BeLIEf creates doubt in Truth and Love, PERIOD! Stop allowing this to happen!

I am NOT a beLIEver, I have NO hope, I have NO faith, I have NO mental illness anymore. It is GONE, obliterated from my creative life force. I will not ‘ask, beLIEve, receive’ as the ‘Secret’ would have us do, that is GARBAGE!! I am here to expose lies through the love of truth and the truth of love. I am a destroyer because I am a loving creator, THIS IS THE GREAT SECRET! I am NO longer hypnotizable! The only way to destroy the harm being done is to stand in the power of the CREATIVE LOVE FORCE!

I am MAD AS HELL and I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THESE LIES ANYMORE! I am here to set the record right. Enough patterns of distortion have been thrown into the life paths of those I love and care about. I AM DONE! I am turning my back on the system and freeing myself from their story! I create my own reality and the ‘system’ has NO PLACE IN IT! FREE YOU MINDS Brothers and Sisters, everything you have been ‘taught’ through the system is a LIE. If you did not experience it directly then it is a LIE. If someone else is TELLING you that things just are the way they are, they are LIARS.

Everything in the ‘system’ is TOXIC, it HARMS you, it pulls your creative-life force away from your natural state and manifests HAVOC in your life! I cannot emphasize this enough. I am going to start making videos and posting them so you can hear my voice, see my face and realize that I will never LIE to you. I LOVE YOU ALL SO PROFOUNDLY I CANNOT ALLOW THIS UNSANITY TO GO ON! It’s completely redundant and serves NO good, it produces NO LOVE.

Nothing good will ever come of the system. Stop asking them to fix this and that – they DO NOT GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT YOU! Your begging gives them power. Stop protesting, stop all the petitions, it ludicrous! By doing so you are allowing them to take even your RIGHTEOUS ANGER, STOP STOP STOP! Quit asking! Take it back, it is yours! Send these demons packing! Your loving creative life force has been invaded and plagued on every level, you cannot see it because it surrounds you everywhere you ‘look’.

We all ‘FEEL’ there is something wrong with the system but no one will act or speak out. The guilt you carry over this is killing you. This guilt is not yours to bare anymore, stand together with your brothers and sisters and create a community that will not allow the system in! Start doing whatever you need to do in order to allow the Creative Love Force to do it’s work. If you want to save your life and the lives of all men, women and children you must let go of all your beLIEfs, they DO NOT SERVE YOU!

The more I live in my creative love energy and tune back into nature, the healthier I get. This is natures domain and we are to be living in our natural state. Everything the system indoctrinates you into is a fucking lie, it’s all a HUGE story! We have ALL fallen for it hook, line and sinker. I have removed my creative life force from the system and now I am here to let you all know that it is COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULLSHIT! The mental illness must be stopped, a virus has been unleashed in the minds of humanity and we must re-connect to nature to CURE us. There is NO OTHER WAY!

NOTHING the medical scare system does for you creates any good in your life. It completely harms you – you are a natural healer, a creator. Stop giving your power away! The government is ALL MIND CONTROL and is enslaving you! Science is a LIE, Religion is a LIE, Education is a LIE, Law is a LIE. You live in a world of illusion and I am here to SMASH that mirror, this simply cannot be allowed to go on. Any and all dis-ease is created by this dark force of the system, it’s all black magic. Genetic diseases – LIE. ‘Junk DNA’ – LIE. Germs make you sick – LIE.

We are processors we take in the negative energy in order to purify it and send it back as love. There is nothing you ‘catch’ except mental illness through beLIEfs! Everything that happens when we ‘catch a cold’ is actually our bodies purging all the negative shit we have taken on through out the year! Why do you think it is that we get ‘sick’ in the FALL and allergies in the SPRING! It’s NOT NATURE making you sick. In the FALL you are releasing the junk being fed to you through the lies of indoctrination. In spring you are naturally suppose to be birthing new ideas and creating. You are allergic to the system and this is WHY you have allergies in the spring! NOT because your are being reactive to nature. Because you are reactive to MIND POISON! The flu is a biological WEAPON, stop vaccinating yourself as ‘protection’.

Vaccinations are a LIE. I stopped harming my children in this manner when they were very very young. In fact, I don’t even want vaccinated kids around mine, they are diseased ones, not my kids. Their systems are compromised, not my children. The vaccines you are given DESTROY DNA, they IN-ject you with NANO technology to control it, WHY, WHY, WHY do you think they use MERCURY in it! UGH! Anything the system offers you as protection is a LIE in DIS-guise! It is there to HARM you, PERIOD.

Stop beLIEving the LIES! Stop being the LIE! It is making you sick and in turn it is creating a very sick and toxic world.

Only that which you love is worth your time and effort, period. Stop poisoning everything you love with LIES!

Stop eating prepacked processed foods, they have ZERO life-force. They are dead and you are eating a LIE! A machine cannot create love, this is why baked goods at home taste better and are better for us than ‘store’ bought CRAP! Know that only in the mind can things in the air and water harm you, in your natural state you neutralize ALL these harmful additives. The water coming out of my tap used to burn my nose, tasted like shit and hurt my stomach. Not anymore because everything I touch is purified with Love and now my water tastes like well water, I do not smell it anymore and it does not hurt my stomach.

I decide if their shitty system can hurt me and NO MORE! I create my reality through LOVE, period. I am also no longer living the ‘aging’ LIE! I did at one time and I rapidly aged when I was trapped in the system but since I freed my mind and healed my body I am now returning to my natural state of YOUTH and VITALITY! You are NOT POWERLESS, you are only made to beLIEve you are, Stop it. SERIOUSLY STOP!

SACRED CORE VALUES (Part 1-Introduction)


I say what I mean, and I mean what I say; I AM a person who strives to ‘walk my talk’. All the things I write about and talk about are not just a ‘nice idea’ or saying for me; they ARE my lifestyle and it really is for everyone however we cannot always see it. When someone trespasses against me or I trespass against someone, I immediately forgive on a human-to-human level, which allows me to forgive on a person-to-person level. However, forgiving on a personal level (them and/or myself) may take me more time but I always get there because of the immediate forgiveness I hold in my heart.  I have UN-conditional love for everyone, which allows me to stand in place of complete and total NON-judgement of others. Having said this, I believe ‘love’ is always UN-conditional for how can we say ‘we love’ and yet attach conditions to that love and I feel that the term love is both used too loosely these days and not used enough. Moreover, when we have UN-conditional love we automatically have respect, drop all judgements and forgive faster/easier. These things do not always happen in this order, but when it comes to the bottom line, this is what ends up happening. How glorious it is to have these feelings for my family, friends and humankind. I know that NOBODY is perfect; I’m certainly not but it is okay and I am not alone because we are all flawed, perfectly! God intentionally made us this way so we can learn to accept that we all MUST make mistakes, experience emotion and feel feelings in order for souls to grow, AND for God to grow.

This was not that hard of a journey for me unlike some others I have had, but it was a long one as I did it in steps over my entire lifetime and continue to. In no way do I mean to come across arrogant or give off the air of superiority. I am simply sharing my feelings and beliefs with you; how I feel about people, and  myself. Even better and more import is for me to share the steps I took; which created the processes to get to these places. If my life can be related to in any way, then so can the steps and processes and if that helps to make one persons life better then ALL the pain (and joy) I lived through helps me to understand how we all ‘feel‘ for each other. By that I mean, if certain feelings knowledge or ideas obtained through my experiences are able to make an-others life better without them having to go through the pain or trauma I went through, then I truly have felt FOR them, this can also be understood as ‘living vicariously through another’. ‘Feeling For’ someone else should not to be confused with empathy, sympathy or relating, for these are a different context than what I am talking about. I am of total understanding that we ALL have to live our own life and walk our own path but by learning through the turmoil of a close friend or family member is much easier on us than experiencing some things ourselves. To me, this is letting others teach us and can be equated to allowing Source to carry our load for us; since we are all extensions of Source. We all have a story where we learned from another and when put in the same situation decided to do something different based on the experience we were told about, they felt FOR US.

The last 8 years have been the best learning curve of my life and I am just so excited to live life every single day because there was a time, in the not so distant past when I lived in darkness and serious illness. I did not even have the desire to live but as I heal I find life has so much more meaning to me and for me. Now that I’ve ‘grown up‘ and continue to ‘grow up, I am living up to the potential I am capable of which helps to make life easier, now it is ‘wonderfully’ abundant and just flows because I am not stuck in the same patterns of resistance, to anyone or anything.

I feel that the true meaning of ‘growing-up’ has lost its essence, to me it means expanding ourselves positively, living on a higher plain, getting closer to Source; growing upwards. I do not use the term the way it is used today, the way we tell each other to ‘grow-up’ but mean become an adult, act more mature or stop acting so childish, etc. I honestly believe that we can all get here if we can get out of our heads & egos and start living from the heart, living love. This means communicating (speaking/hearing/listening), seeing, touching, feeling and experiencing EVERYTHING that goes on in our lives from a ‘heart-centered’ place. It is our ego which can & will destroy us if we don’t use our hearts to understand and experience things and it can make life so tremendously difficult to live. I do believe our ego serves a purpose; I believe it is to keep us in balance in this ‘reality’ for example; we don’t bring home every stray animal off the street, if we cannot even feed our own family. In this sense the ego serves us rather than us serving the ego, as well it is possible to live in ego and not be ‘egotistical’. When we can acknowledge whether or not our lives are too ego-based is when we can truly enter a place of alignment and enlightenment. And I would just like to add that having balance between the heart and ego doesn’t mean it has to be equal parts of each because it all depends on our other beliefs and experiences. The balance I have between my heart and ego has shifted, from more ego and less heart to more heart and less ego which has facilitated my healing, obviously this means that before my shift having more ego is what kept me in a state of chronic pain and dis-ease because I knew in my heart I was not living up to my potential. And, I intentionally put it this way so you can examine your own life to see if you can find your own balance which make you happy health and whole.

I do not mean to imply that I am always happy and joyous and that everything in my life goes perfect, although it seems to more and more each day I choose to live. How could I possibly live without ‘bad’ days or have events in my life that allow me to experience feelings that aren’t always ‘perfect’. If that were the case, it would mean I am done my journey and would transcend. I am happy to have those times that are not perfect or that are ‘painful’ because they allow me to grow on every level of my being. I have come through the darkness to the light, everything I write here is my experience and the lessons I learned along the way. I have learned how important it is that I get to have the choice of ‘reaction’ (judgement). I have ‘free-will’ about how to react to certain situations and experiences in my life. I do not ‘dwell’ on anything anymore unless it is a positive change I am making (love). Having lived in the darkness for most of my life, it is so important to me that I am able to share what I have learned. I know now how easily we can manifest pain and hurt in our life through the positive or negative perspective we view events through. I no longer need to feel pain in my life and especially not the kind which took me to thoughts as serious and damaging as suicide (forgiveness). It’s so much easier because I get to understand the feelings of others and to experience through them too, rather than always having to experience things myself because of my ego (respect).

This is an introduction to a series of blogs I will be doing on; Love, Forgiveness, Judgement and Respect. I believe these are sacred values we all need to strive to live with; we all need to hold them in our HEART (core) in order for the world’s community to heal, to have peace and to stop the warring going on around the globe. I have hope that we will all make it there, that we will all grow and learn to ‘just get along’ through love for each other.  I know we can get there and what a wonderful world it will be when we do! I have faith in humankind, I have faith in Love, I have faith in Forgiveness, I have faith in Respect and I have faith we can all stop ‘negative’ judgements on each other, above all I have faith in YOU. We all live on this planet; we are obligated to work together for the good of the ‘Whole’.

In closing I would like to share a quote that I live by each and everyday of my life, I don’t remember who said it but it is, “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD” this is so profound and is similar to “DO ONTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE ONTO YOU”

Peace within means “Peace-OUT’