“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.” Michael Ellner

You know humanity is in a pretty grim ‘state’ when corporations that are foreign to our soil, calling themselves ‘government’ make us their slaves through uninformed consent, as a method of control. In reality our government is meant to be an organic body that is by the people and represents the WILL of the people. Those in government are Public Servants, this includes police, judges, and anyone who exerts ‘authority’ over you in our current ‘state of affairs’. They are supposed to be there to Serve the people and help manage the resources for the people, not to create and put into action a massive world domination conspiracy and rob us of our Natural resources and turn us into Human Resources, Expendable Containers and/or Collateral Damage. We are not their resources, we are not expendable and we are not their collateral! Their language is very telling once you learn to speak it.

The very word government comes from the Latin; gubernare: to control and ments: the mind – do you still ‘think’ we NEED ‘governance’! Would you rather have security or freedom and what cost are you willing to pay for it. I AM for Freedom, I AM for Truth and I AM willing to be called crazy in order to DEFEND the Truth because if we don’t, WHO will – it is our obligation as the race that has dominion over the Earth to defend it!! We can no longer look to government – be it secret or visible to ‘take care of’ us because you may have no idea what ‘take care of’ means. It’s time we all stood up and made our voices heard.

The problem, in part, is that our corporate governments are just puppets for the oligarchy that really controls the entire world (almost). Very few people really know just how deep the rabbit hole goes and they have only scratched the surface. Thankfully, they are doing what they can to get the word out through Alternative Media Sources. The people of earth are healing, there is hope and the ones who are awake must stand up and speak out in order to assist this awakening in others, this is my mission here.

“The Truth will set you free but first it will piss you off!”-Gloria Steinem

This may sound depressing to some, unbelievable to others, just conspiracy to many and then there are those who will get pissed off at what I am saying. It is the latter I have the most hope for because if they get pissed off, they will discover the truth in their attempt to prove me wrong. Have atter! I have awakened, educated myself and now speak their languages and see their occult symbolism and (pop-culture) archetypes for what they truly are. The wool has been pulled over our eyes and we have all been hypnotised. The occult knowledge (knowledge that is hidden, that which is hidden) that is being used against us in a fear-based way is actually our Divine Birthright to use through Love. It is up to us to seek it out and fly in the face of the status-quo, challenge the authority – who as the Right to tell you what to do? Who has the Right to come between you and your creator, under what authority?

“The public school system: ‘Usually a twelve year sentence of mind control. Crushing creativity, smashing individualism, encouraging collectivism and compromise, destroying the exercise of intellectual inquiry, twisting it instead into meek subservience to authority.” Walter Karp

We have been indoctrinated into a system that dumbs us down deliberately to divide and conquer. (Holy) Wars are waged in the name of ‘God’ while human causalities are strewn about. They proclaim to be seeking ‘peace’ all the while infiltrating and toppling nations, crashing economies, taking down leaders and individuals who dare speak or act against them. Murder and rape of innocent people in the name of ‘national security’ is a travesty. They dare to have the audacity to call people that seek freedom from them, in the name of Truth and Natural Law – terrorists. Well, let me say, ‘if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black’ I don’t know what is!

Whatever left-brained egoist beefs they have, with what they deem to be the ‘lower-class’, sheeple or chattel  are the mere ramblings of brain damaged, mentally imbalanced, emotionally stunted, soulless psychopaths. They wage war on us on so many levels it’s almost unbelievable but we only see the physical acts of war and as long as it is not on our soil then we are pacified. Only psychopaths would create the chaos in that we see in the world and sadly most of humanity won’t see it until they have a soldier holding a gun to their head while he exerts the WILL of his masters over them, when it is a full military state. Why are we so desensitized by other external things that we allow this shit to go on in OUR world, on the Earth we all share as ONE race.

Here is a metaphor for you… look at the upper, middle and lower classes imagine matching them up to the spirit, mind, body connection. What is disappearing at an astonishing rate, the middle class, the ‘mind class’. There is a division that has been created in the soul of humanity, a wedge driven between the spirit and body by the way of the mind. We are fractured human beings but we all have the potential to become whole again, we simply must Remember WHO WE ARE! We are being anchored into our bodies through propaganda put out through the ‘mainstream’. The spark of our Spiritual Divinity is being snuffed out by those who believe they are the ‘illuminates ones’. We each have a real opportunity here for some serious soul healing once we can see what is going on. There are no classes in reality, we are all created equal and whole.

“I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” – Professor Bernardo de la Paz

I AM. That is all I need. I was granted co-dominion over this earth with ALL my fellow humans and I AM willing to speak out LOUD and CLEAR about the savagery going on and withOUT FEAR! I AM; ‘they’ are not. I AM many and growing; ‘they are few’. I act out in Love; ‘they’ are fear manifested. Our greatest fears have been realized, are we ready to change now? Has ignorance really been bliss… Not now, not ever!

By no longer trusting in Nature, the Cosmos, or Universe… all that is natural to us, we have placed a false fear on ‘not having enough’ when in reality it is the resistance to allowing Nature to care for us that has created this persistent parasitic force here on Earth. The rift that has been constructed in our mind is that the human only has the five sense to operate in the world and that we are only material. This idea has created a materialistic consumer society who feel lost and seek to find out the meaning to life through external objects – oh poor of spirit and knowledge are they! Everywhere we turn though our senses are assaulted through subliminal messaging that diminishes our capacity to have balanced right and left-brains. To create a mentally imbalanced people who they can then medicate; with or against our will and/or knowledge, it doesn’t take a ‘scientist’ to know that there are tens of thousands of chemicals put into every facet of our life.

This will continue until we wake up and realize what is really going on. Natural Law knows right and wrong, we would all do a helluva lot better to remember this and act in accordance. Crimes against humanity are WRONG and we need to adjust our moral compasses and allow them to be fine tuned by true Righteousness as the Divine Beings we are.

Ideas are bulletproof” – V For Vendetta

By feeding our fears and resisting the truth of what is going on directly creates in this world, this irrational fear that we won’t be provided for. Well if it’s not truly rational then what validity does it hold except to enslave humanity. ‘Fear is a powerful motivator’, we’ve all heard that saying before. Well just look at the world we have built on fear and ignorance, ignorance being a lack of knowledge and we must take responsibility and start moving in the direction of Right Action. Do you think the world and the system is productive and harmonious because I sure don’t, but we haven’t really taken responsibility for ourselves in the past and we have allowed our Divinity to be masked and learned out of us. We MUST take responsibility for our own enslavement, it is the ONLY way we can free ourselves and free each other.

“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Ben Franklin

I have to continue to move in the direction of my own freedom and know that I AM doing my part to help unslave humanity. If I thought about the injustices in this world, I would sit and cry all day but that would accomplish nothing. I have to look at the extreme cases of nastiness in the world and relate it back to my country and ‘reality’ to see the pattern. History repeats itself because His Story is a constructed game that has been played for thousands of years, the game hasn’t changed – only the players. We are a deeply wounded but now is the time to heal and to regain our inner-strength, to come together on the common basis that we are all human and we all have the same Divine Birthrights. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be divided and conquered, we MUST come together and objectively look at the patterns of the past and see that nothing will ever change until the powers that control us are told, ‘NO’! At least stand up for yourself if you feel you can help others or not.

“The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do. It is the freedom to refrain, withdraw and abstain which makes a totalitarian regime impossible.” – Eric Hoffer

Turn off the mainstream garbage and open your eyes, know that everything they say is a lie created to make us conform – prove it and speak out. ‘They’ are few and we outnumber them, our voice is the power now as long as we speak as a well-informed, self-educated alternative source to the mainstream. We MUST challenge everything ‘they’ say and if you don’t then HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED TO BE OPENLY DECIEVED BEFORE YOU USE YOUR VOICE? Or, do you embrace your slavery and defend the very system that has enslaved your body and mind and waged war on your consciousness. All the more reason for me to use my own Divine Power and voice of Truth.

“Too many people are only willing to defend rights that are personally important to them. It’s selfish ignorance, and it’s exactly why totalitarian governments are able to get away with trampling on people. Freedom does not mean freedom just for the things I think I should be able to do. Freedom is for all of us. If people will not speak up for other people’s rights, there will come a day when they will lose their own.” – Tony Lawrence

I AM not going to sit idly by while my brothers and sisters of the world are massacred, degraded, programmed, and poisoned, among other treasonous terrorist acts. What I can do right this moment is continue to pursue the Truth and find my own personal power to speak it and move in synchronicity with it. To empower my fellow human beings with actual knowledge of the power of Self to help wake them up. As I move more towards freedom, I can share my experience in absolute faith that others will also be compelled to seek the Truth too. The brighter my light shines, the brighter your light shines because we are all One. I know in my Sacred Heart that my love and genuine concern for my children, brothers, my sisters, Mother Nature and Natural Law & myself is strong enough to help light that spark within you.

I AM adamant about my Divine Birthrights and there is no ‘authority’ who is going to give me my rights, let alone dare to call them privileges and claim to grant them to me. NO more. I have been though their systems all my life, my eyes have been opened, I have educated myself to their language and now, I too, speak much of their language. Their arrogance is astounding to say the least but they have nearly accomplished what they have set out to do… enslave all of humanity and have all the riches and resources at whatever the cost. Well, here is the thing… their rights END where MINE begin! NO MORE of this ruling ‘class’, I AM Done, They Are Done. My light shines brighter than those who are still hypnotized and is therefore More Powerful than a million dim lights.

As I find my way out of the ‘system’, I AM in full awareness of what ‘It’ is, standing in full responsibility for my own mind and consciousness, doing things in Right Action, strengthening my body and keeping it in a state of positive and grateful guided regeneration and reconnecting with Nature.  I challenge them to tell me that they have any ‘authority’ over me… Nobody stands between Me and My Creator. No man is above me, better than me or deserves more than me – I AM my Divine Power and I stand firmly in it.

“To teach the Rockefeller drug ideology, it is necessary to teach that Nature didn’t know what she was doing when she made the human body.” -Hans Ruesch

Mother Nature IS our Mother, which means we too are nature but we have forgotten this fact. If we return to her then She will take the best care of us – if we truly remember who we are. The more I see this, acknowledge and expect loving results from Her, the more wonderful things happen in my life. I AM in awe and total gratitude for the lessons I learn from Nature and I hold it in higher regard than anything external from me which has only been ‘taught’ to me. My experience reigns supreme over textbooks and the ideas of others masked as education. When we seek our union with Nature we are opened up to a whole new way of being that is the most harmonious feeling we can feel. I have complete faith that our Mother loves us. It is US who have forgotten this despite the fact She offers everything we NEED to to heal and become whole again and thrive. This notion of survival and just getting by is fear propaganda and needs to be dealt with in our own minds and consciousness. This is connecting with the true material/maternal spirit. Don’t we all deserve to have this sort of peace in our lives, all men being born equal and all?

Why then does the whole world feel upside down and backwards? Because it is, again… we have all been indoctrinated into a massive illusion and it permeates every level of our society. It really touches every facet of mainstream and status quo – it is ALL a manufactured ‘reality’. It has been done to keep you from your Divinity because when we move in the direction of balanced body-mind-spirit-emotion connection, we find a harmony that is more powerful and freeing than the need to be ‘lead’ any longer. The ogilarchy cannot contain or control the man who is truly free, they actually fear them because it is clear where the power is when one stands in the Love of Truth and the Truth of Love. Without the permission of his slave the oligarchy loses it’s capacity to lead man, when man is no longer a ‘follower’ this oligarchy will cease to exist.

We must remember that our minds are very powerful. It is our mind, which links body to spirit and spirit to body. We have to step back and question ALL of what we have been lead to believe is ‘education’. Look for alternative answers, self-educate, calm your emotions and stop reacting – use your critical thinking, logic and reason to respond instead. If you cannot see a way out, start being more creative, use your imagination and be more get artistic. It is all about balancing the brain so we function with a ‘whole brain’ instead of a left-brain or right-brain reaction. Use binaural beats, use meditation to actively balance the two hemispheres of your brain and yoga is good for mind body spirit balance too however, in order to benefit from it spiritually you have to be doing it for wholeness, not just body health.

In school we are taught math but not numerology, astronomy but not astrology, geometry but not sacred geometry, we are taught consumer education but not truth about money, the list goes on and on. Numerology, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, and Alchemy among other subjects are the ancient sciences which teach man of his true Divinity and yet they are dismissed and demonized by the current system, whom by the way practice these sciences faithfully, so we will dismiss them as superstition. We are lead to believe that man is more evolved today because we have material goods. Evolution comes about only through Self-mastery and it cannot be faked. We must open our minds and view things through the bigger objective picture instead of our limited subjective view.

Start feeding yourself better. Prepackaged processed foods are for the lower-mind and body but they contain NO nutritional value – this is the grand design. When we consume foods that come from the earth in their most organic, unpolluted form, we begin to forge a new beingness with Nature. A new life that is only possible through Nature’s true essence, it our physical source of life & vitality and this literally feeds our essence. We can think more clearly, the health benefits are enormous – both immediate and long term. The cost to your health and your ability to deal with life gets better…. We are Nature, why don’t we eat Natural Foods? THEY were Divinely designed for us, not the man-made crap that only ‘fills the hole’. Sure it may fill the hole but it will deplete you everywhere else in your life because you won’t be utilizing Nature’s gifts of life. It is absolutely imperative that we listen to our bodies, become our own healers and stop seeking the ‘authority’ of the Medical S-Care system. They do not care about you, you are just a source of revenue to them and a science experiment, a human trial! Mother Nature does not charge us for her bounty of nutrients, she puts it out there for all of us so please STOP rejecting Her.

By denying your body’s connection to earth, you slap your Divinity in the face and an insult your soul. This is partly why everyone feels so bad physically; it is counter-intuitive to eat the crap from the ‘super-market’. Do we acknowledge, ever, that much of our guilt as a species is because we are directly living in counter-productivity with Nature. The more I tune into Nature, the better I feel physically, the more I feed my body soul food from Mother Earth the more soul-FULL I AM.

Exercise as much as you can. This was a tough one for me because I was sick for so many years but now I walk everywhere, I have high quality energy and it’s actually a treat for me to be walking again so I take full advantage of it. I do not care about the weather anymore when I have to go out, I am simply grateful that I can get out now, freely and without poor health holding me back. Getting out in Nature is a necessity for me these days, I am actually glad I do not have a car – for various reasons including, starving the oil companies for my money. Having no car has stripped their power over me and that particular dependence on oil, reconnected me with Nature and stabilized my body through Natural, not forced, exercise.

Some of you may become over-whelmed or scared once you find out what is really going on. It is designed that way so when you do uncover the truth you are left with feelings of futility, that it is all just too big for you to do anything about. When you turn your head and refuse to look and deal with the negatives in this world – this is a cop-out, it is the easy way out for the weak-minded, uncreative and unimaginative people. It is easier to do nothing and be content with being a slave then it is to care enough about yourself and stand-up to these bullies. It only takes one step in the direction of truth to blow this out of the shadows and as you ponder what you can do as an individual you can and will start to see that avenues will open up to you that you never imagined. The pursuit of truth is a powerful pursuit and is empowering when you know the nature of the beast and can act accordingly.


‘If you aren’t outraged, you’re not paying attention’

It is my wish to expand on the things I have said here and will do so as time permits. I wish you the best always, in all ways. Do you love you enough to do something about the state of the world, I sure do!

Here are some wonderful teachers to help you on your journey:
-start light with something like the Zeitgeist documentaries (available on Netflix)
-watch DMT: The Spirit Molecule
-read and listen to Terrance McKenna
-delve into the works of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud
-read the quotes from the leaders of the past, they spelled it our for us we just need to inner-stand the messages
-seek out the Alternative Press, do not dismiss them just because they stand against the status quo.
Links for the open minded and the Awake:
Underground Documentaries
David Icke
Michael Tsarion
Mark Passio
Santos Bonacci
Jordan Maxwell
**I will provide more as I am able to – enjoy your new knowledge and Self-empowerment!**


Energy always is, always was and always will be. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Everything is energy in vibration or vibrating energy. All energy is neutral; it does not carry a charge until we put one into it. We are Energy of Divine origin therefore we cannot move out of energy if we wanted to, moreover it is our choice to charge our energy positively or negatively. In doing so we charge ourselves positively or negatively.

The perceptions we have of our ‘reality’ charges our lives with positive (Love) vibration or negative (Fear) vibration. If we are having a hard time in our life all we have to do is shift our perceptions to all the goodness and our whole world will open up to limitless possibilities. I know it is easier said than done but once you learn how to, it is life changing.

We have the free-will choice of how to react in every instance, experience and event in each moment. We have the choice to resonate positive or negative reaction. We have the choice to have ‘knee-jerk judgments’ or to use ‘discernment’ instead. Knowing the difference between judgement and discernment can change your perceptions and reactions.                    

With the Law Of Attraction we will get whatever it is we are in alignment with in that moment based on our perspective. Viewing things as ‘good or bad’ will bring us more of that – in ABUNDANCE.

Our feelings are based in one of two energies – love or fear, positive or negative. Our feelings create emotions; emotions are the energetic output of those feelings. Everything that feels good is love and anything that does not feel good is fear, every other emotion is an extension of either of these.

When we align with love or fear we will experience events and people in our lives that are of ‘like’ vibration. When we live through our hearts and allow our hearts to guide us we experience blissful joy but when we align with fear we experience negative circumstances, which can leave us with an abundance of effects, including health problems.

Change your perceptions to positive and you can align with all that is great and good in the world. You are always in alignment with ‘something’ it is your choice to decide what you want to be aligned with.

Living in negative fear vibration:  Fear does not feel good. When we live in negativity, nothing in our lives seems to go our way and we feel like victims of circumstance. We (unconsciously) create manifestations of that fear in different forms and in doing so our lives can feel like they have been turned upside down and we are left wondering why.

Negative knee-jerk reactions are based in fear. Fear is caused, much of the time, because of our previous experiences because we did not have an objective perspective while experiencing events or people. If you can take a step out of your subjective viewpoint and see the bigger picture you will soon learn that the ‘negative’ you experienced was not negative at all.

Fear reactions are also caused by negative ego, the one that tells us lies about how bad we are. When we have judgments of others, we are always talking about ourselves; this is the negative ego putting the negative traits you do not like about yourself onto someone else. Learning to accept and embrace yourself with all your self-perceived flaws will stop you from judging yourself and others.

Those who proclaim they ‘CAN’T’ are limiting themselves in every imaginable way. That is fear. That IS allowing your ego to tell you that you are not worthy and that you do not deserve. When we can stop fearing we can calm the ego and allow it to serve us, which is its real job.

Our ego is a great tool when coupled with our heart, we can accomplish anything. However when we fear failure we will continue to ‘fail’ because we are not using our heart with our ego. Our heart and mind need to be balanced, when this balance is achieved we are then able to live a heart-centered life. This brings our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies into harmony and our lives will improve in leaps and bounds with miracles that seem to happen overnight!

When we reconnect with our awareness that we are Source Energy, we positively charge our energy to a love vibration and our mental, emotional and physical bodies all begin to realign themselves to a balance that benefits us in every way. It is our choice too, to stay in one vibration or another however when we live in fear we are not always in conscious awareness of it. Stop allowing your negative ego to give up on what your heart (soul) is calling you to do. It will tell you that your dreams are unattainable but this is untrue. Dreams come from the heart, it is your ego (mind) that will stand in your way if you are in a negative energy or fear vibration.

Our hearts are a ‘soul record’ of everything we are, have done and will do. Our heart speaks to us through our intuition and as long as we listen to it we will never be misled. Our lives, lead by intuition will speak to us through synchronicities and the more we acknowledge them the more we will experience.  It takes time to learn to trust your intuition but when you do miracles happen and synchronicities become a game.

We are Source Energy, we are of Divine Vibration we then know that there is nothing we cannot do. This means we are automatically of love vibration, this is why fear and negativity feel so bad to us. It is counter-intuitive and it is created in the mind, through external sources which turn into negative ego.

I say this all the time and I will keep saying it, “Just because you are born means you are entitled to be happy. It is your Divine Birthright to have, do or be anything you want. So what is stopping you?

Your heart is calling you back to your essence, why resist? What could be better than lining-up your vibration with your Higher-self, Source Energy?



We have been lied to and had the truth of our personal power suppressed throughout history. First we were told our minds aren’t powerful, then we were told are minds are the very powerful. Both of these statements are true, here’s why; our minds are powerful, absolutely but compared to our heart they are not nearly as powerful.

This is why affirmations don’t usually work if you are a depressed or sad person. In order for things like affirmations to work we must believe them and so many of us do not and so we ‘fail’ and believe they do not work. See what just happened there. It could be said that affirmations are designed to fail by their very nature because if you only ‘think’ they are true, they never will be. However, using the power of the heart to speak affirmations will make them far more powerful and you will see results. You must believe them to be true and then they will work for you. This is much more difficult to do because if you believed what the affirmations are attempting to help you with to begin with you would not even need them! You cannot trick your heart into anything unlike the way you can trick your mind into any number of things. Our hearts are wise and loving while our brains are mere processors.

Emotions come from feelings and feelings come from the heart. The way we view our world and believe what we see only creates more of that. If we see the world around us as beautiful and wonderful, we then create more of that and so the circle begins. If we see our lives as lacking and sad and we believe this is true, we then create more of that in our lives and then begins a viscous spiral. The Universe will give you what you ask for, every time, in abundance, in all speed, without fail!

The things our emotions create in our lives and bodies are incredible and most of the time we don’t even realize we are creating these manifestations. We are powerful creators my friend – my brothers – my sisters. The way we view our lives in the ‘what is’ situation, through our emotions and feelings backed up with power of the physical visualization we live, is how we create our lives whether we know it or not. The Universe responds to every feeling we send out with a thought by sending it back to us in abundance.

It DOES NOT MATTER if you are a positive person or negative it is Universal Law. We have the power to create a life that we truly desire, nothing is unattainable and do you know what? Just because you were born means it is your Divine Birthright to have and live and happy beautifully abundant life. Instead of only viewing ‘what is’ by looking at your current situation, view a different life and believe you deserve better, feel you deserve better. Things will start to change, little by little. You will notice little synchronicity’s start to happen and the more you practice choosing a better life and believing you deserve it, the better your life will get everyday.

Every single thing that is happening in your life right now is of your creation. It does not matter if you are an emoting positive or negative energy or somewhere in the middle energy. Whatever you put out is what you will get back. Our emotion or feeling vibration that is being sent out by the power of our heart with the perception of the mind is what we will get back in our lives through our experiences. The Universe is always lining up with our vibrations and giving us back exactly what is put out.

Remember this next time you are looking at your life and feeling bad because as you do you are creating more of what is bad. In those moments when you are feeling negatively use your mind power to your advantage. Shift your thoughts to something that makes you happy and feel those feelings and in that moment start to imagine a better life, a better place where you want to live. Allow yourself to receive that life, move in the direction of it by following your intuition. Your intuition is your hearts voice telling you what is the best for you to do in each moment.

Live a heart-centered life and do not allow your mind and the thoughts created in it to get you down. Stop listening to your negative ego that tells you you are not good enough or stupid or fat and lazy. When you believe this to be true this is what you will create, every time with out fail. Live from your heart as much as you possibly can, only love lives in the heart and when you love yourself you will have a fabulous life full of all the great things you desire. When you listen to the language of your intuition it will guide you to your best life. Follow it, it will never lead you astray.

-michelle xo


Having disabilities has enriched my life to no end. Healing from them has created miracles of epic proportions!

It wasn’t until I made a conscious decision to choose health that my life changed drastically! All the pain and suffering I endured has given me true insight and understanding about how our physical bodies manifest emotional, mental and spiritual pain. Our bodies are a reflection of what is going on in our lives and the thoughts and feelings we have.

If we have mental pain – depression, negative ego, fear of the future or if we have emotional pain – past hurts, negative emotion, feelings of lack & limitation or spiritual pain – feelings of separation, feeling lost and without purpose, are a few examples of what will manifest or be mirrored in our physical body. Illness and disease are not all ‘in’ your head, they are not psychosomatic – they are caused by imbalances in your life.

Our bodies are a map of what is going on in our lives. When we understand this map and know how to read it we can then address the pains in our other bodies. We must want to heal though, in our heart of hearts – our Sacred Heart, before any healing will take place. Just wanting or wishing too heal is not enough, we must desire it with our whole being. We must be willing to heal all areas of our lives not just treat the symptoms.

When we choose to heal it begins immediately. It is not just physical healing, it is healing in all areas of our life – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Our lives begin to become more harmonious and we become more balanced. The four bodies begin to work together in a fine and delicate dance, it is never all 25%/25%/25%/25% despite what ‘logic’ would indicate, emotion and feeling are not logic based.

My healing started slow… First I accepted my physical disabilities, then I began to embrace them and look at the benefits they provided me. It wasn’t until I was admitted to the hospital for a possible minor heart attack that I really began to examine what it was that I truly wanted in my life. I felt like I was walking the (health) path of my parents which was not mine to walk – they did it because it was theirs. It was not mine to follow and so in the hospital I made a decision, a life altering one at that.

When I began healing it was because I had made a conscious decision to not live in illness and disease anymore. I stopped talking about all the physical pain and agony I had been through. I stopped telling the story of my life from a negative point of view. I stopped allowing my ego to tell me lies about what a failure I was, how bad I was. I stopped living in lack and limitation and moved to feeling abundant and free. I started to love myself unconditionally, I forgave myself for the lies I told myself, I stopped judging myself.

I allowed my heart to take over. I later realized that my hospitalization was a crisis of the heart on a physical level telling me that I was ‘breaking my heart’ through the thoughts I was thinking and feelings I was emoting. Although I did not know it at the time in this detail I have come to see the bigger picture and I have come to understand what I went through and why.

Now living a heart centered existence my life is rich and full, I have love energy bursting from my heart chakra all day everyday. I meditate more, laugh more and I do NOT allow things to get me down, I have more gratitude and appreciation. I no longer have an ego that rules me it serves me, it discerns for me and it follows my heart. I have a beautiful and simple life living in the moment because I now truly understand that each moment is all we have, it’s not just a saying anymore. The past is over and the future is always the future, it never comes.

Through it all I have come to see that I was never really suffering I was being graced with higher knowledge – it just wasn’t visible to me because i was too involved. I only had a subjective view but I changed my perspective on it all and the objective truth was revealed. I know now that I came here with a soul agreement to go through everything I did in all areas of my life for higher understanding, learning, growth and soul expansion. I have true empathy for others going through similar things I did – I can recall the feelings I had and through that I am able to feel compassion and unconditional love for those ‘suffering’ as I ‘did’.

Compassion is the greatest gift we can give to another because it breeds love. Unconditional love for another is the greatest feeling we can have for ourselves and others. I have been graced with life experiences that have allowed me come to a place where I have a profound love for every living thing on this planet and everyONE walking it. Whether they are loving me back or antagonizing me does not matter, we all have a place in this world, we are all here for a reason. Every soul incarnated on this earth today is here for a divine purpose, they are important and needed and I can honestly and sincerely say that I love you all, without you my life would not be the same.

I wish you all health, happiness, harmony & love! Have a wonderful day, enjoy each moment as you move through them.

Much Love -michelle xo ♥
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Various posts, comments and communications in my social media circles have inspired this blog. I hope it will touch you all on some level beyond the physical ‘reality’ we live in.

Living on Mother Earth can be challenging at best for most of us, it was for me for a long time. Finding my harmony was not easy but now that I have, I must share with others in hope that I may be able to make something in your heart stir and awaken. My heart tells me that I am to talk about (and with) love and compassion at all times and to walk my talk. To walk the path of pure unconditional love for every living thing on this planet, the planet, cosmos, universe etc. IS the most authentic path one can walk. It is most authentic to who we really are beyond the physical.

I live in Love Energy every day and as I have said before it sits on my chest and when I am meant to project; it is get big and dense, so much so that I have to pause to take a deep breath. When I am meant to protect myself, it becomes smaller and denser around my heart inside of my chest. Being able to ‘feel’ this love and to know what to do with it has created miracles in my life. Although we are never ever supposed to impose our will on others even through love, the act of projecting it allows me to calm the energy around me, lessening the negativity that comes into my energetic, emotional and physical bodies.

We are taught that ‘internalizing’ is bad for us and this is simply untrue. We are spiritual beings having a human experience AND we are human beings having a spiritual experience, this is duality. Light and dark, heavy and light, good and ‘evil’. If we are to have a true experience both as a human being and a light body we must find a way to go internal in this world that is all about external experiences. It is when we are internalizing that we can find truth and the meaning of life. To live with true love and compassion for every living thing, especially ourselves is when we achieve harmony. When we understand that the negative voice in our head (ego) has been conditioned into us through corporate marketing machines, various ‘organized’ religions, and governments all in order to control us is when we can literally forget that conditioning. Going internal is the only way for us to find true peace and harmony.

Externalizing has no balance it is all about everything that is outside of us and around us. It is not real, it is all a façade or hologram and it is being controlled by money hungry power mongers who just want to control as many people as they can. They cannot see that there is NO merit in their economy, financial structures and it WILL all come tumbling down and when it does, they will be in for a very rude awakening. I know from personal experience that we are beings who are too external, we are always concerned with what ‘others’ will think and who really cares when those ‘others’ are brainwashed robots of society?! Seriously, if people don’t love you for who you are and if you do not love you for who you are then what does their opinion matter?!

We are pummled daily by news media, magazines, TV and bullshit ‘reality’ shows and it is all meant to control us. We are taught how to act, see, feel, dress, eat – it is WE who are being turned into robots. Our intuition or internal guidance system has been fed counter-intuitive information for so long that we actually learn to believe that we are too stupid to figure things out on our own. However, if we were to figure things out on our own, the ‘establishment’ would lose everything and so they keep on churning out the garbage that keeps us purely physical.

When we live purely in physicality is when we suffer. We will suffer from dis-associative and psyche disorders, mental and emotional disorders, and of course physical illness and disease. The mental and emotional disorders come about from being poisoned by a corrupt system that believes collecting pieces of paper (money) is somehow powerful! They poison us physically so we have low vibrations and have trouble ‘finding’ that internal power that we ALL possess!

Our food and water is poisoned with over 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND!!) chemicals! Do you still wonder why you have health issues? Oil has been a serious source of poisoning; did you know there is so much oil/plastic in our lives that babies are born with plastic in their system? UGH! It makes me want to cry. My dad always used to say, ‘people are plastic’ meaning you can mold them to whatever you want but I honestly believe now that he was in the collective consciousness and he tapped this future possibility. We have chemicals sprayed on us from above, I am sure there are few people who know what chem-trails are. They are clear as day to my eyes and when I recently saw them being sprayed in the Okanagan Valley I was greatly disturbed.

Our water contains fluoride and chlorine among other NASTY chemicals, and now they want to start adding LITHIUM to it in order to ‘prevent’ depression. Well what do you really think they are doing by first providing parents with ‘alternatives’ to breast milk by giving us chemical soup to feed our infants with, that is why it is called ‘formula’ and it’s mixed with water. Even breast milk isn’t as safe these days but it is still BEST for mother and baby and is a helluva lot safer than formula. What are you going to do when your baby has chemical formula in their systems that is created with mind-numbing LITHIUM water! Do you think it may be to turn our most powerful (Indigo) generation into controlled specimens (robots)! HELL YES! The children are our future and it is our RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THEM!

The fast-food places people at eat in has food that is NOT  FIT for HUMAN CONSUMPTION! There is NO NUTRITIONAL value in ANYTHING they serve, I do not care if you are eating a salad, it is ALL poison! All you have to do is go on to YouTube and search bad farming practices or why become vegan/vegetarian and you will find out exactly what is in that ‘food’ you are putting in your body. Since my ascension, I have not been able to eat at any fast-garbage outlets! It absolutely turns me inside out to even think of it, never mind putting that crap into my body. I wasn’t a big fast ‘food’ or processed & pre-packed food person before and I am even less of one now. When we eat that kind of ‘food’ we are ingesting fear, sodium, refined sugars, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and many other chemicals which are horrible for the human body.

The planet is being destroyed so that people can eat meat & fast food how can everyone be in such denial! In this day in age it is mind blowing to me but at the same time I do understand how the ‘establishment’ works and the power of advertising. I cannot sit idly by and let my fellow humans continue to poison themselves with this sort of crap! It really stops your body from vibrating at a high rate, it ‘sticks’ in our systems like glue literally slowing us down! This makes going internal difficult and staying there for any amount of time so as to find truth!

Canola oil is everywhere these days. This is some of the most poisonous SHIT on our planet as far as I am concerned and only because it is quite literally everywhere and cheap. Canola oil (margarine) IS NOT fit for human consumption and the hydrogenation or partial hydrogenation process is deadly to humans! It is a GMO which is derived from the rape seed which WAS traditionally used for INDUSTRIAL USE!! Still do not believe you are being turned into a robot?!

The protective agencies that are in place are being over-ridden by corporations and government bodies and they are changing and adjusting the practices they put in place all for the almighty buck! There are very few commitees or agencies that are not biased because they have Chairs that sit on the board of some corporation. Some of us were in denial some still are – WAKE UP PEOPLE – we are still allowing them to poison us!

I understand it is almost impossible NOW to eliminate all poison and chemicals from our food-supply even if we grow it ourselves because everything is affected. We can make much better dietary choices however and feel better about making them. When we start to put healthier foods into our bodies we feel better, we vibrate at a higher rate and we become quieter inside. Our bodies stop reacting so strongly to eliminate the chemicals we are fed! Please BOYCOTT fast food, BOYCOTT big business for smaller mom n pop operations, do whatever you can for the children in your life to keep them remembering their Love Energy. Don’t allow them to be poisoned by advertising and marketing, help them to learn to figure things out on their own!

I sincerely care about each and every one of you and you are needed! You are necessary and you are important, please stop making choices that keep you in denial and from reaching your true potential. We are here to be free and to live of our own free will not to be a robot that is a programmed-thinker! Live from your heart every day, have compassion! Say HI to the homeless person, they are protecting our planet directly through recycling what we do not want… Do you see how EVERY ONE OF US HAS VALUE! Money DOES NOT equal value! Money is just paper and you can’t take it with you when you die!

We as individuals need to take back the planet, we need to stop corporations, bankers and governments from poisoning us! It is up to us individually to make better choices and we learned how to make bad ones which means we can unlearn it too!

I only want to start an internal dialogue within you that will help you to wake up to this corruption and mass poisoning of our systems. I am not trying to be self-righteous at all, I have been there and understand but now that I am more informed it is important to get the word out. I still have things I personally am working on and so do not claim in anyway to be perfect BUT I do have an inner peace that allows me to move through the stream of life without feeling like I am drowning. The marketing of these corrupt practices no longer affect me, I am sovereign onto myself, ONLY, I CHOOSE how I feel. I love you all and wish the best life for you, how much do you love you?



This one is a little different than my regular posts. This is more a recalling of what has happened to me in the recent past and how I came to see that I am always supported by Source. I have tied together two very important things in life and how they directly affected me and it is my hope that you will gain some insight to your life and see what you tied together and what you can do now to change it or improve it.

Recently I went through a test of faith. I know that I will always have what I need when I need it; I have absolute faith in that! I just moved back to my home town and one of the suburbs I lived in while I grew up here. While that was all fresh, new, wonderful, and exciting – I was still dealing with deep feelings of loss. The loss of the physical closeness of my family members! Those feelings are intense and choke me up and I cry however as I work on it I feel better, I just remember that we are all One and my heartache lessens.

Physical loss has been a lifelong experience for me. I am the Matriarch of my family and have been for 5 years now and I am only 41. We had a fairly small family and I lost all 10 elders in the span of 20 years, that is 1 every 2 years! That does not include the family that moved away either, I can easily add 6 to that number! That makes it more than one per year!

I have never been a griever in the classic sense, I never went through the ‘grief steps’ of bargaining and anger, etc., it was always the physical loss that hurt me the most. The fact that I could no longer hug them or touch them or visit with them physically is what I felt was my ‘loss’. I always ‘knew’ they were there in spirit the second I mention or think their name however, we live in a physical ‘reality’ here and so we must learn to allow our emotion to be expressed physically. Tell those you love that you love them, hug them, hold their hand. You will give love and you will get it in return. This is soul expansion through the heart, which is sometimes the hardest to learn but always the easiest to just do!

We must learn to live without regrets. To be open and honest with those that we cherish in our lives helps us to know that there will never be questions of loving each other. We are here for soul expansion and learning and through the expression of unconditional love; for those who we care about while in physicality is when our hearts begin to really open.  We start to see the ‘bigger picture’ and we become happy for those who have passed because now they are in the heart of Source and what could be better than that!

The closeness of my family physically is what I am missing the most and having strong emotion over and it has manifested in my life through money. Or lack thereof I should say. EVERYONE who knows me knows that money is never ever an issue for me if someone was in need. I had come to a place of financial security through better management of my funds. You see I am a ‘Person With Disabilities’ and I am on a ‘guaranteed income’ that I receive each month from the Provincial Gov’t Ministry. I have other sources but when you live on the system it is hard to find your balance but I had found mine.

It had seemed at though the search for my house and my car breaking down in Vancouver changed that cycle and instead of being gone for 7-10 days, I was there (here) for 22 days! Fixing my car and related expenses to being in Van for so long wiped out my savings that I had saved up for my move. However, I was/am fully supported and the Ministry paid for it! Moreover, it was all at the very last minute, they worked over the course of 4hrs in two days! While I was here I was blessed with a beautiful new place to live that is far less than what I had budgeted!  Then my truck rental place ‘upgraded’ my truck from a 17’ to a 26’! This cost me more in fuel but it is paid for by the Ministry. I didn’t need to worry about fitting my things into the truck, they were transported nice and cozy. The way I was posed with the illusion of loss or lack and still found the abundance in each situation really is obvious here to me and was while I was going through it. I was fully aware and kept my feelings of abundance high and I was graced!

Since my car pretty much went Kaput! while I was in Van. I had no way to get home, after about 20 days I finally had enough one night and I got frustrated for the first time! It was at that point which I decided to contact my brothers the next day. The day after that my brother was on his way. He picked me up and we drove back the same night. I am grateful that I had a place to stay amongst great friends – they sheltered and fed me. I was welcome to stay as long as I needed at no expense to me except providing for my own personal things. They supported me through one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make and I did so because I knew I could not go anywhere (so I had the time) and I was lovingly supported through the process I undertook. (It was/is life-altering and is better in-line with a different blog so i am going to stay general here)

My issue with the money came once I got here and moved in. For 3 weeks straight I had only a few dollars to my name. I had borrowed my pops’ van to get around, reacquaint myself with my area, get things I needed etc. There was no gas in the van and I had no money to put any in. This lead me to feel great feelings of frustration, like I had my free-will was taken from me. Oh how awful it felt. I knew for sure when I was going to be paid and so the payments that come before it, usually, didn’t come until the day before I knew for sure I would have my cheque. I did not have time to put gas in the van and do all the things I wanted because I had to return it immediately. So the day after I got paid I was on my way to take the van back. My feelings of frustration about not being able to do the things I wanted fell away as soon as I left to take the van back because by returning the van I was getting an even bigger monkey off my back that I didn’t even know was there. I realized it was having the van that was making me feel worse because I had no funds to put gas in it to drive it. The empty gas tank was a metaphor for how I was feeling ’empty’ and by continuously focusing on that, it perpetuated.

I was so stressed about the lack of money in my life especially having just moved in to a place FAR away from the comforts of ‘home’, that being my family. This is not the first time this has happened to me. I came to the realization a while ago that I ‘created’ pain and dis-ease in my body so I could be a ‘stay-at-home-mom’ and so I ended up on disability. I had been quite successful in my career but I missed my children so much and desired to be with them so strongly that my emotional body that was in immense pain manifested pain and illness in my physical body. I began to have more serious and worse diagnoses as time went on because I had much older emotional pain from my past that I hadn’t healed, let-go, forgiven or acknowledged.

I have come to understand that my feelings of money and familial security are tied, they go hand in hand. As I reflect back on my childhood, I can see the correlation between the past and my current. As I am healing my past I am creating a future without that emotional pain or physical pain which all stem lack and loss. We were very poor growing up and we did not feel supported by our parents all the time. I can see how even though I was successful and loved my jobs, I wanted to be with my girls more! A LOT more! That emotional pain came out physically and created a situation where I landed on disability. This shows that it did not matter the cost, I wanted to be able to be there for my children – whenever they needed me! A situation was created where the only way I could stay home with my children was going to cost me my health. “At ANY cost!”

The 3 weeks of frustration I went through due to financial lack was directly related to my feelings of loss of my family’s physical closeness. This was confirmed for me when I took the van back. When I walked into the house, I was shaking like a leaf! It was my emotional body trying to find it’s balance which was manifesting in my physical body and now that I had my family back momentarily I could feel it calm down as I was in their presence.

I had no real reason to be so frustrated before and hindsight is always 20/20! I can see now that I was secure in my new place, bills were all paid, I have food in the house etc. Money somehow became such a distraction to me and this was a truly odd feeling but a familiar one. I used to stress all the time about money but since my healing I have begun to take it out of all equations and it has made a world of difference! The ‘money situation’ was just a manifestation of my missing my family and they security they provide since money in this reality is a ‘false’ source of security. This is why it felt odd but I got frustrated instead of stressed out. I absolutely love how we can observe what is going on in our lives and ‘choose’ to view it as positive or negative whether through discernment of the bigger picture or judgement through just a portion.

We have free will, free will is simply ‘choice’. I chose to focus on this supposed lack of money I had for 3 weeks instead of being grateful for all the wealth I already had in my life. This came about because of intense emotions of loss due to me relocating. It was difficult but I worked consciously at it to change it while in those moments of frustration and I believe it worked. I understand why it happened and so I will continue to stay positive, which isn’t hard these days, and keep offering meditations of abundance and gratitude. I can see how it works when you focus on the positive and that positive comes back and likewise with negativity.

I was completely supported by Source the entire time, my faith questioned it because of my ‘lack’ of money but that was just a symptom of the bigger picture of me missing the physical presence of my family. I had what I ‘needed’ and that was what I needed, period.

There is no doubt in my mind that ‘when we ask, we will receive’ we just must be careful what we ask for because we just might get it. I desired to be in Vancouver so my children could have easy access to both parents and I got it alright. I was also left with a gaping hole where my family used to be. I am letting it go because we are all One and we still love each other just as much as we did when we were together, there is just some (physical) distance that separates us! I hope you can find the ‘ties that bind’ in your life and begin to heal them for you deserve and are entitled to the best life you envision!




In this Moment, I am healing. I put my headphones in and ‘Shine’ by Collective Soul is playing, one of my ALL time FAVOURITE songs about Love in general! I attracted that into my life as what one would call a synchronicity.

We are creators and we are powerful ones. I loved “The Secret” when it came out and I watched it many times because I ‘knew’ there was something else there, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I watched it at least 35 times. I did benefit from it greatly, its been in the last 6 months that I have really come to understand how the Law of Attraction REALLY works. They generalize it in the show but they do put a lot of emphasis on these things but they do not tell you that there are other Universal Laws such as The Law of Receiving, The Law of Gratitude, The Law of Opulence, The Law of Polar Opposites, etc. All of these things contribute to making the Law of Attraction work but they are not identified in ‘The Secret’ as Universal Laws too! Now I am going to show you how the Law of Attraction really works, it is not through the ‘power’ of the mind, it is all emotion and feeling.

That was no accident; I am allowing myself to experience ‘all that is’ in the greatness and love of Source in each moment. I too am Source! Love is all around me supporting me at all times. I feel it so strong and it has not guided me anywhere I did not ‘need’ to be for my soul to grow. Moreover, it ALWAYS gave me (manifested) that which I thought about chronically with passion and emotion, every time, without fail, no doubt. That was the Law of Attraction and the Law of Receiving. I was always afraid of ‘what’s next’ and so something always happened….

Pain in our bodies can create a vicious circle. Pain is always there to tell you what is wrong emotionally. Our bodies are a map, for example; the right side gives, the left receives, the back is our past, the front is our future. There is a lot more to it (educate yourself) but if you can learn to understand why the pain is there, acknowledge it and allow it to move through you as you move forward in right action (intuition), the pain will cease to exist. I totally understand it now on this level and I learned this the hard way but I am also so grateful for the painful and debilitating experiences it provided me with too because I am able to fully understand the pain others are going through. I will know what to do when I help, and that is all I want to do with my life, is help people heal.

It all started with being born with a genetic dis-ease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bone Disease. It is as if being born with Osteoporosis except it is non-progressive and non-degenerative BUT is does cause the early onset of other bone-related dis-ease like Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. They are all of similar vibration on an energetic level and so my vibration matched them from birth. It was not hard to manifest them in my life, however I did not do it consciously! No thanks, I had a hard enough time with breaking all the time! I have had over 50 broken bones in my life, I can see how clearly I was fighting life, living in fear and resisting letting go and I was unable to love myself wholly, unconditionally I felt my body was constantly letting me down, and it was with strong emotion and so I created that in my life and my body did exactly what I ‘believed’ it did. Source gave me exactly what my emotions asked for, in abundance!

Because I was born with a ‘lack’ of bone at birth is an indication that I was going to be challenged to understand abundance at my core in regards to stability at my foundation through lack & limitation. It is so profound when you get to the ‘source’ of the problem. In one of my recent posts I mentioned that it is NO ACCIDENT that the number ONE killer in North America is Heart Dis-Ease! Think about it, yes our diet and exercise routines have much to do with it but it goes FAR deeper than just that. Our hearts are literally breaking because we are so distracted with external ‘things’, we know there is more to life than just work, stuff, and family and friends. We know there is something bigger than us and if we could just go ‘inside’ and reconnect with that all loving Source of Creation we would walk our true path and find our passions and follow them. When we allow ourselves to become who we really are and live up to our potential – our hearts WILL heal!

We are human beings, we are, at our core, LOVE – that IS our essence! When we live in fear and allow our egos to tell us how bad we are, what we ‘should’ have done instead, I am so stupid sometimes… Oh how our egos will hurt us, if we allow it. Fear is a powerful motivator but Love is just power, period. We really need to replace those ‘thoughts’ (ego) with ‘emotion’ (heart) and when we do then the ego begins to speak a different language. Some will resist it at first because you have never been told good things and it will seem foreign to you at first. This IS where you must ‘allow’ those thoughts in, allow them to flow and allow your heart to open to the feelings and emotions that the good thoughts they bring you. Your life will change right before your eyes! This will ELIMINATE Heart-Disease, in a heartbeat! Just Love and walk your true path, who cares what others think. Only your opinion of you is what matters! So you may as well have a fabulous one!!

Gratitude and Emotion are the two most powerful creators there are. Our brain is where our ego lives its there to perceive what is in the world, what we want and don’t want. Our ‘thoughts’ are there ONLY to ‘see’ our ‘reality’, so we know what we want to change as we move forward. Then we can use it with the powers of visualization coupled with the heartfelt gratitude and emotion, you can have, do, be, anything you want! Our hearts is where thanks and love live, it is where we feel and experience emotion. Allow your heart to be your guide and you will have all the riches that life provides in abundance. Allow yourself to feel. Men, you are trained to not feel your emotions, feel them, release them do what you have to do but get back in touch with that all loving spirit that brings you emotion. Why do you think men had the highest heart attack rates for the longest time! Because you are conditioned from birth to ‘be a man’ which means ‘no longer feel’. You have access, just open up and allow it to come in. Smile at yourself in the mirror too! See how your face lights up and you feel happy in that moment! You are alive and isn’t that something to smile at, that face in the mirror! Allow yourself to love all of you. We are ALL flawed and isn’t it perfect that NOBODY is perfect…

You must have gratitude even for the ‘bad’ things because you DO learn from them too. And really, who has the ‘right’ to say what is right or wrong when we all have to ‘walk our path’ regardless. Nobody’s path is anymore important that yours, conversely your path is just as important as everyone elses. So even if you feel adverse about something negative, understand that you got to experience and feel emotion, anytime you experience and emotion you must have gratitude for it! We all have parts of us we don’t like, SO WHAT! Have gratitude for that darkness, IT makes up who you are too right, and you are a pretty awesome person – I love you! When you can embrace and accept the dark in you, you can replace it with love and light. You are an amazing person and therefore the light in you shines and the dark in you can be converted to light! Accept yourself, for you are one that is needed in this world… We all bring diversity to this world, that is creation. Creation is change, moving forward instead of living in the past….It’s living every moment in gratitude! You can get there, I promise. Start small and work your way up. The more you see, the more you will see…

Some of you need to start with gratitude for the small things like; you are clothed, sheltered, fed, etc. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine what it must be like for someone who has less than you. Do you feel that compassion for them, do you feel the gratitude for what you have? Keep feeling those feelings and ‘use’ your ego to help you understand how you can see the changes in your world once you start ‘feeling’ again. ‘The Powers That Be’ the people who have ‘everything’ do things to us that are INHUMANE! Since they have everything the only things they have left is to have ‘power over people’. They poison our water, food and air. They tell us to stay out of the sun because it causes cancer. Not true, ALL dis-eases are emotion-based. However the reason they do these things is to keep our vibration low, so they can control the population by distracting us and bombarding us with ‘external’ things that scare us, that instill fear into our lives, it is so that we are unable to get quiet and go ‘internal’ where love and true freedom exists. We ALL need to just ‘slow down’, stop worrying about what ‘isn’t’ and start focusing on ‘what is’ that is good and great and have emotional appreciation for it. This will raise our vibration and then all the things that are done to keep us down will no longer affect us. We will begin to make changes in our lives which reflect who we are at our core. The true loving beings we are – humankind – we are ‘one’ and we are here to live each moment in appreciation of just being able to have the free-will and choice to act or re-act in every moment we have.

When you do that you begin to heal and your vibration will continue to rise. When this happens you have healing in all areas of your life, vibration does not concentrate on one issue. It brings the vibration up in all areas where you feel the emotions of lack and limitation. The lower vibration will ALWAYS raise, a high vibration cannot be brought down. In addition, our frequency sharpens too and so our physical senses too do. We are also able to tap into ‘other’ senses we all have, they just need to be awakened.

You will begin to feel your heart growing and flowing. As you notice more and more all the wonderful little synchronicities that start popping up in your life. It will become a game, ‘How fast can I Mani-fast’. It will eventually take over your entire life if you can have the faith to just let go and allow our All Loving Source provide for us all that we deserve. Because we are born, we are Divinely Entitled to have whatever we want, we Deserve it and we are NOT supposed to be living in lack or limitation! When we live in this faith, our potential knows no bounds! When we live love, we become more love and our connection with Source only grows stronger, we ‘grow up’.

Here is what I have learned about myself in the last week. I understand why I have ALWAYS been the one the kids attracted to. I am a natural born leader and it is my mission to start people on the ‘spiritually free’ path. I am to learn to allow people to support me through the things I start with hope and faith. I am a powerful creator; I know the dis-ease I ‘felt’ into my body. If I can create that, I can just imagine what I can create with the knowledge of Source and a much higher vibration. I will be an Ascending Master, I brought one into my life to be-come and
re-member who I am at my essence!

I have so much appreciation for the ‘gift of healing’ so as to bring others back to the path of health and wholeness. I am in awe that I have awakened and I see now that I have been chosen to help others at their core, to change on a fundamental level. Thank you Source for your guidance to such a noble calling, I am humbled that I can be your extension of love and healing, I will practice absolute excellence. Namaste!