BeLIEf creates doubt in Truth and Love, PERIOD! Stop allowing this to happen!

I am NOT a beLIEver, I have NO hope, I have NO faith, I have NO mental illness anymore. It is GONE, obliterated from my creative life force. I will not ‘ask, beLIEve, receive’ as the ‘Secret’ would have us do, that is GARBAGE!! I am here to expose lies through the love of truth and the truth of love. I am a destroyer because I am a loving creator, THIS IS THE GREAT SECRET! I am NO longer hypnotizable! The only way to destroy the harm being done is to stand in the power of the CREATIVE LOVE FORCE!

I am MAD AS HELL and I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THESE LIES ANYMORE! I am here to set the record right. Enough patterns of distortion have been thrown into the life paths of those I love and care about. I AM DONE! I am turning my back on the system and freeing myself from their story! I create my own reality and the ‘system’ has NO PLACE IN IT! FREE YOU MINDS Brothers and Sisters, everything you have been ‘taught’ through the system is a LIE. If you did not experience it directly then it is a LIE. If someone else is TELLING you that things just are the way they are, they are LIARS.

Everything in the ‘system’ is TOXIC, it HARMS you, it pulls your creative-life force away from your natural state and manifests HAVOC in your life! I cannot emphasize this enough. I am going to start making videos and posting them so you can hear my voice, see my face and realize that I will never LIE to you. I LOVE YOU ALL SO PROFOUNDLY I CANNOT ALLOW THIS UNSANITY TO GO ON! It’s completely redundant and serves NO good, it produces NO LOVE.

Nothing good will ever come of the system. Stop asking them to fix this and that – they DO NOT GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT YOU! Your begging gives them power. Stop protesting, stop all the petitions, it ludicrous! By doing so you are allowing them to take even your RIGHTEOUS ANGER, STOP STOP STOP! Quit asking! Take it back, it is yours! Send these demons packing! Your loving creative life force has been invaded and plagued on every level, you cannot see it because it surrounds you everywhere you ‘look’.

We all ‘FEEL’ there is something wrong with the system but no one will act or speak out. The guilt you carry over this is killing you. This guilt is not yours to bare anymore, stand together with your brothers and sisters and create a community that will not allow the system in! Start doing whatever you need to do in order to allow the Creative Love Force to do it’s work. If you want to save your life and the lives of all men, women and children you must let go of all your beLIEfs, they DO NOT SERVE YOU!

The more I live in my creative love energy and tune back into nature, the healthier I get. This is natures domain and we are to be living in our natural state. Everything the system indoctrinates you into is a fucking lie, it’s all a HUGE story! We have ALL fallen for it hook, line and sinker. I have removed my creative life force from the system and now I am here to let you all know that it is COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULLSHIT! The mental illness must be stopped, a virus has been unleashed in the minds of humanity and we must re-connect to nature to CURE us. There is NO OTHER WAY!

NOTHING the medical scare system does for you creates any good in your life. It completely harms you – you are a natural healer, a creator. Stop giving your power away! The government is ALL MIND CONTROL and is enslaving you! Science is a LIE, Religion is a LIE, Education is a LIE, Law is a LIE. You live in a world of illusion and I am here to SMASH that mirror, this simply cannot be allowed to go on. Any and all dis-ease is created by this dark force of the system, it’s all black magic. Genetic diseases – LIE. ‘Junk DNA’ – LIE. Germs make you sick – LIE.

We are processors we take in the negative energy in order to purify it and send it back as love. There is nothing you ‘catch’ except mental illness through beLIEfs! Everything that happens when we ‘catch a cold’ is actually our bodies purging all the negative shit we have taken on through out the year! Why do you think it is that we get ‘sick’ in the FALL and allergies in the SPRING! It’s NOT NATURE making you sick. In the FALL you are releasing the junk being fed to you through the lies of indoctrination. In spring you are naturally suppose to be birthing new ideas and creating. You are allergic to the system and this is WHY you have allergies in the spring! NOT because your are being reactive to nature. Because you are reactive to MIND POISON! The flu is a biological WEAPON, stop vaccinating yourself as ‘protection’.

Vaccinations are a LIE. I stopped harming my children in this manner when they were very very young. In fact, I don’t even want vaccinated kids around mine, they are diseased ones, not my kids. Their systems are compromised, not my children. The vaccines you are given DESTROY DNA, they IN-ject you with NANO technology to control it, WHY, WHY, WHY do you think they use MERCURY in it! UGH! Anything the system offers you as protection is a LIE in DIS-guise! It is there to HARM you, PERIOD.

Stop beLIEving the LIES! Stop being the LIE! It is making you sick and in turn it is creating a very sick and toxic world.

Only that which you love is worth your time and effort, period. Stop poisoning everything you love with LIES!

Stop eating prepacked processed foods, they have ZERO life-force. They are dead and you are eating a LIE! A machine cannot create love, this is why baked goods at home taste better and are better for us than ‘store’ bought CRAP! Know that only in the mind can things in the air and water harm you, in your natural state you neutralize ALL these harmful additives. The water coming out of my tap used to burn my nose, tasted like shit and hurt my stomach. Not anymore because everything I touch is purified with Love and now my water tastes like well water, I do not smell it anymore and it does not hurt my stomach.

I decide if their shitty system can hurt me and NO MORE! I create my reality through LOVE, period. I am also no longer living the ‘aging’ LIE! I did at one time and I rapidly aged when I was trapped in the system but since I freed my mind and healed my body I am now returning to my natural state of YOUTH and VITALITY! You are NOT POWERLESS, you are only made to beLIEve you are, Stop it. SERIOUSLY STOP!


When I find inspirational posts or article, I usually post it with a personal message about how important it is to live a heart-centered life. How our ego will become harmonic with our heart. Our balance in our brains will shift from left-brained logical, reasoning and rational mind to the more creative, imaginative, emotional and intuitive right-brain. This link is an excerpt from The Heart Of The Matter, by Marcey Shapiro MD. It clearly and concisely gives much new scientific research which is proving, in my opinion, the heart is the centre of our Universe, our connection each ‘other’, to our Divinity, our connection to All That Is and to our Sacred Mother Earth.

Living a heart-centered life is actually a harmony between the mind and heart. I believe the heart is the Soul Record of every human and living being on this earth, it IS the all knowing part of us. It knows our past, present and future, it is the guide to the bliss of life. The heart beats and grows before the brain does, by quite a while when you consider the gestation time of a human infant. I feel the heart speaks to us through our intuition and when we can learn to hear, feel, interpret and act upon our ‘gut feelings’ we will all become more of who we are at our essence – that being Love.

I did not always view all of my experiences as good. All of my health issues were of manifestation of my pure dislike, even hatred for my broken bones and surgeries and moreover my body. I always ‘had more problems’ and then one day I realized I wasn’t waiting for ‘what’s next’, another health problem? Since then I have not had as many serious issues, I had a torn ACL about 2 years ago and could not walk on my left knee. It’s hard to see the positive when you are always broken, when you feel your body’s failed you, however when my heart changed it was revealed to me ‘why’ I went through it all.

I can see the positive in all those experiences and now I experience those effects, it’s a totally different perspective and I never imagined it could ever be possible, first of all that I would heal and that ‘I’ would understand and feel the reasoning behind it. I saw the bigger picture, I experienced the negative side of the health issues and now I am experiencing the positive which includes a much healthier body. All because there was a shift from my mind (negative ego) to my heart. It was all to reveal that I am a healer, healing facilitator is more like it, we are our own best healer we just sometimes need to be shown the door. I learned so reasons for the health problems I went through and it showed me the way to the healer within.

When I felt my shift from all fear vibrations and acceptance of ‘who’ I AM and embracing my less comfortable poor health I found a place within me where I had profound love for those around me and it dawned on me that if I could love them that much then it MUST apply to Me TOO! Right! From that point on my body has not only healed and I have a Love Energy that bursts from my chest but my entire life is improving and has improved in all ways. I cannot even begin to count the ways my heart has lead me to where I needed to be, all because I listened to my intuition.

All fear dissipated as the Love grew out of the shift to my heart and it got huge, that is for sure. I don’t feel there is much to fear in life, it’s all a hologram, a dream from our Higher-Self anyways. As far as I am concerned, I have already been through the worst a human can be through so nothing can hurt me now. I see the importance that we use our heart as a filter and pause before a reaction. It is not easy to view everything through your heart, but I promise you the more you do the more balanced and harmonic you will feel. Your life will improve in ways you never expected and you will be in the right place at the right time more and more. The syncronicities in life will be on rapid fire after while and life will just become a game!

I recently reclaimed another ‘brand new life’ when I moved back to what I consider my ‘hometown’, since I lived here the longest and experienced my teens, marriage, children, much happiness and deep hurt. I am back here and living a pure heart-centered life and I am experiencing things I only had ever dreamed of. This is MY TIME and I am the creator. I surrender to Source the path to what it is I want and I have come to a place where I merely have a passing thought of what I want and it manifests. I have reconnected with who I was at birth, the heart has been the key to everything.

All of these great things are happening to me because of living a heart-centered life. I understand that I have shifted in my mind too, I have shifted from more left-brain to right-brain and it is now balanced with my heart. I am sure the more I connect with my soul and allow it to guide me the more harmonic my life will get. I know this all to be true in my life experience and we are all humans so it’s got to work for everyOne who wants to have that inner peace in life.

The better my heart-centeredness tunes in the less ego I have, it just sort of falls away and there is less fighting against from the it and it begins to serve me better all the time. The things I used to beat myself up for are no longer running through my head over and over, in fact there are very little negative thoughts that go through my mind. It’s actually quite a nice effect that I never could have seen happening. My ego now discerns situations and experiences, I have consciously left behind knee-jerk reactions and turned them into a Love impression instead.

In North America Heart Disease is the number one killer and I firmly believe it is because we are not living up to our potential. It is the ‘hobbies’ and things we are ‘naturals’ at that we need to be doing as our professions. What makes us happiest is the path we need to follow, it won’t always be peaches n’ cream but at least the adversity you will face you will do so with a heart filter and you will begin to allow yourself to enjoy or learn from negative experiences. Why are we so afraid to do what makes us happiest, what is the worst that can happen if you actually take a step in faith and see what your heart tells you is your passion. What is possible for you, dream from your heart because it sends out a very powerful signal and that brings back what you want in abundance through the Universal Law of Attraction. Is it possible to see that there are other possibilities in life that what we are ‘taught’ we must do to keep the ‘machine’ running smoothly.

When we follow our heart we view the world with so much more compassion and we have empathy for those who are experiencing a ‘harsher reality’ than we are. We treat ourselves and others better in all ways because we understand that we want to achieve further harmony and we wish it for others too and so we seek out ways to make that happen. We understand and accept that those who are what we consider ‘less-fortunate’ came here to experience too and we can only support them on their journey.

I now understand that nothing is ever truly negative, it can be our best fastest teachers at times. We can learn big lessons from even the smallest negative reactions. I have come to a place where I can cycle through feelings and emotions better now, especially the ones I used to consider negative.

Our Higher-Self created us to experience in human form, as we have many times before and likely, will again. The one thing I feel remains the same throughout all these lives is our heart, it is the carrier of the soul and we all know we have a one, so why aren’t we listening to it.




Thank you everyone for your response to my series on SACRED CORE VALUES. The commentary and feedback on just the Introduction has been phenomenal and is very encouraging. I didn’t think that my views on these ‘values’  would generate such an amazing response from everyone, you are all so inspiring and it makes me want to channel more. I have found my path in life, I respect it, I walk it and it seems to resonate with everyone else too! Here is the latest installment, RESPECT (Part 3).

I have always believed that respect is earned, not bestowed however, I have come to a place in my life of alignment and enlightenment and even though I believe this is true to some extent my feelings about respect have shifted. I have found that within myself I have a level of respect for everyone on this planet – on a human-to-human level, this has extended to a personal level now regardless of whether I know them or not. In my younger years, I was a very stubborn person; I would not listen to anyone or do what he or she said if I did not feel respect for him or her. This, in hindsight, was my Spirit shining through and I can see it so clearly now.

Respect I feel is usually born out of judgement. Judgement of others will never serve you unless you can see past the projection and understand that you are judging yourself, never the other person. The lack of respect I felt for these people was based in judgement and it wasn’t until I could see that person in myself that I began to change my judgement to discernment and started seeing the ‘bigger picture’. This has all lead to profound Love and Respect for all life on this planet, not just humanity. Our Sacred Mother provides us with everything we need to survive and thrive and yet she is dis-respected on a global level by the secret governments and our national governments because they are all just out for the almighty DOLLAR! This makes my heart feel heavy and I will touch on it later.

If we want to be respected, we must respect ourselves, we must respect that we have incarnated on Earth to learn, feel, grow and expand. We came here on a mission, we have a path to follow, and that is what we must respect. Asking or expecting others to respect us if we do not feel self-respect, does not make sense, if we do not believe that we deserve it. This may sound like others must deserve our respect before we give it to them and I feel that we can respect others even if they do not feel they deserve it. It is an internal thing that we must find within us (first) to be able to show it onto ourselves and others. Have you ever had someone respect a talent or genius in you that you could not see but that respect coming from the other person ignited it in you? You see what I am getting at here?  

Self-esteem and confidence go hand in hand with respecting ourselves. When we have esteem for ourselves, it means that we value whom we are and what we have to put out into the world. Likewise, when we have confidence, we will put our gifts out into the world knowing that they will be of benefit to humanity and to Mother Earth. When I was young, I had a high self-esteem but low confidence but thankfully, as I have grown I have come into both fully. I have a high self-esteem and I have confidence in the gifts and myself I have to offer the world. I respect what I am to do here and so I feel safe in my heart knowing I am doing the right thing as I walk my path.

Do you respect your creativity? Do you feel it is less important than your job or do you feel that the creative genius in you is meant for hobbies and things you like to do outside of your job? I feel that our creative genius needs to be our job and we need step on that creative path, respect it and then out of it will come a ‘job’ that does not even feel like work. I have said this for years and I now understand the magnitude of what I have been saying all this time. When we respect our creativity, or our genius we will find that there are plenty of people to fill all the jobs out there in the world. If we respected our genius more then we would all be working happy ‘jobs’. The ‘powers that be’ keep you ‘working’, keep you external and focused on making a living financially so that you will not have the time to tap into your genius. Respect yourself and ask, ‘what is it that I would do if I knew I couldn’t fail’ (very similar to a quote already said) and in that answer you will find your genius, despite how ‘out there’ it seems. Respect and walk that path and your life will be filled with abundant wealth no matter what you do!

I have always been a highly creative person, I know now that this was my Higher-Self shining through, letting me know that I am a powerful creator and I can accomplish anything when I set my mind and more my heart into whatever it is I am working on. I always had a hard time trying to decide what it is I wanted to do because my creativity was so strong I could have followed any of them and created a wonderful career and life for myself. The problem was choosing what I wanted, I could have been a hairdresser, make-up artist, child/elderly care-giver, visual artist, clothing designer, interior decorator, landscaper, anything that was creative and of service to others. It was an intense desire within me to finally pick a path and follow it when all of a sudden my path was revealed to me. These blogs are just the start and I truly feel greatness in store for me. I do not mean that in an arrogant way, just that I feel in my core that I am on the path that will be the most fulfilling for all of humanity and Mother Earth, not just for me!

I mention this because I understand there are probably many others out there who feel like they are floundering or are having a hard time deciding. I have found my path and that is to assist others to go internal to find the Sacred Core Values within ourselves so as to promote a healthy, happy, loving and peaceful existence in this chaotic world. When I first started noticing what my path was, I was a little freaked out because I thought, ‘Who the heck is going to want to listen to me’? Those feelings were born out of fear and judgement towards myself which is something I no longer do. I have the utmost respect for my path and I have begun to put myself and my gift out there for the entire world to see and that little bit of fear I had has disappeared.  

It is essential that we find respect for ourselves and for all people on this earth. Moreover, I feel it is crucial that we respect that each person is here doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing – walking their path. We may not always like what someone else chooses to do but we have to respect that it is their choice and that they know what is best for them. Others may have opinions that we disagree with, so what does that mean when it comes to respect? Well, it means that even though we do not always like their opinion we must respect that they are entitled to have their own, just as we are. We cannot think that we deserve something more than someone else and expect to achieve balance, that just won’t work. We are human and so we all deserve the greatest things in life based on our desires, wants and experiences. Above all I feel that everyone just wants to be loved. Each person on this planet is here for a reason, our personal path is no more important than the person we ‘dislike’ the most! We MUST respect that they are here to bring diversity to this world and that they are here to keep Mother Earth in balance just as much as we are.

Do you believe that ‘children should be seen and not heard’? I, for one, do not! I have utmost respect for children for they are wise souls unto themselves and need to be respected as such. When we respect our children we teach them respect. We cannot expect that our children will respect us just because we are older, ‘wiser’ and the parent. It just does not add up when you understand that our Spirit or Soul is older than our physical body and that it is our life-force. Without it, we physically die and we return home only to come back to the Earth to incarnate again. This means that our babies are only babies in physical form and more often than not, they are far more tuned in than adults! Why can’t people respect that children are just as important as adults are, it is quite arrogant of adults to think of themselves as superior to children.

I personally have always respected my children and I promised them since birth that I would never judge them. This started just over 18yrs ago and I have amazing well-rounded spiritual kids. They know and understand me on a human level, not just a ‘mom’ level. I ask them if there are things I can do to be a better mom while letting them know that I have never been the parent of teens before and so I am learning too. Being honest with them like this, I believe, forged a relationship with my children of boundless potential. I love them with all my heart and soul, I grew them in my belly and birthed them, I loved and nurtured their gifts all through their lives and they have given me so much love and happiness in return. Their happiness and their paths are just as important to me as my own is and I have always felt socially responsible in that I felt that the best thing I could do for humanity was to send out two thoughtful, feeling and emotionally sound young people into the world. They have not left the nest yet but when they do, I have confidence that they will contribute their genius to the world in all confidence knowing that there is a safe loving (nonjudgmental) place to return to if anything goes awry. There will be respect for the lessons they learn, always!

Mother Earth, our Sacred Mother, deserves all of our respect and then some! We do not respect that we are nature too, not the way we should. We have been trained (by the ‘powers that be’) to view nature as something external to us. We are just as much a part of nature as a bear in the woods, it is ignorant to assume that is nature but we are not. Just because we live in houses and we build huge metropolises does not mean we are external from nature however, there are so many of us that have little access to the awe striking beauty of the natural world and that can make us feel very lonely since we are nature too.

It is imperative that we return to Earth, that we respect and reciprocate the love She has for us, that we learn to respect Her the way she respects us! Mother has been polluted and dumped on long enough and people wonder why the storms are now Super Storms, why tornado’s and hurricanes ravage the eastern seaboard of the US. Well, I feel I know and it is because it is so densely populated with people who are so dependent and focused on external and material things that Mother Nature is showing them that they do not NEED all that stuff. Do people learn, no, they keep rebuilding. It is time for all of us to understand that in order to survive and thrive we must take lessons from nature (not survival of the fittest either, look where that got us!) I mean things like the way bees and ants live communally and work for the good of the whole, the way migrating birds ‘just know’ where to go and how they all fly in unison just like schools of fish swim. When we can respect nature on a whole other level, we will learn to have respect for ourselves and others, we will stop polluting this beautiful sparkly little blue & green marble in space that we call home.

It is my sincerest wish that everyone find a harmony within themselves that will then be reflected back out into the world, for this is the only way to achieve peace. We will not achieve it through imposing our will on others, even through non-violent means such as meditation. It is imperative that we understand to change the world we must begin to make internal choices first. We need to walk our talk rather than just talking it! I feel that by sharing my experiences will help you to understand what I have done to find harmony in my life in hopes of initiating a change within you, to be the best you you can be, to stop following the pack and worrying what everyone else thinks about you. It is not important unless they love you. Everyone matters, EVERYONE!!!!



This has been a common theme in my life lately and so I feel I should write about it. I was recently with a bunch of graduating teens, I had some wonderful and amazing conversation with them, and my message to them was ‘walk YOUR path’! I have so much to say about this topic so this is a summary, I will likely do more on it in the future but for now I had to get this message out….


We all come here with a life path we are to ‘walk’. We are born to parents who are a mirror to us, showing us the adversity we are to overcome and the joys we can experience. When we view our parents this way it is much easier to understand them and yourself. When you can see this and understand this then you can no longer blame your parents for the way you turned out! I have NEVER believed in ‘being a product of your environment’! It is simply untrue because we have free will and we have choice to live like our parents or live the life we choose. If this were the case, my life would be that of a broke alcoholic on welfare unable to feed, clothe or shelter my children. I made a conscious decision to NOT give my life to my children; I also made the choice to live the way I want! So I DID! That is not to imply that I have not come through adversity and that I have not had challenges because I have had my fair share. It is what we do with it that matters.

It is our desire that drives us to create the life we want and if we choose to walk the path of our parents instead of our OWN path then we create discord and extreme diversity in our lives. Parents need to stop trying to ‘control’ where you are going in your life and they need to stop telling you how to live your life, it’s your life and your path! Instead they need to guide you, for that is what they are, angelic guides.

We choose our path in life before we even come here and incarnate on this planet. There are millions and billions of probabilities of things that could happen based on the choices you make in the moment. Depending on what you choose to do, you will open up another path of probability filled with millions and billions of more probabilities! It is mind boggling if you think about it and it may make you pause and ask yourself, ‘is it possible to mess this up’ and the answer is NO! You will get to your life path at some point in your life (if you are not walking it at the moment), regardless of what route you take to get there.

I have found that the route we take can take us WAY out of alignment with who we really are and this will manifest in our lives in no so great ways but there will come a point in your life where you wake up and you decide that you are not going to live like ‘this’ anymore. You take back your life, from whatever is holding you back from being your true essence and happiness. You make a decision that this is YOUR life and you are going to live it on YOUR terms! For me it was the shame I carried for my parents and serious illness.* (*you can read about it in my HEALING and LETTING GO blogs)

Our path is what makes us joyous and happiest, it is ‘that thing’ we could do all day and not feel like we are working. Our path is what makes our life sparkle, dreams and miracles happen we never thought possible. It is filled with obstacles but when you are walking your path everything always just seems to fall into place for you! You know what I am talking about because there are many of you on your path already and you dream big and accomplish enormous! You feel compelled to share it with the world, you cannot see ‘failure’ in your life and it helps to keep you in alignment with who you really are. So many of us work in jobs we hate, why? Because of money, well that is ridiculous! Money is not the root of all evil nor is money bad however when you view it that way then the conflict within you begins over work for money or walking your path for happiness!

Too many people blame their parents for the way they feel, for the way they live and for the way their lives are going down the crapper. Well I am here to tell you that NONE of it was their fault! They are simply a mirror for you to view what you want and do not want in your life. That mirror is there for you to pick and choose the things you wish to carry forward and the things you wish to eliminate in your life. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! There may be those of you who disagree and think your parents control your life but let me ask you this, ‘when you are no longer in your parents charge, why do YOU keep repeating their cycles and their path?’ It is because you are harbouring some sort of fear that they will not accept you if you make the decision to live your own life. It is yours so why should you have to repeat theirs, they are living theirs and they may be ‘trying’ to control yours, but really can they? If they decide to cast you out of the family because you choose your own path, do you really NEED them? Or could you view it as something you would never do to your children when you have them and the reasons why. You see, everything happens for a reason, good or ‘bad’, nothing is really truly ‘bad’ because we always learn, grow and expand through those difficulties and so we need to stop viewing things as ‘right and wrong’ or ‘good and bad’, or ‘good and evil‘. You experience what you do because of your choices in life and if all you focus on is bad, bad, bad then that is what you will bring into your life, over and over and over again, without doubt and without fail, it does not matter how old you are!

Can your parents control you truly? I do not believe so, at all. It is our choice of what we want to do in life which is why we have our own path. Perhaps we are meant to repeat their life until we ‘wake up’ and realize that they are our parents waling their path and so we need to ‘step off’ of theirs and onto our own. Do you feel that your parents will judge you or chastise you? SO WHAT if they do, it cannot be any worse that what you have already experienced through them and ultimately you are in control of your feelings and so you have the choice of how to react to them and in most cases, they will love you unconditionally, no matter what. Do you feel that way about your own children? Would you love them no matter what, would you allow yourself to let them walk their own path, will you allow yourself to relinquish ‘control’ and let your child find their own way in life. You have to, you cannot force anyone to do what you want at any time. (ok some of you may say, ‘what if there’s a gun to my head…’ different topic for another blog post)

When parents can recognize the genius in their child from birth and nurture it in them then they are assisting their child to move them along that child’s path rather than standing in the way and telling them how to do this and how to do that and don’t do this and don’t do that. When we are following our path we feel alive, we feel invincible, we feel like we can conquer the world. When we are supportive parents who know that their child has a life of their own and we are not to impose our lives on theirs, we are to use our lives as a tool to forward our children then we are walking our parental path. Wouldn’t you feel wonderful allowing yourself to ‘let-go’ and just be a guide for your child? Do you really need to ‘control’ them, how did you feel when your parents did that to you? Are you sure you still want to be that parent? We are meant to do things in a different way so as to set an example for them rather than telling them what to do, I have found that example speaks far louder than words in almost all cases! I make it very clear to my children that they are sovereign onto themselves, my life and their dad’s life is simply a tool for them to use to navigate the waters of life (using different words). That is ALL.

Some of us had parents that ‘just don’t get it’. I did, I know how you feel. Trapped, alone, scared, worried where the next meal is going come from – if there is one, you feel responsible for your parents’ situation in life because if you weren’t there then they would be ok. Let me tell you that is a parent sharing too much with their child at too young of an age in my opinion. No matter what your parents are dealing with whether it is poverty, alcoholism, abuse or what have you, they are walking their paths of probability and once they find their true path and gain solid footing you will see a Miracle take place right in front of your eyes. Key here is to allow yourself to love your parent in that moment, forgive and let-go of the past hurts they don’t serve you anyway. Be happy that your parent has finally found out who they are at their core, at their essence when they find that place of harmony and alignment. You may have experienced some atrocious things in your life but those experiences allowed you to make decisions about what you do and do not want in your life, right?  Here’s the kicker – NO MATTER WHAT you experienced in your life it gave you the opportunity to grow and expand – PERIOD! Now it is up to you to find your path instead of allowing your parents life to ‘dictate’ what you need to do and by that I mean, your parents cannot tell you what to do!

Some parents take ‘parenting’ it too seriously and thus ‘control’ their child’s every move. Or so they think! This is going to create so much pain and discord in their child’s life that they will be ‘lucky’ if their child doesn’t ditch them. Control is not what kids want in their life, unless it is control over their own life and I can assure you trying to control your child is a waste of time. If there is ‘will’ then there is a ‘way’ that they will find in order to do what it is they really want to do.  I have always tried to allow my children to ‘just grow’ I had parents that were way out there, in their own created dramas and I hated it. So now as a parent I strive to guide my children, I do not tell them what to do. It’s their decision in the end anyway if they are going to do what I say because I cannot force them. It is simple for me, I just want them to be happy. When you can find that place within yourself where you are happy, it’s much easier to let go of the things we ‘think’ we have control over and move on with our own life knowing our children will be just fine doing what they do best.

I am not trying to say to children or teens that you do not have to ‘listen’ to your parents, that is all I need is a bunch of irate parents commenting on my blog because of misunderstanding. I am simply trying to get you to view your parents from a different standpoint and to see what they really are to you and/or if you are a parent to see your children in a different light. I am not talking about the daily squabbles that take place in the family home however that would be a great topic for another blog. I am talking about the bigger picture, who’s life is it really? Theirs, mine, yours, and who has the ultimate decision to make decisions and or control where you are going or where your child is going. When you let go of the control your mental health will improve as you feel your load lightened, when you do it with the understanding of who you are and why you are here.

We are all here to walk a path whether it is addictions, abuse or neglect; these are the hard paths to walk and when you manage to come out of them, you come out far more wise than when you started. The lighter paths I would say are for those who have stayed in or found alignment, they are the people who are able to find their path and walk it early. It does not mean that just because your life is ‘lighter’ you have no adversity for it is the adversity, which helps us to stand firm in our path no matter what is thrown in our way!


I wish you all Love and Light. I wish you all a Wonderful Life. I wish you all the Wisdom to ‘see’ the bigger picture. I wish you all the Love you need to Forgive and Let Go. I wish you all FREEDOM to WALK YOUR PATH!



In this Moment, I am healing. I put my headphones in and ‘Shine’ by Collective Soul is playing, one of my ALL time FAVOURITE songs about Love in general! I attracted that into my life as what one would call a synchronicity.

We are creators and we are powerful ones. I loved “The Secret” when it came out and I watched it many times because I ‘knew’ there was something else there, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I watched it at least 35 times. I did benefit from it greatly, its been in the last 6 months that I have really come to understand how the Law of Attraction REALLY works. They generalize it in the show but they do put a lot of emphasis on these things but they do not tell you that there are other Universal Laws such as The Law of Receiving, The Law of Gratitude, The Law of Opulence, The Law of Polar Opposites, etc. All of these things contribute to making the Law of Attraction work but they are not identified in ‘The Secret’ as Universal Laws too! Now I am going to show you how the Law of Attraction really works, it is not through the ‘power’ of the mind, it is all emotion and feeling.

That was no accident; I am allowing myself to experience ‘all that is’ in the greatness and love of Source in each moment. I too am Source! Love is all around me supporting me at all times. I feel it so strong and it has not guided me anywhere I did not ‘need’ to be for my soul to grow. Moreover, it ALWAYS gave me (manifested) that which I thought about chronically with passion and emotion, every time, without fail, no doubt. That was the Law of Attraction and the Law of Receiving. I was always afraid of ‘what’s next’ and so something always happened….

Pain in our bodies can create a vicious circle. Pain is always there to tell you what is wrong emotionally. Our bodies are a map, for example; the right side gives, the left receives, the back is our past, the front is our future. There is a lot more to it (educate yourself) but if you can learn to understand why the pain is there, acknowledge it and allow it to move through you as you move forward in right action (intuition), the pain will cease to exist. I totally understand it now on this level and I learned this the hard way but I am also so grateful for the painful and debilitating experiences it provided me with too because I am able to fully understand the pain others are going through. I will know what to do when I help, and that is all I want to do with my life, is help people heal.

It all started with being born with a genetic dis-ease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bone Disease. It is as if being born with Osteoporosis except it is non-progressive and non-degenerative BUT is does cause the early onset of other bone-related dis-ease like Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. They are all of similar vibration on an energetic level and so my vibration matched them from birth. It was not hard to manifest them in my life, however I did not do it consciously! No thanks, I had a hard enough time with breaking all the time! I have had over 50 broken bones in my life, I can see how clearly I was fighting life, living in fear and resisting letting go and I was unable to love myself wholly, unconditionally I felt my body was constantly letting me down, and it was with strong emotion and so I created that in my life and my body did exactly what I ‘believed’ it did. Source gave me exactly what my emotions asked for, in abundance!

Because I was born with a ‘lack’ of bone at birth is an indication that I was going to be challenged to understand abundance at my core in regards to stability at my foundation through lack & limitation. It is so profound when you get to the ‘source’ of the problem. In one of my recent posts I mentioned that it is NO ACCIDENT that the number ONE killer in North America is Heart Dis-Ease! Think about it, yes our diet and exercise routines have much to do with it but it goes FAR deeper than just that. Our hearts are literally breaking because we are so distracted with external ‘things’, we know there is more to life than just work, stuff, and family and friends. We know there is something bigger than us and if we could just go ‘inside’ and reconnect with that all loving Source of Creation we would walk our true path and find our passions and follow them. When we allow ourselves to become who we really are and live up to our potential – our hearts WILL heal!

We are human beings, we are, at our core, LOVE – that IS our essence! When we live in fear and allow our egos to tell us how bad we are, what we ‘should’ have done instead, I am so stupid sometimes… Oh how our egos will hurt us, if we allow it. Fear is a powerful motivator but Love is just power, period. We really need to replace those ‘thoughts’ (ego) with ‘emotion’ (heart) and when we do then the ego begins to speak a different language. Some will resist it at first because you have never been told good things and it will seem foreign to you at first. This IS where you must ‘allow’ those thoughts in, allow them to flow and allow your heart to open to the feelings and emotions that the good thoughts they bring you. Your life will change right before your eyes! This will ELIMINATE Heart-Disease, in a heartbeat! Just Love and walk your true path, who cares what others think. Only your opinion of you is what matters! So you may as well have a fabulous one!!

Gratitude and Emotion are the two most powerful creators there are. Our brain is where our ego lives its there to perceive what is in the world, what we want and don’t want. Our ‘thoughts’ are there ONLY to ‘see’ our ‘reality’, so we know what we want to change as we move forward. Then we can use it with the powers of visualization coupled with the heartfelt gratitude and emotion, you can have, do, be, anything you want! Our hearts is where thanks and love live, it is where we feel and experience emotion. Allow your heart to be your guide and you will have all the riches that life provides in abundance. Allow yourself to feel. Men, you are trained to not feel your emotions, feel them, release them do what you have to do but get back in touch with that all loving spirit that brings you emotion. Why do you think men had the highest heart attack rates for the longest time! Because you are conditioned from birth to ‘be a man’ which means ‘no longer feel’. You have access, just open up and allow it to come in. Smile at yourself in the mirror too! See how your face lights up and you feel happy in that moment! You are alive and isn’t that something to smile at, that face in the mirror! Allow yourself to love all of you. We are ALL flawed and isn’t it perfect that NOBODY is perfect…

You must have gratitude even for the ‘bad’ things because you DO learn from them too. And really, who has the ‘right’ to say what is right or wrong when we all have to ‘walk our path’ regardless. Nobody’s path is anymore important that yours, conversely your path is just as important as everyone elses. So even if you feel adverse about something negative, understand that you got to experience and feel emotion, anytime you experience and emotion you must have gratitude for it! We all have parts of us we don’t like, SO WHAT! Have gratitude for that darkness, IT makes up who you are too right, and you are a pretty awesome person – I love you! When you can embrace and accept the dark in you, you can replace it with love and light. You are an amazing person and therefore the light in you shines and the dark in you can be converted to light! Accept yourself, for you are one that is needed in this world… We all bring diversity to this world, that is creation. Creation is change, moving forward instead of living in the past….It’s living every moment in gratitude! You can get there, I promise. Start small and work your way up. The more you see, the more you will see…

Some of you need to start with gratitude for the small things like; you are clothed, sheltered, fed, etc. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine what it must be like for someone who has less than you. Do you feel that compassion for them, do you feel the gratitude for what you have? Keep feeling those feelings and ‘use’ your ego to help you understand how you can see the changes in your world once you start ‘feeling’ again. ‘The Powers That Be’ the people who have ‘everything’ do things to us that are INHUMANE! Since they have everything the only things they have left is to have ‘power over people’. They poison our water, food and air. They tell us to stay out of the sun because it causes cancer. Not true, ALL dis-eases are emotion-based. However the reason they do these things is to keep our vibration low, so they can control the population by distracting us and bombarding us with ‘external’ things that scare us, that instill fear into our lives, it is so that we are unable to get quiet and go ‘internal’ where love and true freedom exists. We ALL need to just ‘slow down’, stop worrying about what ‘isn’t’ and start focusing on ‘what is’ that is good and great and have emotional appreciation for it. This will raise our vibration and then all the things that are done to keep us down will no longer affect us. We will begin to make changes in our lives which reflect who we are at our core. The true loving beings we are – humankind – we are ‘one’ and we are here to live each moment in appreciation of just being able to have the free-will and choice to act or re-act in every moment we have.

When you do that you begin to heal and your vibration will continue to rise. When this happens you have healing in all areas of your life, vibration does not concentrate on one issue. It brings the vibration up in all areas where you feel the emotions of lack and limitation. The lower vibration will ALWAYS raise, a high vibration cannot be brought down. In addition, our frequency sharpens too and so our physical senses too do. We are also able to tap into ‘other’ senses we all have, they just need to be awakened.

You will begin to feel your heart growing and flowing. As you notice more and more all the wonderful little synchronicities that start popping up in your life. It will become a game, ‘How fast can I Mani-fast’. It will eventually take over your entire life if you can have the faith to just let go and allow our All Loving Source provide for us all that we deserve. Because we are born, we are Divinely Entitled to have whatever we want, we Deserve it and we are NOT supposed to be living in lack or limitation! When we live in this faith, our potential knows no bounds! When we live love, we become more love and our connection with Source only grows stronger, we ‘grow up’.

Here is what I have learned about myself in the last week. I understand why I have ALWAYS been the one the kids attracted to. I am a natural born leader and it is my mission to start people on the ‘spiritually free’ path. I am to learn to allow people to support me through the things I start with hope and faith. I am a powerful creator; I know the dis-ease I ‘felt’ into my body. If I can create that, I can just imagine what I can create with the knowledge of Source and a much higher vibration. I will be an Ascending Master, I brought one into my life to be-come and
re-member who I am at my essence!

I have so much appreciation for the ‘gift of healing’ so as to bring others back to the path of health and wholeness. I am in awe that I have awakened and I see now that I have been chosen to help others at their core, to change on a fundamental level. Thank you Source for your guidance to such a noble calling, I am humbled that I can be your extension of love and healing, I will practice absolute excellence. Namaste!