NATURE! The serpent that speaks with a forked tongue, that swallows its prey whole, offered a world of duality, good and evil. That serpent, that snake in the grass was the system. The very word ‘system’ begins with a SSSSS – hiss sound… that is evil talk! It’s all a metaphor, demonic code talk. They can’t just tell us because if they did we would all drop the lies tomorrow and return to Paradise, return to Nature. There would be an MASS EXODUS from the system.

How do we benefit from our water being forcibly medicated/poisoned, chemtrails being shit in the sky, Monsanto corrupting our NATURAL FOOD SOURCE and poisoning us with pesticides, vaccines that CORRUPTS our DNA. How is being spied on with tracking devices like cell phones, laptops and tablets beneficial? Do we benefit, really, from doctors that PRETEND to ‘treat’ our health – they are titled doctors NOT called Healers! How do we benefit from 60 MILLION ‘legal’ laws FORCED on us by poo-LICE OFFICErs when the GOLDEN RULE, the ONE TRUE LAW is DO NO HARM! It’s ALL garbage and we have to fight to get out of the stench of their DUMP or be EXTINGUISHED, BECOME EXTINCT. Nature will continue with or without man, the choice is ours if we want to join back. To legion ourselves with Nature and not be RE-legion-ed away ever again is the most important accomplishment man can make.

When pregnant women are tasered by police, never mind everyone who has been ‘shocked and jolted’ into SUBmission, we need to stop supporting the real criminals/police and not criminalise the woman. Another pregnant woman was arrested and dragged out of Emerg for running a red light while driving herself to the hospital because we was in preterm labour and feared losing her baby. We should be TOTALLY OUTRAGED and if you are not, you are NOT PAYING ATTENTION! The line has been crossed and the time to END the system is NOW, before they can launch their ultimate terrorist attacks at ALL MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN. Silence is CONSENT, if you do not speak out then you condone acts like these. It is NOT OK!

We need to be response able, ready to respond rather than react when the shit hits the fan, when it goes dark that means it is really ON. The cowards will cut the power to ‘their grid’, ‘our power source’ and then come in under the cover of darkness and start taking people out of their homes, forcing them through ‘check points’, forcing them into FEMA concentration camps, forced RFID chips, forced vaccinations, forced confinement and more. There are MORE of US than there are of ‘them’ and that ‘power outage’ is our queue to jump to action. We must be prepared though, the most important thing we can do is connect with our community and outer communities, educate each other to what is going on. We need to have our defenses ready and our offensive plans already working. We are the power, we are the force to be reckoned with, not them.

Find out what the New World Order is, if you don’t already know. It is responsible for ALL of it and the worst is coming… have you watched ‘The Hunger Games’? It’s fucking SICK! But, of course, it gets all dressed up with a ‘romance’ and then it’s all ok, even though CHILDREN are KILLING EACH OTHER as SPECTATOR SPORT for RICH and TITLED soul-LESS HUE-mans. That is what this world IS COMING TO, if we don’t stop it NOW! The movie is FILLED with their agenda, it is horrifying! They have ABSOLUTE CONTROL of EVERYTHING!

There are things we can do. Learn about Permaculture, Cob homes, community-immunity. We have to educate ourselves as to our options to the system. It won’t be easy for everyone, the more money you have the harder it will be to ‘trust’ that people are not just after your money, you will have a hard time reconciling that. The ‘poorer’ you are, well you already have massive skills to learn how to get by on very little, teach it to others. I would like to suggest that when the shit does hit the fan, all the people who work in stores, markets, etc. go open the doors and let people in anyway. The farmers who have no way to transport crops anymore because ‘shipping’ is shut down, start sharing your abundance with your community. Just because the system is going to crash and fail does not mean we have to too. If you support your community, it will support you. If we all work together, there is less work for everyone!

I’m not just talking, I am taking these steps myself. When I am not online ‘outing’ the system, I am actively pursuing alternatives to the control construct. I have plans and implement then as I am able, I cannot give all this information and not walk my talk, I am NOT a hypocrite. I am a truth speaker and I stand in the power of truth, it is the only way out of the lies. Yes, the truths I put out there about the system may be painful and hard to take but let me assure you, it is NOT a joke and the worst is coming! I do not wish to leave this messed up world for my children or any children, do you? I am willing to give my life for this truth and to Nature. I’m exiting the system and taking back responsibility for taking care of what matters. I’m leaving and I am NOT going QUIETLY, I DO NOT CONSENT!


I would like to start by wishing you all a wonderfully abundant New Year and I sincerely Thank ALL of You for YOUR Love, well wishes, support and wonderful feedback, it makes my ‘job’ so enjoyable! I also appreciate your patience as you have waited for this; Part 2 of my series on SACRED CORE VALUES.

As we begin this New Year of 2013, I would like to share one of my sincerest wishes for everyONE this year and every year from now on. I wish that you ALL find LOVE… PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! (The Love I talk about in my blogs is always in reference to UNconditional Love, unless otherwise stated.) I do not mean Love as in needing a ‘partner’ or ‘mate’ sense, but if you already have Love for yourself and you would like to have a ‘partner’ to share it with, then it is my wish for you too! What I mean here though and the Love I am talking about is Love for yourself, for ALL other humans, all animals, all plants, all minerals, and even all insects & bugs, etc. It is my wish that you all ‘feel’ just how intricately we are ALL connected and how we are all dependent on one an-other, to survive and THRIVE. I wish for you to all ‘see’ this and to have a higher consciousness of this inter-connectedness. Once we can see that we all need each-other and we can come to Love that we are in fact, ‘dependent’ on each-other then we can drop all the judgements we have towards others, forgive everything and start treating one an-other­, ALL other life forms, with esteem and respect! We are ALL a part of Nature, why would our Sacred Mother have all the beauty in and on the world but leave us out, it does not make sense and that just is not the case. God gave Mother the idea and she created us, we are Loved by both and we ARE Love!

I stated in my ‘SACRED CORE VALUES Introduction’ that the journey to FORGIVENESS, LOVE, (non)JUDGEMENT AND R-S-E-P-E-C-T! for others was not a ‘hard’ one for me. On the other hand though, the journey for me to be able to have UNconditional Love for myself, certainly was. I ‘Loved’ myself but at that time, I did not understand self-Love the way I do now and so I attached ‘conditions’ to it. The journey to Love others was not hard for me (as I said) and it was directly because of that Love I was able to realize that Loving an-other, meant I could have (UNconditional) Love for me too! Then it hit me – I had to Love myself equally and genuinely, it only made sense, it was logical and for once, my ego served me in a positive way.

Finding this Love allowed me to ‘surrender’ to Source and now; I live each day, every day in a state of happiness. Regardless of whether I am having, a great day or a bad day does not matter because my experiences are less ‘painful’ and I still get to learn and through ‘my’ experiences, Source learns and we expand. I know in my heart that I will never ever be led down the hardest path or turned in the ‘wrong’ direction anymore because of this Love and I now know, I will always take the path of ‘least resistance’ to learn the same lessons. I used to learn through hardship and physical pain and now I get the same lesson but through a much softer and gentler method. Gone are the days of allowing my ego to beat me up and keep me in pain & suffering all the time. I feel my heart chakra wide open all day, every day. I used to ‘think’ it was anxiety and that IS what it felt like but that was when I lived in fear, now that I live in Love, I can feel ‘It’ swirling from my heart and what a glorious feeling IT is!

I used to beat myself up about many different things which were totally unfounded, for instance; I used to ‘think’ (ego) I was a bad mother because my disabilities! I honestly felt that because they made me unable to ‘physically’ participate in my children’s lives at times that I was not giving them everything I had, when in fact, I actually gave them more. When we talk, I am completely present, I am not half-assed paying attention, they get my entire focus for the length of the conversation. I was not able to see how wonderfully rounded they were despite what I felt was my deficiency was, even with the encouragement from others who could see.

Often I will say, ‘if we physically beat ourselves up the way we do mentally and emotionally, through negative self-talk, we would be sick & dis-eased and broken & bruised’. I know this for fact because sadly, I did it to me. It was unconscious but now that I AM aware and conscious and have Love for me, I cannot and do not live in that state anymore and I have begun the process of healing on all levels of my being. This is my wish for YOU too! If you are wondering how I could have ‘injured’ myself through negative feelings towards myself, you may understand by reading my piece on ‘HEALING’. All the broken bones I suffered and all the dis-ease I lowered myself into (vibration) are clear indications of exactly how we do this to ourselves. I do not mean to say that they all came from dwelling on the negative in this particular regard but many of them certainly did but I cannot tell you which ones exactly are a result of the ‘bad mother’ feelings.   

Having said all this I would like to share a method I have used on occasion to assist in getting myself into a vibration of Unconditional Love. I Love my children with ALL my heart and soul, despite how I used to feel about my mothering ‘deficiencies’. The Love of a child is one of such purity and it never seems to stun new moms when they look at their newborn baby and feel overwhelmed at the amount of Love they can have for an-other person. Using the Love for a child is a wonderful way to get yourself into that amazing vibration and when we can hold it and project it towards others is when we can start to realize that it is possible to Love anyone, even ‘strangers’. If you don’t have children in your life, pets are another great way to find that Love, pets and children love us Unconditionally, they do not know our ‘flaws’ and even if they did – they wouldn’t care. When we Love our pets as if they are family we hold that same vibration of Love and using the method above, we can use our Love for them to Love ourselves and others as well.

We are all part of the ‘human-race’ and that connects us, it does NOT matter what sex, religion or colour we are. Human is human! The fact that we share everything on this Earth with every other living creature, plant, mineral etc. connects us all together too. We ALL live on Earth. Earth and humans are approximately the same ‘make up’, humans have the same water to bone ratio as the Earths water to land ratio. Earths rivers & streams are like our arteries & veins, the Earth has a heartbeat, an electo-magnetic field, the same vibrational fields and we are all created by Source with Sacred Geometry, this connects us.  These are some small examples of how ‘we’ are all connected. (I will do more on ‘Connectedness’ in the future but for now I hope this will allow you to see that we are not so different, despite ‘what’ we are.)

UNconditional Love is the highest vibrational state we can attain in this 3rd dimension. There is another Love, OMNI-LOVE, which is actually a higher vibration than UNconditional Love but that is attained once we reach a certain level of ascension, meaning, once we attain Love for all OTHER life on this planet. It is the Love of the Universe and beyond all the way to Source. I also said in my ‘Introduction’ that, “I believe ALL Love is UNconditional Love because I do not feel that we cannot express that ‘we Love’ and then attach conditions to it”. To me that just is not what the essence of Love really is. Source, God, Divinity is all LOVE and there are no ‘conditions’ there. Having Love that is has conditions attached to it can still be Love, the way you understand it but to me when I say, ‘I Love’ I mean wholly and truly, without ‘conditions’ and with ALL my heart and soul. When I express my Love, I mean nothing has to change or be changed for me to be satisfied, you do not have to change anything about you for me to Love you… Absolutely NOTHING at all, because I see and accept the perfection of your imperfection, just as I do with myself.

We spend too much time in the past, dwelling on the things we ‘should’ have done, but this just does not make sense when you understand that ‘we did the best we could with what we had’ in that moment, even if we think that we ‘knew’ better. We cannot change the past so the best thing we can do for ourselves is to accept what we did and (perhaps) make better choices in the future, embrace what we learned from the experience and forgive ourselves. Stop judging your past, let go of it – you cannot change it so why keep running past events through your mind, over and over? Does it really serve you or does it make you feel worse? How about shifting your focus to the here and NOW, live for today, Love that you get to wake up and have another chance every day. Plan something wonderful for your future and believe that you deserve it, despite what you may have done before. We are all supposed to make mistakes and learn from them, that is one of the reasons we are here. If we lived ‘perfect’ lives, there would be NO reason for us to be here, we certainly do not learn as much from ‘being’ perfect as we do from our errors. No matter how big or small every experience is important for self-awareness and growth and often it is the hardest times we have that we learn from the greatest. However, would you not rather learn the same lesson but through an ‘easier’ way? Loving yourself, UNconditionally, can give you that, I know this for FACT! This is what I am trying to say to you and I sincerely hope that you will understand and that you will forgive your misdeeds and those of others, stop judging yourself, everyone and everything, then give everyone & everything else including yourself, the respect deserved, through Love! We are all worth it, You are worth it, I believe in you and I LOVE YOU!

Peace, Love and Happiness be with you!




It’s New Years Eve and for those of us here on the ‘left coast’ we have not yet done our count-down. I am writing this blog just before we ring in the New Year because I believe I have a special message for you all. (I am still working on my pieces about ‘Love, Forgiveness, R-E-S-P-E-C-T and non-Judgement’ and this does have a ‘forgiveness’ message, but this is not part of the series.)

As we say Good-bye to 2012 and welcome in 2013 I feel compelled to share my sincerest wish with you all. My wish is one of Forgiveness and LOVE. We saw the Mayan calendar end one cycle and start another, not the ‘end of the world’ as so many believed. I will remember 2012 as the year of discovery, consciousness and connectedness, the year I blossomed and came to understand how we are all ONE. I will have fond memories of the lessons I have learned and SO MUCH excitement for 2013 as I (we) enter this New Year with knowledge I (we) have never possessed before, or had forgotten.

I ask that you allow yourself to let go of all the negativity and misdeeds that you have felt throughout this past year. Allow yourself to start ‘NEW’ as the ‘New Year’ comes in. If we are able to let go of all the wrongs we have done, and had done to us; to forgive and to let go, it will truly allow us to be ‘fresh and new’ for our new year.

Forgiveness is such an important piece of healing, letting go and allowing ourselves to be brand new. In a sense, truly makes us feel ‘lighter’ and then allows us to move into alignment and to become enlightened. I personally have been faced with so much amazing abundance this year and I have connected to my consciousness on a level I have never known (or had forgotten), all because I let go, I forgave myself and I forgave others. I have an example of something I have recently ‘let go’ of which I never even understood as an issue that I will explain later on, but first I must continue with this message.

It is so very important that we always forgive for ourselves FIRST! Some may think this is selfish however; there are times when we must be selfish and take care of our own personal needs in order to be able to take care of others and to give of ourselves wholly and sincerely. Whether or not we are forgiving ourselves or if we are forgiving someone else, it is important that we truly let go of the entire situation. This means not ‘bringing up’ the issue in the future or ‘throwing it in the face’ of the person, later on, I personally do not believe that is ‘true’ forgiveness when we do that.

Forgiving to me means ‘forgiving but not forgetting’, for we are always able to learn from these lessons easier once we let go but we cannot ‘learn’ or will have a difficult time ‘learning’ while we are still harbouring any type of resentment towards ourselves or towards others. What I mean by this is; once we let go it is then that we can see the actual issue clearly. Being that we are all connected we cannot forgive others of their ‘misdeeds’ and then not forgive our own personal ‘misdeeds’. I have learned to forgive myself through forgiveness of others. This does not mean that I have let go of everything, I am not still in a state of remembering the things which have created my reality so that I may forgive and move on.

We must allow ourselves to heal and to learn the lessons we are meant to learn from all the mistakes, issues and problems we have faced in this past year (and before). When we forgive we are able then to LOVE, and Love is so important to the well being of our own personal lives as well as for the entire planet.

MY Own Personal Example:

I have learned in the last few days that despite all the wonderful abundance in my life, I have still lived in ‘financial lack’ due to the feelings I have towards those who are ‘financially wealthy’. By that I mean; those who take from the citizens of this world for their own gain and give absolutely nothing back, although they pretend to through their ‘charities’ and ‘donations’. I can see now how they are simply recycling the money they have ‘taken’ from us to ‘give back’ to us. I never wanted to be viewed as this kind of person and I know now that it is that ‘feeling’ towards them which has kept me in ‘financial lack’.

I have tried to ‘attract’ financial wealth into my life using various metaphors, meditations, the Law of Attraction – the Law of Receiving, among other methods. It has all worked to a minimal degree and I have achieved a certain level of freedom financially. Now that I have come to understand that what I really needed to let go of and forgive was my own personal feelings towards those people who only want ‘money and power over people.’ Since I have allowed myself to forgive them, I have felt so much ‘lighter and enlightened’ as to the issues of my personal feelings towards money and the financial issues of this world. I have prayed for financial abundance for EVERYONE who needs it and will continue to because this is what will bring this financial healing into my life and theirs. I can understand now, how my feelings towards ‘them’ has shaped my feelings towards money and how I would want to be seen if I was in the position of complete and total financial freedom. I would not want people to view ‘me’ the way I view ‘them’ because I know that if I was to come into a large sum of money, I would do the best possible for everyone I love and care for. Now that I have finally figured out what has ‘held me back’ all this time, I will now use my same techniques to bring financial freedom into my life but it will be so very different this time because I have released that ‘idea’ of the ‘RICH’.

I give you this example so you may understand what I mean by; we must forgive in order to bring into our lives those things that we desire so much. For some of you it may mean the same as it does for me, it could mean that you desire harmony in your various relationships, whatever you desire you must get to the ‘root’ of it and forgive. It is then and only then, I believe, we can bring into our lives those things we really want and actually need.






This time of year if a good time to talk about reflection, letting go, releasing and surrendering….

As the countdown to Christmas holidays and the New Year gets closer I am inspired to talk about the ideas this that time of year reminds me of. Reflection on the past events of the year is something I tend to do around the holidays and as the New Year draws near. I am not one to make resolutions, I personally have always felt that they encourage us to set ourselves up for failure, then when we don’t follow through on them, we feel pretty crappy about ourselves. This is not how we should feel at anytime but it happens and so I encourage everyone to make resolutions throughout the year and not just at New Years. I think doing it that way relieves so much of the pressure we put on ourselves to succeed because we tend to tell everyone ‘what we are going to do different’. I am all for making future plans but we must leave room for flexibility because God may have a different ideas for us. We tend to put ourselves in places which we really aren’t meant to be in, however if you make a resolution to better yourself and it really resonates with you then you are most certainly on the right path and God will help you along during the times of hardship or self-doubt. I honestly believe that if we make promises to ourselves which involve the act of helping others we will be more likely to succeed.

What I pledge to do different this upcoming New Year is make it a step-by-step process. First I will reflect on my year in general and acknowledge the areas which were strong what I am proud of and give thanks for those good times. After that, then I will take stock of the things which didn’t work for me and what needs addressing. I used to get down on myself and have so much negative self-talk that I could not see myself clear to all the wonderful things, but this year is very different because it has been a year of healing for me and many others across the globe. I have so many things to be thankful for this year and specific actions which I am very proud of. The things I feel which are not as good, will have my sincere heart-felt self-support to ensure that I make positive changes which will stick. I am not perfect but I feel so much more whole than in the past and I am able to make changes in my life which require little or no effort these days because I listen to my Higher Self and really pay attention to what It, my body and emotions are trying to tell me.

This year has been a big year of releasing for me and I would just like to take a moment to thank Source for standing by my side through everything, all the time. My gratitude is endless for the changes I have been through, for they have all been positive. The things I used to think were negative-weren’t, that was my ego talking, I can see this now as even the hard times and difficulties we go through are always for the betterment of our soul… Whether we chose to believe it or not. I had some wonderful lessons handed to me this year and once I learned to let go of the old ways I lived by, the new just came pouring in like a waterfall and how glorious it has been. I surrendered my spirit and my physical life to Source and everything changed. Boxing Day is a great reminder for us to take all the old feelings, ways of living and things we don’t like in general and had them over and just release them. Most times when we do we actually feel lighter and tend to feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off us, and quite literally it has. We never have to carry our burdens alone, why not share the load and let God take care of some of our deepest darkest issues? We may think that if we are to do this, how are we going to do it? Well, for me it started in June with a health crisis of the heart. I did make a conscious decision during it but it also lead me to lighten my personal load, to be more honest with myself and to acknowledge that I couldn’t do it all myself and now I no longer want to. I have developed an up close and personal relationship with my Higher Spirit.

My ideas for this New Year upcoming are very different than the past, I may actually make one resolution so that it is easy to handle. I’m not exactly sure what it will be at this moment in time but I know for sure it will have something to do with actively being of service to others. I am so excited to find out what Sources plans will be for me this new year given how wonderful my gifts were this year. Just the fact that I have so much excitement over it tells me that there are big things in store. Perhaps I will commit to only seeing Natural Doctors, or see a Spiritual Healer, or being that I went through a Miracle healing this year and am getting better everyday maybe I will commit to getting more exercise or more importantly getting outdoors and spending time in Mother Natures glory. I do not know at this point but I know for sure that the answer will come. I would like to honour my healing and bring my body back into a state of fitness. I was an athlete at one time and all the health issues I have had left me feeling completely robbed of that and I would like it back. Losing a couple more pounds wouldn’t hurt either but I am not really concerned about that at the moment. This inspires me to write a little bit about weight loss.

I do not ‘diet‘ to lose weight ever. I think this is a painful one for most because almost everyone feels they must deprive themselves or take count of everything they put into their mouth in order to take those pounds off. I know for a fact diets do not work and I found once I surrendered to Source-the pounds just started to come off. I now see weight as an emotional, mental or spiritual blockage we have which is manifested physically on our bodies. Don’t get me wrong for I don’t want to see a skinny world but I would really like to see a healthy population! And generally it comes down to a body-mind-spirit-emotion connection although I am well aware that many of us overeat, put bad food into our bodies, lack of exercise or have a serious emotional pain which causes us to eat whatever makes us ‘happy‘ but we all know where it ends – negative self-talk and then we start beating ourselves up for no reason. God made us perfectly imperfect, try to see a weight issue as a blockage you need to address to make peace with yourself on the inside and the outside will follow. Again, this personally happened to me, after letting go the pounds just started dropping off. So instead of making a resolution to lose weight and then deprive yourself to do so, why not resolve to get fit and take baby steps, change your diet to a healthier one which includes more wholesome and organic foods then consciously address those nagging issues that you talk about in your head all the time.

From your heart, ask your Higher Self what you really want for you, the answer will come and when it does, it will make you vibrate with excitement. You will feel like you cannot contain it and when that happens it will be because you have connected with Truth and therefore you will succeed. I pray that everyone gets what they truly desire and needs for the New Year 2013. Just remember to be honest with yourself about your negativity but do it with kindness and compassion, like you are talking to a baby, don’t beat yourself up about the things you didn’t do ‘right’ or how ‘bad‘ you are for this or that. It won’t work if you treat yourself as a ‘less-than‘. I always say if we beat ourselves up the way we freely talk to ourselves, with so much negativity, we would be broken and bruised. I know this is true as it is what I did to myself and instead of becoming better from the negative ‘news feed‘ I got worse and worse and worse. Through complete forgiveness and non-judgement of others I came to a place where I could no longer harbour ‘ill-will’ towards myself because I accepted and embraced all of my flaws for they are a part of me so how could I possibly ‘hate‘ them. If I can do it, so can you! Happy New Year everyone!

Love yourself, I do!