The system is EVERYTHING that is not Nature or Natural to us. Imagine back to the days when we all lived as One with Nature in Tribes. Our tribes nowadays have not changed; they are our families, loved ones and those we care for. That is what is important. The control construct that has been built around us would literally crumble tomorrow if we all decided to stop feeding it. They DO NOT make it easy to leave, that is sure, but every step we can take away from it is literally and advancement for man-kind! The system is LITERALLY HOLDING US BACK from RE-evolving back to our Natural ways of life.

What is more important…? Having a job tomorrow or leaving your descendants an ‘environment’ not fit to live in, in ANY SENSE. That is a tough call and extreme. I realize people have to provide for their families, I would never call out any good loving creating people who are just making their way through the carnival sideshow that is our illusory world on Earth. When the system falls, and it will and they fire you, steal your pension, halt shipping, close all stores, cut electricity and gas, and impose FORGIEN MILITARY to ‘police’ everyone… will you still beLIEve that the system was important in anyway? It has taken away our Natural abilities to live in balance with Nature and because of that I am willing to bury them where they fall and NOT ALLOW them back in, no matter how ‘sweet’ the ‘offer’. Do not be lead into temptation and allow your nature to deliver you from EVIL!

I will not support ANY puppet masters of the system, anyone ‘claiming’ to be better or more important because they hold a ‘title’. They ALL KNOW too, if you really know who you are, they cannot control you! The ‘higher ups’ are EVIL, the ones who have to title themselves with words like ‘honourable’ because they have SOLD ALL of theirs. They ‘bought in’ to ‘being the lie’ and ‘sold their soul’, period. They hide behind these titles with their costumes and rituals adMINISTERing your life to you and it is bullcrap! We are FORCED to perform in their CIRCUS and BUY-IN-too to their filthy garbage. We have NO choice unless we exit to an extremely remote wilderness but even then, we carry ‘supplies and tools’.

In our true, purest Natural way of living we can completely and wholly trust that Nature will be there to protect, support and care for us and we have a responsibility to protect, support and care for it too. It is that easy. The system pretends to ‘support’ you yet it has created this beLIEf system in our brains through images, media, education, government, politics, religion, fashion, agriculture, the list goes on and on. There is nothing that is created by the system that is not OUT-RANKED by Nature! It only attempts to mimic our untapped, unlimited power that is our creative life force. We are all co-creators, NOT SLAVES!

Nature has its own creative and wild chaotic ‘order’ there are no ‘perfect circles’ or ‘perfectly straight lines’. It’s time we embrace and start loving our creative and wild chaotic ‘order’. We are Nature too and we have ‘fallen’ from Paradise, Nature. We have become slaves to a world of jobs, working parents, lines, grids, numbers and consuming. The ‘Eden’ spoken of in the Bible is NATURE! The serpent that speaks with a forked tongue, that swallows its prey whole, offered a world of duality, good and evil. That serpent, that snake in the grass was the system. The very word ‘system’ begins with a SSSSS – hiss sound… that is evil talk! It’s all a metaphor, demonic code talk. They can’t just tell us because if they did we would all drop the lies tomorrow and return to Paradise, return to Nature. There would be an MASS EXODUS from the system.

How do we benefit from our water being forcibly medicated/poisoned, chemtrails being shit in the sky, Monsanto corrupting our NATURAL FOOD SOURCE and poisoning us with pesticides, vaccines that CORRUPTS our DNA. How is being spied on with tracking devices like cell phones, laptops and tablets beneficial? Do we benefit, really, from doctors that PRETEND to ‘treat’ our health – they are titled doctors NOT called Healers! How do we benefit from 60 MILLION ‘legal’ laws FORCED on us by poo-LICE OFFICErs when the GOLDEN RULE, the ONE TRUE LAW is DO NO HARM! It’s ALL garbage and we have to fight to get out of the stench of their DUMP or be EXTINGUISHED, BECOME EXTINCT. Nature will continue with or without man, the choice is ours if we want to join back. To legion ourselves with Nature and not be RE-legion-ed away ever again is the most important accomplishment man can make.

When pregnant women are tasered by police, never mind everyone who has been ‘shocked and jolted’ into SUBmission, we need to stop supporting the real criminals/police and not criminalise the woman. Another pregnant woman was arrested and dragged out of Emerg for running a red light while driving herself to the hospital because we was in preterm labour and feared losing her baby. We should be TOTALLY OUTRAGED and if you are not, you are NOT PAYING ATTENTION! The line has been crossed and the time to END the system is NOW, before they can launch their ultimate terrorist attacks at ALL MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN. Silence is CONSENT, if you do not speak out then you condone acts like these. It is NOT OK!

We need to be response able, ready to respond rather than react when the shit hits the fan, when it goes dark that means it is really ON. The cowards will cut the power to ‘their grid’, ‘our power source’ and then come in under the cover of darkness and start taking people out of their homes, forcing them through ‘check points’, forcing them into FEMA concentration camps, forced RFID chips, forced vaccinations, forced confinement and more. There are MORE of US than there are of ‘them’ and that ‘power outage’ is our queue to jump to action. We must be prepared though, the most important thing we can do is connect with our community and outer communities, educate each other to what is going on. We need to have our defenses ready and our offensive plans already working. We are the power, we are the force to be reckoned with, not them.

Find out what the New World Order is, if you don’t already know. It is responsible for ALL of it and the worst is coming… have you watched ‘The Hunger Games’? It’s fucking SICK! But, of course, it gets all dressed up with a ‘romance’ and then it’s all ok, even though CHILDREN are KILLING EACH OTHER as SPECTATOR SPORT for RICH and TITLED soul-LESS HUE-mans. That is what this world IS COMING TO, if we don’t stop it NOW! The movie is FILLED with their agenda, it is horrifying! They have ABSOLUTE CONTROL of EVERYTHING!

There are things we can do. Learn about Permaculture, Cob homes, community-immunity. We have to educate ourselves as to our options to the system. It won’t be easy for everyone, the more money you have the harder it will be to ‘trust’ that people are not just after your money, you will have a hard time reconciling that. The ‘poorer’ you are, well you already have massive skills to learn how to get by on very little, teach it to others. I would like to suggest that when the shit does hit the fan, all the people who work in stores, markets, etc. go open the doors and let people in anyway. The farmers who have no way to transport crops anymore because ‘shipping’ is shut down, start sharing your abundance with your community. Just because the system is going to crash and fail does not mean we have to too. If you support your community, it will support you. If we all work together, there is less work for everyone!

I’m not just talking, I am taking these steps myself. When I am not online ‘outing’ the system, I am actively pursuing alternatives to the control construct. I have plans and implement then as I am able, I cannot give all this information and not walk my talk, I am NOT a hypocrite. I am a truth speaker and I stand in the power of truth, it is the only way out of the lies. Yes, the truths I put out there about the system may be painful and hard to take but let me assure you, it is NOT a joke and the worst is coming! I do not wish to leave this messed up world for my children or any children, do you? I am willing to give my life for this truth and to Nature. I’m exiting the system and taking back responsibility for taking care of what matters. I’m leaving and I am NOT going QUIETLY, I DO NOT CONSENT!


Having disabilities has enriched my life to no end. Healing from them has created miracles of epic proportions!

It wasn’t until I made a conscious decision to choose health that my life changed drastically! All the pain and suffering I endured has given me true insight and understanding about how our physical bodies manifest emotional, mental and spiritual pain. Our bodies are a reflection of what is going on in our lives and the thoughts and feelings we have.

If we have mental pain – depression, negative ego, fear of the future or if we have emotional pain – past hurts, negative emotion, feelings of lack & limitation or spiritual pain – feelings of separation, feeling lost and without purpose, are a few examples of what will manifest or be mirrored in our physical body. Illness and disease are not all ‘in’ your head, they are not psychosomatic – they are caused by imbalances in your life.

Our bodies are a map of what is going on in our lives. When we understand this map and know how to read it we can then address the pains in our other bodies. We must want to heal though, in our heart of hearts – our Sacred Heart, before any healing will take place. Just wanting or wishing too heal is not enough, we must desire it with our whole being. We must be willing to heal all areas of our lives not just treat the symptoms.

When we choose to heal it begins immediately. It is not just physical healing, it is healing in all areas of our life – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Our lives begin to become more harmonious and we become more balanced. The four bodies begin to work together in a fine and delicate dance, it is never all 25%/25%/25%/25% despite what ‘logic’ would indicate, emotion and feeling are not logic based.

My healing started slow… First I accepted my physical disabilities, then I began to embrace them and look at the benefits they provided me. It wasn’t until I was admitted to the hospital for a possible minor heart attack that I really began to examine what it was that I truly wanted in my life. I felt like I was walking the (health) path of my parents which was not mine to walk – they did it because it was theirs. It was not mine to follow and so in the hospital I made a decision, a life altering one at that.

When I began healing it was because I had made a conscious decision to not live in illness and disease anymore. I stopped talking about all the physical pain and agony I had been through. I stopped telling the story of my life from a negative point of view. I stopped allowing my ego to tell me lies about what a failure I was, how bad I was. I stopped living in lack and limitation and moved to feeling abundant and free. I started to love myself unconditionally, I forgave myself for the lies I told myself, I stopped judging myself.

I allowed my heart to take over. I later realized that my hospitalization was a crisis of the heart on a physical level telling me that I was ‘breaking my heart’ through the thoughts I was thinking and feelings I was emoting. Although I did not know it at the time in this detail I have come to see the bigger picture and I have come to understand what I went through and why.

Now living a heart centered existence my life is rich and full, I have love energy bursting from my heart chakra all day everyday. I meditate more, laugh more and I do NOT allow things to get me down, I have more gratitude and appreciation. I no longer have an ego that rules me it serves me, it discerns for me and it follows my heart. I have a beautiful and simple life living in the moment because I now truly understand that each moment is all we have, it’s not just a saying anymore. The past is over and the future is always the future, it never comes.

Through it all I have come to see that I was never really suffering I was being graced with higher knowledge – it just wasn’t visible to me because i was too involved. I only had a subjective view but I changed my perspective on it all and the objective truth was revealed. I know now that I came here with a soul agreement to go through everything I did in all areas of my life for higher understanding, learning, growth and soul expansion. I have true empathy for others going through similar things I did – I can recall the feelings I had and through that I am able to feel compassion and unconditional love for those ‘suffering’ as I ‘did’.

Compassion is the greatest gift we can give to another because it breeds love. Unconditional love for another is the greatest feeling we can have for ourselves and others. I have been graced with life experiences that have allowed me come to a place where I have a profound love for every living thing on this planet and everyONE walking it. Whether they are loving me back or antagonizing me does not matter, we all have a place in this world, we are all here for a reason. Every soul incarnated on this earth today is here for a divine purpose, they are important and needed and I can honestly and sincerely say that I love you all, without you my life would not be the same.

I wish you all health, happiness, harmony & love! Have a wonderful day, enjoy each moment as you move through them.

Much Love -michelle xo ♥
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Now this is showing Mother Earth some love! Our Sacred Mother loves and supports us, sustains and shelters us and yet we continue to harm and poison her. When I see inspiring stories like this it warms my heart and I must share.
I truly appreciate when people get involved and actively DO SOMETHING to make their community better instead of ‘talk talk talk’ with no action to back it up. I feel it is SUPER important to re-plant the nature that has been lost to Urban Jungles as it is always done with dignity, respect and love.
The benefits that community gardens provide are enormous. Least of which are re-connecting to our Sacred Mother and the sense of community among the gardeners. Everyone is there for a common goal and for the good of the whole. This is lost in us now in our sprawling metropolises, this brings new meaning to the term ‘Urban Jungle’.
I watched a documentary called Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action it was all about a community garden, like these, in LA. Eventually the garden was plowed for no really good reason except to ‘make money’. I highly recommend the documentary, it is very well done and will pull at your heart strings.
I wish this team of urban gardeners, Gangsta Guerilla Gardeners all the success they deserve. Please offer your support by liking and following them too. Since we cannot be there with them it is the next best thing.
Cheers! -michelle.

La Paz Group

Food activist Ron Finley campaigns to “change the composition of the soil” in his hometown of South Central LA. In place of the “food desert” made up of liquor stores and fast food (not to mention drive-by shootings) he and his volunteer organization LA Green Grounds plants “food forests” in abandoned lots, traffic medians and sidewalk parkways.

Finley’s point of view is a call to arms to change our conversation about food.

The city of LA leads the United States in vacant lots. They own 26 square miles in vacant lots. That’s the equivalent of 20 New York Central Parks. That’s enough space to plant 724,838,400 tomato plants.

As a combination vegetable graffiti artist and gardening gangster,

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I feel so strongly about the words you are about to read that I can hardly type fast enough to get the words out. These emotions are so strong and I feel I need to start posting videos of my feelings instead of just words. Perhaps it will come across more powerfully if you could see me actually saying these things because I don’t just write them, I live them. They come from my Higher-Self the collective consciousness, you have it all in you too for we are all connected….

Everything from the Universe, planets, humans, animals and every other living creature on earth is a mathematical equation. I used to say, ‘Math is the Universal Language’ and what I meant was every person can do basic math and it does not matter what language you speak, math is unchanging, the equations add up regardless of your native tongue. I now understand how profound my statement is.

While on my spiritual quest I discovered Sacred Geometry, it is the math of the Universe. Everything created is from an equation. Don’t believe me, research it for yourself, perhaps you will find enlightenment through it. Since we all speak math it may be easier for some of you to understand spirituality and how connected we are through Sacred Geometry. I am a woman on a mission and that is to help each and every one of you find within yourself your genius and your Sacred Heart because I know when you find it you will find inner peace and harmony with the cosmos.

As humans, we all live on Earth, in this galaxy! Sure, there is other life out there but here is the thing, we live here, all together. I mentioned in a previous blog that we are similar in makeup to earth. Our Sacred Mother has a heartbeat, an electromagnetic field and when you take a closer look, you can see that Her rivers and streams are not unlike our own veins and arteries. We have a bone to water make up similar to Her landmass and water ratio as well so we are not all that different from this planet we live on.

We are part of nature, Mother loves us even more than we could ever imagine. She feeds us, supports us and provides all the materials we need to construct anything we want, have you ever thought of Her that way before? She certainly is Divine and I love her with all my heart and I thank her every day for giving birth to us, humankind. We could not live on any other planet and feel at home because THIS is our home here on earth. We have a DIRECT connection with this planet and there is no other planet that would ever feel the same. We would probably wither and die of heart related issues if we were ever to colonize another planet for our connection with Mother Earth is so strong that our hearts would always be longing to be home.

As humans, we are all one race, period. It does NOT matter what race, religion or creed we are, we are ALL human FIRST! Each one of is important to the world for we bring the diversity needed to keep our planet alive. Mother Earth needs us just as much as we need her. We are all part of a collective consciousness, which means our individual conscience is an extension of the conscience of the human collective. This connects us just as every drop of water is part of the ocean; each human is part of the collective. When we strive to find our spirituality and we tap into our Higher-Self is when we will eventually find the access to the consciousness of humanity. While in human incarnation, we are all extensions of Source Energy, which means we are Source Energy.

Everything is made up of energy and vibration. We learn this in basic science in school; things that are less dense vibrate slower than something that vibrates fast. Through this simple science facto, you can see how we as humans all vibrate at a similar level. It is when we raise our vibration and frequency that we are able to feel more connected to each other. Personally, I use Binaural Beats combined with my continuous spiritual search, I have found my vibration increasing, and I feel the Love Energy of the collective in my heart every single day. I wake up with it, swirling from my chest and it is the last thing I feel before I go to sleep each night. It has not gone away since it started 6 months ago.

The Love Energy that I feel is what I want for you, for you all. It is a glorious feeling to feel ‘in love’ all day and to feel buzzy. This is ascension and we can go higher and ‘grow up’ – up to the collective consciousness and up to Source. I urge you all to find within yourself a truly loving space and while in that love – let go, forgive and stop holding on to old hurts. Do they really SERVE you except as bad memories? Why are you holding on to the hurt, it does not make you feel better but forgiveness well that is Divine! Wouldn’t you all like to feel like you are living on love? Go WITHIN, it is the only place where you can find your spirit. You may sometimes have to go external to find a place or person who allows your heart to be wide open. In the safety and support of love, let-go – free-fall – have faith that you will be caught and supported by something so much bigger than you and me!

We are all human, we are all Source and that means we are LOVE. There is no two ways around it. Yes, but what about hate, you say. Well hate comes from the ego, the mind. It is not from the heart for anyone who loves knows that there is no hate in our heart. Give your head a shake and tell your ego to shut up and listen to your heart for a while – you will find that place of pure Love! In that place of Love, you will find peace and you will find harmony. Harmony between your own mind and heart which will translate to you being a harmonious being, vibrating in Love Energy. That will allow you to vibrate at such a rate that no matter where you go people will be affected in positive ways because Love HEALS ALL!

WOAH! This just came pouring out, it is one of my shorter blogs but no less important. I could feel it building in my heart and then being interpreted by my mind to spell it out in English. What a fantastic journey this spiritual path is. After all, the journey IS the destination!!



This has been a common theme in my life lately and so I feel I should write about it. I was recently with a bunch of graduating teens, I had some wonderful and amazing conversation with them, and my message to them was ‘walk YOUR path’! I have so much to say about this topic so this is a summary, I will likely do more on it in the future but for now I had to get this message out….


We all come here with a life path we are to ‘walk’. We are born to parents who are a mirror to us, showing us the adversity we are to overcome and the joys we can experience. When we view our parents this way it is much easier to understand them and yourself. When you can see this and understand this then you can no longer blame your parents for the way you turned out! I have NEVER believed in ‘being a product of your environment’! It is simply untrue because we have free will and we have choice to live like our parents or live the life we choose. If this were the case, my life would be that of a broke alcoholic on welfare unable to feed, clothe or shelter my children. I made a conscious decision to NOT give my life to my children; I also made the choice to live the way I want! So I DID! That is not to imply that I have not come through adversity and that I have not had challenges because I have had my fair share. It is what we do with it that matters.

It is our desire that drives us to create the life we want and if we choose to walk the path of our parents instead of our OWN path then we create discord and extreme diversity in our lives. Parents need to stop trying to ‘control’ where you are going in your life and they need to stop telling you how to live your life, it’s your life and your path! Instead they need to guide you, for that is what they are, angelic guides.

We choose our path in life before we even come here and incarnate on this planet. There are millions and billions of probabilities of things that could happen based on the choices you make in the moment. Depending on what you choose to do, you will open up another path of probability filled with millions and billions of more probabilities! It is mind boggling if you think about it and it may make you pause and ask yourself, ‘is it possible to mess this up’ and the answer is NO! You will get to your life path at some point in your life (if you are not walking it at the moment), regardless of what route you take to get there.

I have found that the route we take can take us WAY out of alignment with who we really are and this will manifest in our lives in no so great ways but there will come a point in your life where you wake up and you decide that you are not going to live like ‘this’ anymore. You take back your life, from whatever is holding you back from being your true essence and happiness. You make a decision that this is YOUR life and you are going to live it on YOUR terms! For me it was the shame I carried for my parents and serious illness.* (*you can read about it in my HEALING and LETTING GO blogs)

Our path is what makes us joyous and happiest, it is ‘that thing’ we could do all day and not feel like we are working. Our path is what makes our life sparkle, dreams and miracles happen we never thought possible. It is filled with obstacles but when you are walking your path everything always just seems to fall into place for you! You know what I am talking about because there are many of you on your path already and you dream big and accomplish enormous! You feel compelled to share it with the world, you cannot see ‘failure’ in your life and it helps to keep you in alignment with who you really are. So many of us work in jobs we hate, why? Because of money, well that is ridiculous! Money is not the root of all evil nor is money bad however when you view it that way then the conflict within you begins over work for money or walking your path for happiness!

Too many people blame their parents for the way they feel, for the way they live and for the way their lives are going down the crapper. Well I am here to tell you that NONE of it was their fault! They are simply a mirror for you to view what you want and do not want in your life. That mirror is there for you to pick and choose the things you wish to carry forward and the things you wish to eliminate in your life. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! There may be those of you who disagree and think your parents control your life but let me ask you this, ‘when you are no longer in your parents charge, why do YOU keep repeating their cycles and their path?’ It is because you are harbouring some sort of fear that they will not accept you if you make the decision to live your own life. It is yours so why should you have to repeat theirs, they are living theirs and they may be ‘trying’ to control yours, but really can they? If they decide to cast you out of the family because you choose your own path, do you really NEED them? Or could you view it as something you would never do to your children when you have them and the reasons why. You see, everything happens for a reason, good or ‘bad’, nothing is really truly ‘bad’ because we always learn, grow and expand through those difficulties and so we need to stop viewing things as ‘right and wrong’ or ‘good and bad’, or ‘good and evil‘. You experience what you do because of your choices in life and if all you focus on is bad, bad, bad then that is what you will bring into your life, over and over and over again, without doubt and without fail, it does not matter how old you are!

Can your parents control you truly? I do not believe so, at all. It is our choice of what we want to do in life which is why we have our own path. Perhaps we are meant to repeat their life until we ‘wake up’ and realize that they are our parents waling their path and so we need to ‘step off’ of theirs and onto our own. Do you feel that your parents will judge you or chastise you? SO WHAT if they do, it cannot be any worse that what you have already experienced through them and ultimately you are in control of your feelings and so you have the choice of how to react to them and in most cases, they will love you unconditionally, no matter what. Do you feel that way about your own children? Would you love them no matter what, would you allow yourself to let them walk their own path, will you allow yourself to relinquish ‘control’ and let your child find their own way in life. You have to, you cannot force anyone to do what you want at any time. (ok some of you may say, ‘what if there’s a gun to my head…’ different topic for another blog post)

When parents can recognize the genius in their child from birth and nurture it in them then they are assisting their child to move them along that child’s path rather than standing in the way and telling them how to do this and how to do that and don’t do this and don’t do that. When we are following our path we feel alive, we feel invincible, we feel like we can conquer the world. When we are supportive parents who know that their child has a life of their own and we are not to impose our lives on theirs, we are to use our lives as a tool to forward our children then we are walking our parental path. Wouldn’t you feel wonderful allowing yourself to ‘let-go’ and just be a guide for your child? Do you really need to ‘control’ them, how did you feel when your parents did that to you? Are you sure you still want to be that parent? We are meant to do things in a different way so as to set an example for them rather than telling them what to do, I have found that example speaks far louder than words in almost all cases! I make it very clear to my children that they are sovereign onto themselves, my life and their dad’s life is simply a tool for them to use to navigate the waters of life (using different words). That is ALL.

Some of us had parents that ‘just don’t get it’. I did, I know how you feel. Trapped, alone, scared, worried where the next meal is going come from – if there is one, you feel responsible for your parents’ situation in life because if you weren’t there then they would be ok. Let me tell you that is a parent sharing too much with their child at too young of an age in my opinion. No matter what your parents are dealing with whether it is poverty, alcoholism, abuse or what have you, they are walking their paths of probability and once they find their true path and gain solid footing you will see a Miracle take place right in front of your eyes. Key here is to allow yourself to love your parent in that moment, forgive and let-go of the past hurts they don’t serve you anyway. Be happy that your parent has finally found out who they are at their core, at their essence when they find that place of harmony and alignment. You may have experienced some atrocious things in your life but those experiences allowed you to make decisions about what you do and do not want in your life, right?  Here’s the kicker – NO MATTER WHAT you experienced in your life it gave you the opportunity to grow and expand – PERIOD! Now it is up to you to find your path instead of allowing your parents life to ‘dictate’ what you need to do and by that I mean, your parents cannot tell you what to do!

Some parents take ‘parenting’ it too seriously and thus ‘control’ their child’s every move. Or so they think! This is going to create so much pain and discord in their child’s life that they will be ‘lucky’ if their child doesn’t ditch them. Control is not what kids want in their life, unless it is control over their own life and I can assure you trying to control your child is a waste of time. If there is ‘will’ then there is a ‘way’ that they will find in order to do what it is they really want to do.  I have always tried to allow my children to ‘just grow’ I had parents that were way out there, in their own created dramas and I hated it. So now as a parent I strive to guide my children, I do not tell them what to do. It’s their decision in the end anyway if they are going to do what I say because I cannot force them. It is simple for me, I just want them to be happy. When you can find that place within yourself where you are happy, it’s much easier to let go of the things we ‘think’ we have control over and move on with our own life knowing our children will be just fine doing what they do best.

I am not trying to say to children or teens that you do not have to ‘listen’ to your parents, that is all I need is a bunch of irate parents commenting on my blog because of misunderstanding. I am simply trying to get you to view your parents from a different standpoint and to see what they really are to you and/or if you are a parent to see your children in a different light. I am not talking about the daily squabbles that take place in the family home however that would be a great topic for another blog. I am talking about the bigger picture, who’s life is it really? Theirs, mine, yours, and who has the ultimate decision to make decisions and or control where you are going or where your child is going. When you let go of the control your mental health will improve as you feel your load lightened, when you do it with the understanding of who you are and why you are here.

We are all here to walk a path whether it is addictions, abuse or neglect; these are the hard paths to walk and when you manage to come out of them, you come out far more wise than when you started. The lighter paths I would say are for those who have stayed in or found alignment, they are the people who are able to find their path and walk it early. It does not mean that just because your life is ‘lighter’ you have no adversity for it is the adversity, which helps us to stand firm in our path no matter what is thrown in our way!


I wish you all Love and Light. I wish you all a Wonderful Life. I wish you all the Wisdom to ‘see’ the bigger picture. I wish you all the Love you need to Forgive and Let Go. I wish you all FREEDOM to WALK YOUR PATH!



In this Moment, I am healing. I put my headphones in and ‘Shine’ by Collective Soul is playing, one of my ALL time FAVOURITE songs about Love in general! I attracted that into my life as what one would call a synchronicity.

We are creators and we are powerful ones. I loved “The Secret” when it came out and I watched it many times because I ‘knew’ there was something else there, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I watched it at least 35 times. I did benefit from it greatly, its been in the last 6 months that I have really come to understand how the Law of Attraction REALLY works. They generalize it in the show but they do put a lot of emphasis on these things but they do not tell you that there are other Universal Laws such as The Law of Receiving, The Law of Gratitude, The Law of Opulence, The Law of Polar Opposites, etc. All of these things contribute to making the Law of Attraction work but they are not identified in ‘The Secret’ as Universal Laws too! Now I am going to show you how the Law of Attraction really works, it is not through the ‘power’ of the mind, it is all emotion and feeling.

That was no accident; I am allowing myself to experience ‘all that is’ in the greatness and love of Source in each moment. I too am Source! Love is all around me supporting me at all times. I feel it so strong and it has not guided me anywhere I did not ‘need’ to be for my soul to grow. Moreover, it ALWAYS gave me (manifested) that which I thought about chronically with passion and emotion, every time, without fail, no doubt. That was the Law of Attraction and the Law of Receiving. I was always afraid of ‘what’s next’ and so something always happened….

Pain in our bodies can create a vicious circle. Pain is always there to tell you what is wrong emotionally. Our bodies are a map, for example; the right side gives, the left receives, the back is our past, the front is our future. There is a lot more to it (educate yourself) but if you can learn to understand why the pain is there, acknowledge it and allow it to move through you as you move forward in right action (intuition), the pain will cease to exist. I totally understand it now on this level and I learned this the hard way but I am also so grateful for the painful and debilitating experiences it provided me with too because I am able to fully understand the pain others are going through. I will know what to do when I help, and that is all I want to do with my life, is help people heal.

It all started with being born with a genetic dis-ease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bone Disease. It is as if being born with Osteoporosis except it is non-progressive and non-degenerative BUT is does cause the early onset of other bone-related dis-ease like Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. They are all of similar vibration on an energetic level and so my vibration matched them from birth. It was not hard to manifest them in my life, however I did not do it consciously! No thanks, I had a hard enough time with breaking all the time! I have had over 50 broken bones in my life, I can see how clearly I was fighting life, living in fear and resisting letting go and I was unable to love myself wholly, unconditionally I felt my body was constantly letting me down, and it was with strong emotion and so I created that in my life and my body did exactly what I ‘believed’ it did. Source gave me exactly what my emotions asked for, in abundance!

Because I was born with a ‘lack’ of bone at birth is an indication that I was going to be challenged to understand abundance at my core in regards to stability at my foundation through lack & limitation. It is so profound when you get to the ‘source’ of the problem. In one of my recent posts I mentioned that it is NO ACCIDENT that the number ONE killer in North America is Heart Dis-Ease! Think about it, yes our diet and exercise routines have much to do with it but it goes FAR deeper than just that. Our hearts are literally breaking because we are so distracted with external ‘things’, we know there is more to life than just work, stuff, and family and friends. We know there is something bigger than us and if we could just go ‘inside’ and reconnect with that all loving Source of Creation we would walk our true path and find our passions and follow them. When we allow ourselves to become who we really are and live up to our potential – our hearts WILL heal!

We are human beings, we are, at our core, LOVE – that IS our essence! When we live in fear and allow our egos to tell us how bad we are, what we ‘should’ have done instead, I am so stupid sometimes… Oh how our egos will hurt us, if we allow it. Fear is a powerful motivator but Love is just power, period. We really need to replace those ‘thoughts’ (ego) with ‘emotion’ (heart) and when we do then the ego begins to speak a different language. Some will resist it at first because you have never been told good things and it will seem foreign to you at first. This IS where you must ‘allow’ those thoughts in, allow them to flow and allow your heart to open to the feelings and emotions that the good thoughts they bring you. Your life will change right before your eyes! This will ELIMINATE Heart-Disease, in a heartbeat! Just Love and walk your true path, who cares what others think. Only your opinion of you is what matters! So you may as well have a fabulous one!!

Gratitude and Emotion are the two most powerful creators there are. Our brain is where our ego lives its there to perceive what is in the world, what we want and don’t want. Our ‘thoughts’ are there ONLY to ‘see’ our ‘reality’, so we know what we want to change as we move forward. Then we can use it with the powers of visualization coupled with the heartfelt gratitude and emotion, you can have, do, be, anything you want! Our hearts is where thanks and love live, it is where we feel and experience emotion. Allow your heart to be your guide and you will have all the riches that life provides in abundance. Allow yourself to feel. Men, you are trained to not feel your emotions, feel them, release them do what you have to do but get back in touch with that all loving spirit that brings you emotion. Why do you think men had the highest heart attack rates for the longest time! Because you are conditioned from birth to ‘be a man’ which means ‘no longer feel’. You have access, just open up and allow it to come in. Smile at yourself in the mirror too! See how your face lights up and you feel happy in that moment! You are alive and isn’t that something to smile at, that face in the mirror! Allow yourself to love all of you. We are ALL flawed and isn’t it perfect that NOBODY is perfect…

You must have gratitude even for the ‘bad’ things because you DO learn from them too. And really, who has the ‘right’ to say what is right or wrong when we all have to ‘walk our path’ regardless. Nobody’s path is anymore important that yours, conversely your path is just as important as everyone elses. So even if you feel adverse about something negative, understand that you got to experience and feel emotion, anytime you experience and emotion you must have gratitude for it! We all have parts of us we don’t like, SO WHAT! Have gratitude for that darkness, IT makes up who you are too right, and you are a pretty awesome person – I love you! When you can embrace and accept the dark in you, you can replace it with love and light. You are an amazing person and therefore the light in you shines and the dark in you can be converted to light! Accept yourself, for you are one that is needed in this world… We all bring diversity to this world, that is creation. Creation is change, moving forward instead of living in the past….It’s living every moment in gratitude! You can get there, I promise. Start small and work your way up. The more you see, the more you will see…

Some of you need to start with gratitude for the small things like; you are clothed, sheltered, fed, etc. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine what it must be like for someone who has less than you. Do you feel that compassion for them, do you feel the gratitude for what you have? Keep feeling those feelings and ‘use’ your ego to help you understand how you can see the changes in your world once you start ‘feeling’ again. ‘The Powers That Be’ the people who have ‘everything’ do things to us that are INHUMANE! Since they have everything the only things they have left is to have ‘power over people’. They poison our water, food and air. They tell us to stay out of the sun because it causes cancer. Not true, ALL dis-eases are emotion-based. However the reason they do these things is to keep our vibration low, so they can control the population by distracting us and bombarding us with ‘external’ things that scare us, that instill fear into our lives, it is so that we are unable to get quiet and go ‘internal’ where love and true freedom exists. We ALL need to just ‘slow down’, stop worrying about what ‘isn’t’ and start focusing on ‘what is’ that is good and great and have emotional appreciation for it. This will raise our vibration and then all the things that are done to keep us down will no longer affect us. We will begin to make changes in our lives which reflect who we are at our core. The true loving beings we are – humankind – we are ‘one’ and we are here to live each moment in appreciation of just being able to have the free-will and choice to act or re-act in every moment we have.

When you do that you begin to heal and your vibration will continue to rise. When this happens you have healing in all areas of your life, vibration does not concentrate on one issue. It brings the vibration up in all areas where you feel the emotions of lack and limitation. The lower vibration will ALWAYS raise, a high vibration cannot be brought down. In addition, our frequency sharpens too and so our physical senses too do. We are also able to tap into ‘other’ senses we all have, they just need to be awakened.

You will begin to feel your heart growing and flowing. As you notice more and more all the wonderful little synchronicities that start popping up in your life. It will become a game, ‘How fast can I Mani-fast’. It will eventually take over your entire life if you can have the faith to just let go and allow our All Loving Source provide for us all that we deserve. Because we are born, we are Divinely Entitled to have whatever we want, we Deserve it and we are NOT supposed to be living in lack or limitation! When we live in this faith, our potential knows no bounds! When we live love, we become more love and our connection with Source only grows stronger, we ‘grow up’.

Here is what I have learned about myself in the last week. I understand why I have ALWAYS been the one the kids attracted to. I am a natural born leader and it is my mission to start people on the ‘spiritually free’ path. I am to learn to allow people to support me through the things I start with hope and faith. I am a powerful creator; I know the dis-ease I ‘felt’ into my body. If I can create that, I can just imagine what I can create with the knowledge of Source and a much higher vibration. I will be an Ascending Master, I brought one into my life to be-come and
re-member who I am at my essence!

I have so much appreciation for the ‘gift of healing’ so as to bring others back to the path of health and wholeness. I am in awe that I have awakened and I see now that I have been chosen to help others at their core, to change on a fundamental level. Thank you Source for your guidance to such a noble calling, I am humbled that I can be your extension of love and healing, I will practice absolute excellence. Namaste!



I have gotten the most amazing response to my SACRED CORE VALUES pieces, I am so overwhelmed that it has touched so many people. People I do not personally or physically know but love unconditionally all the same. You are my brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and I appreciate everyONE of you and I am grateful you are in this incarnation with me because we need all the support we can get. This just came pouring out of me, it felt urgent and so I am posting it without proofing it this time. I hope who ever needs this message finds it easily and opens up to allowing and loving an a more profound level.

Is Source there when we need it? ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT DOUBT, EVERY TIME. We just need the wisdom of our hearts to recognize it enough to allow the ego to ‘relax’ and just listen, instead of telling telling telling all the time. If it (ego) shut-up sometimes, it would learn something! Our egos yak away in our ear all day, all the things we don’t want. In our hearts though, we know what we deserve, want and yearn for, purely. We just need to ‘plug our ears’ to the ego and start feeling the emotions that come from our hearts for they speak pure loving truth! I’m grateful that I am in a place where my heart ‘speaks’ louder than my ego yaks!

I’ve moved from judgement to Non-judgement and to discernment, from respect for others to respect for all and beyond, forgiveness of not only the easy little things but big ones too for they are the most profound and move our hearts the most, and most importantly – I have gone from knowing love to knowing, understanding and practicing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!! The unbelievable COMPASSION I am capable of is boundless and I do my best to exercise it as often as possible. I am so humbled to know that I am touched so softly, yet so deeply by Source Energy, every day, all day. We all are, open your hearts and you too will find this place of pure loving feeling! I have faith we can all re-member, we can all ask the ‘right’ questions, we are all such powerful creators and I am honoured by your presence! YOU! feel that ‘I’ have something important to say, ‘wow’, I am truly honoured to be the conduit in which you find your inner self, your over soul, your power of intention, your Love Energy!

It is that connection with our Creator, that Source Energy which gets me through the ‘difficult times’ and the ‘negativity’ because I understand we MUST live these experiences too. Now, I find the humour, joy, lesson or irony in the ‘negative’ experiences and express gratitude for the lesson. At this moment I am letting go of medications which have been tools in my life for more than 20yrs. It was time and so I am allowing my body to detox so as to further raise my vibration and frequency to be closer to Source. There was never an emotional or mental attachment to the medications, I accepted ‘physical addiction’ as a condition to having a ‘quality of life’. Those of you familiar with my blog will know I was an athlete at one time but I had manifested dis-ease in my body to an incredible level. I am healing, my vibration rose and so healing began in all areas of my life. So now the chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, SVT and depression have all eased, I feel better everyday so that meant it was time for the meds to go. I was already weaning and I was fairly low in my ‘new dosage’ then all of a sudden, I made the decision to detox. Right here, right now, it was time. I have had a really easy time. I know the ‘worst-case scenario’ of detoxing from morphine, I’ve been there. This is a cake-walk in comparison and it is because Source loves me so that I have all the tools I need to do it. I listened and I am grateful beyond eternity, to be getting my health and having my health for the first time in many decades.

You will never have true balance until you understand that you need to accept the darkness in you. That is why you have a ‘shadow’ – Father Sun is telling you that you need to be constantly examine your life for the things you wish to change and even though that shadow is there, the light still hits it at Father Sun is high in the sky. Mother Earth is where the shadow falls, catching you, supporting you and loving you, accepting you – in all ways. Let me put it another way, we are a light-body first but we are incarnate on this earth which makes us a 3D being and that means we will live in duality. In order for us to come to true acceptance, we need to understand we are not perfect light-bodies only, we are in human form which is dense and so it physically creates for us to learn. Not being perfect is not bad or wrong. That imperfection, it is that which brings diversity to this earth to our collective consciousness and to Source. So we have darkness in us but we carry the light in our hearts! It’s not a bad thing, it’s what we do with it that matters, not that it’s there, we can make ourselves ‘lighter’ and that is by embracing and loving the darkness in us. Love yourself, (ego perceived) flaws and all, it takes all of it to make you and you are pretty darn great! I know I love you!

When we really find that connection to ‘Everything That IS’, we begin the conscious evolution process. We realize that we are living in a very important time in history; we are awakening of our potentials, and understanding that we are Source. Therefore, I say, let us come together to create a brighter future and see what we can accomplish, rather than living reactively and waiting to see what happens! We ARE Source Energy and as such, we have access to as much or as little knowledge, love, abundance, tragedy, loss and lack, as we want. What we think about (with emotion and feeling) we bring about, what we feel strongly about will manifest in our lives. We have free-will to choose where to focus our energy, where are you going to focus yours?

We are lead to believe that it is the ‘mind’ it is the power of ‘thought’ that is what makes the Law of Creation and the Law of Attraction work. This is only part of it, the thought is the seed, the idea as well as our visualizer BUT It is the emotion and feeling behind the thought which brings it in to fruition, it does not matter if you are thinking good or bad. What you are seeing in your life and the emotions attached to those perceptions create the ‘thought’ which then brings in more of ‘what is’. When you shift that thought and focus and ‘see’ what you have that is wonderful and then feelings of gratitude and appreciation flood in and then in that moment you are creating a brand new ‘what is’. How beautiful it is to be connected to and to be Creation. How beautiful it is to acknowledge that we ARE Divine Beings and we need to step into that and believe it!  

There comes a time where we will allow the things which no longer serve us to fall away, we make adjustments to our beliefs based on our higher better love-knowledge in that moment! That is our connection with Source. That is ‘growing-up’ meaning you get closer to Source and begin a conscious ascension practice. We are always ascending we just do not see it as such, anytime we learn something we are in a state of ascension. We must actively choose to ‘learn’ to ‘know’ Source because the ‘powers that be’ do everything possible to keep you in separation, low vibration & frequency, anything that keeps you from believing that you too are Source Energy!

The creation of organized religion has driven the biggest wedge between Us and Source. They are not bad, that is not what I am saying. They teach us that we are sinners, NOT POSSIBLE, for that is judgement, Source does not judge our experiences. They are ALL there to learn and expand our souls and the Soul of Source. Moreover, our creator, Source Energy, unconditionally LOVES us! I feel that whatever people need to do to find that connection with Source is what they need to do. EveryOne must walk their own path, without judgement of their actions, with forgiveness for our less-than-ideal actions or situations, with respect that we are all here to learn and someone elses soul expansion is no less important than our own. In addition, we can learn to respect the Universal Laws, the cosmic laws that are all loving. We are here to live every moment of our lives understanding that we are Source and we can change into that, which is much bigger than we are. We must act and project the change we want to see in the world, we cannot leave it up to everyone else anymore! The fear-based people are creating this world, us heart-centered people really need to come together to create a vision of loving, natural reality!

It is important that we do not move into resistance of the circumstances in life, take the path of least resistance, whatever that is for you and pay not attention to the judgements of society. What we resist, persists. When you find true personal freedom people will begin to judge you because mediocrity always attacks excellence. They are never talking about you when passing judgements; it is ALWAYS all about them! However, they are too, a mirror to let you know where you need to do some work but knowing these things lightens your load. Know that those are feelings that they need to work through, but they are a mirror for you to see yourself and then when you know these things – you are finally in control of your own emotions! The resistance to things slowly falls away and you begin creating a brand new life filled with everything that is Abundant LOVE.

I thank my spirit channel for allowing me to bring this important message to you all. If you read my site you are in a place of higher learning in your soul, you know there is something bigger and lovingly possible for all humans. It is written here my friend, I am only the messenger, the things I write about come from a place which is bigger than me, I just add in my experience so I am able to relate to you! My fellow humans who suffer as I have, I understand, I love you, I have compassion for you and so I write these articles and I have faith this one in particular is going to open up some souls very quickly, I can feel it in my own heart! Welcome to this place of all Loving Energy and of pure acceptance of who you are at your core. You are now open to your essence; it is that feeling of warm embrace, the tingles and shivers, that IS your ‘knowing’… ALL loving, accepting, just Divine!

Namaste – ALL unconditional LOVE to YOU all