‘You are your government’ is a fucking lie. How dare they say this and ask You to beLIEve it. When you are the government you are guilty of atrocious crimes against humanity and against this Earth! The very word government means MIND CONTROL! Get this through your heart, feel it and get angry. Shut them down in your mind. They are only about death, destruction and lies and we are all party to it because we do not know how to stop it.

Do you support your government? I do not and will not. Do you ‘vote’ for the next person to RULE you, to be the BOSS of you, to GOVERN you, to have AUTHORITY over you? I do not and will not. I refuse to support anything that only causes hideous effects such as assault, rape, murder, torture, bombing, war, famine etc. I cannot and will not put my creative love energy into a system that is hellbent on total destruction of this earth. I don’t care who from hell is offering themselves to ‘govern’ me and my children – they can ALL fuck off!

The ‘people’ you elect when you vote, do you really know them? Do you know they are all Demonic Priests and Priestesses? They do not care about anyone on this land, they just want to satisfy their greedy nasty freakish selves. It’s time to call these assholes what they are and turn our backs on them and create something beautiful on this earth rather than FOLLOWING and allowing these fucktards to run their show. It’s their ‘party’ and we are not invited! And I WILL NOT party with them!

The government you elect into power is NOT the government, they are controlled by a shadow government that dictates who will run for what party and who will win the elections. Your vote means absolutely nothing except to show them how brainwashed you really are. To participate in the death campaign being waged against humanity is the ultimate mind control. The war is waged against your Mothers and Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, You, your Children, your cousins, nieces and nephews, your GrandMothers, GrandFathers and even your pets! They are raping, murdering, stealing from, and polluting your natural ways and it is WRONG.

It is time to get angry and to do something about it and that does not mean ‘asking’ them to fix it. Take back your power and control, take back your inheritance that is this Earth. Stop paying these douche bags for it! Why! If you think you ‘own’ your property because you ‘paid’ for it, then you are a fool. Your deed, your title is only ink on paper, it means nothing and is only a way for them to STEAL your loving life force by making you work hard to pay them back! What a fucking scam!

What has your government created that is loving and abundant for all without cost. NOTHING! They are takers, period. They take your life force through creating a system in which you have no community, nobody loving and supporting each other, sharing abundance out of the goodness of our hearts, where we all live in grids, where there are working parents that are not there to care for the children they have. They created the idea of marriage, cause chaos in it then make it impossible for you to get divorced. Why even bother with any of it! Fuck ‘em! What have they done for you lately that did not cost someone else something.

Do you know someone who has had governmental force used against them? Then they were assaulted, period. No man has any reason to lay their hands on another man for any reason. Whether it was by the police, judges, banks, IRS, CRA, or other bullcrap fictions! Third party imposters is what they are, interlopers, shills, demons, freaks and losers. They are comprised of people who are dead inside, they have sold out and are now commited to getting everyone else to sell out too. “Give us your soul, we’ll take good care of it as we suck the life out of it, then we will leave you for dead and not be responsible for our actions!” This is literally what they think!

Let me tell you, my Mother was a pure blooded Mohawk that means I am a NATIVE WOMAN to the landmass known as Canada AND the USA! The parasitical force known as government INVADED this land, stole from my ancestors their native tongue, their ways of life, customs and SO MUCH MORE which means it was all stolen from me and my children too. I’m mad as hell, I WILL NOT ‘get over it’, I WILL NOT accept it and I send back all the damage the Canadian Government has done to desicrate this land and people on it, (mis)represented by ‘prime minister’ harper, his puppet masters, cronies, fellow rapists, murderers, polluters, pillagers. May Harper and Obama and their children and families be affected in the same way until their MENTALLY ILLNESS is cured and they are ready to make things right. I send it all back!

I WILL NOT ‘register’ as an Indian. I WILL NOT ask for ‘status’ what a fucking joke! To ask the government to recognize me as my Native Being is a farce. I do not give two shits what any of them think, they are retarded (look the word up before you attack me), they are mentally ill, WHY would I care what they think of me. To them I am only a number in a computer to be tracked and controlled – NO THANKS! We are ALL Natives of this land regardless of colour, if we were born here we are native to the land and we need to STOP ASKING FOR OUR INHERITANCE! We need to band together, claim our land and take responsibility for caring for it. This goes for anyone in their native land too, not just here in Canada and the USA. This is the best way to stop them. Take what is your birthrite and create a loving beautiful space where life flourishes, where you build a community that shares everything WITHOUT ANY SYSTEM INFLUENCE!

Supporting your government means you are unsane, you are mentally ill. You are brainwashed and therefore you cannot be trusted.I will not make any apologies if this offends anyone, TRUTH does not apologize. I send you lots and lots of healing love instead.

 Please check out these links. Really listen to what these beautiful loving co-creators have to say, they decode the code and offer a solution which is something NO SYSTEM can offer us!

Love For Life and their YouTube channel is called ArthurLoveForLife (this post won’t let me insert the link, sorry)


Various posts, comments and communications in my social media circles have inspired this blog. I hope it will touch you all on some level beyond the physical ‘reality’ we live in.

Living on Mother Earth can be challenging at best for most of us, it was for me for a long time. Finding my harmony was not easy but now that I have, I must share with others in hope that I may be able to make something in your heart stir and awaken. My heart tells me that I am to talk about (and with) love and compassion at all times and to walk my talk. To walk the path of pure unconditional love for every living thing on this planet, the planet, cosmos, universe etc. IS the most authentic path one can walk. It is most authentic to who we really are beyond the physical.

I live in Love Energy every day and as I have said before it sits on my chest and when I am meant to project; it is get big and dense, so much so that I have to pause to take a deep breath. When I am meant to protect myself, it becomes smaller and denser around my heart inside of my chest. Being able to ‘feel’ this love and to know what to do with it has created miracles in my life. Although we are never ever supposed to impose our will on others even through love, the act of projecting it allows me to calm the energy around me, lessening the negativity that comes into my energetic, emotional and physical bodies.

We are taught that ‘internalizing’ is bad for us and this is simply untrue. We are spiritual beings having a human experience AND we are human beings having a spiritual experience, this is duality. Light and dark, heavy and light, good and ‘evil’. If we are to have a true experience both as a human being and a light body we must find a way to go internal in this world that is all about external experiences. It is when we are internalizing that we can find truth and the meaning of life. To live with true love and compassion for every living thing, especially ourselves is when we achieve harmony. When we understand that the negative voice in our head (ego) has been conditioned into us through corporate marketing machines, various ‘organized’ religions, and governments all in order to control us is when we can literally forget that conditioning. Going internal is the only way for us to find true peace and harmony.

Externalizing has no balance it is all about everything that is outside of us and around us. It is not real, it is all a façade or hologram and it is being controlled by money hungry power mongers who just want to control as many people as they can. They cannot see that there is NO merit in their economy, financial structures and it WILL all come tumbling down and when it does, they will be in for a very rude awakening. I know from personal experience that we are beings who are too external, we are always concerned with what ‘others’ will think and who really cares when those ‘others’ are brainwashed robots of society?! Seriously, if people don’t love you for who you are and if you do not love you for who you are then what does their opinion matter?!

We are pummled daily by news media, magazines, TV and bullshit ‘reality’ shows and it is all meant to control us. We are taught how to act, see, feel, dress, eat – it is WE who are being turned into robots. Our intuition or internal guidance system has been fed counter-intuitive information for so long that we actually learn to believe that we are too stupid to figure things out on our own. However, if we were to figure things out on our own, the ‘establishment’ would lose everything and so they keep on churning out the garbage that keeps us purely physical.

When we live purely in physicality is when we suffer. We will suffer from dis-associative and psyche disorders, mental and emotional disorders, and of course physical illness and disease. The mental and emotional disorders come about from being poisoned by a corrupt system that believes collecting pieces of paper (money) is somehow powerful! They poison us physically so we have low vibrations and have trouble ‘finding’ that internal power that we ALL possess!

Our food and water is poisoned with over 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND!!) chemicals! Do you still wonder why you have health issues? Oil has been a serious source of poisoning; did you know there is so much oil/plastic in our lives that babies are born with plastic in their system? UGH! It makes me want to cry. My dad always used to say, ‘people are plastic’ meaning you can mold them to whatever you want but I honestly believe now that he was in the collective consciousness and he tapped this future possibility. We have chemicals sprayed on us from above, I am sure there are few people who know what chem-trails are. They are clear as day to my eyes and when I recently saw them being sprayed in the Okanagan Valley I was greatly disturbed.

Our water contains fluoride and chlorine among other NASTY chemicals, and now they want to start adding LITHIUM to it in order to ‘prevent’ depression. Well what do you really think they are doing by first providing parents with ‘alternatives’ to breast milk by giving us chemical soup to feed our infants with, that is why it is called ‘formula’ and it’s mixed with water. Even breast milk isn’t as safe these days but it is still BEST for mother and baby and is a helluva lot safer than formula. What are you going to do when your baby has chemical formula in their systems that is created with mind-numbing LITHIUM water! Do you think it may be to turn our most powerful (Indigo) generation into controlled specimens (robots)! HELL YES! The children are our future and it is our RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THEM!

The fast-food places people at eat in has food that is NOT  FIT for HUMAN CONSUMPTION! There is NO NUTRITIONAL value in ANYTHING they serve, I do not care if you are eating a salad, it is ALL poison! All you have to do is go on to YouTube and search bad farming practices or why become vegan/vegetarian and you will find out exactly what is in that ‘food’ you are putting in your body. Since my ascension, I have not been able to eat at any fast-garbage outlets! It absolutely turns me inside out to even think of it, never mind putting that crap into my body. I wasn’t a big fast ‘food’ or processed & pre-packed food person before and I am even less of one now. When we eat that kind of ‘food’ we are ingesting fear, sodium, refined sugars, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and many other chemicals which are horrible for the human body.

The planet is being destroyed so that people can eat meat & fast food how can everyone be in such denial! In this day in age it is mind blowing to me but at the same time I do understand how the ‘establishment’ works and the power of advertising. I cannot sit idly by and let my fellow humans continue to poison themselves with this sort of crap! It really stops your body from vibrating at a high rate, it ‘sticks’ in our systems like glue literally slowing us down! This makes going internal difficult and staying there for any amount of time so as to find truth!

Canola oil is everywhere these days. This is some of the most poisonous SHIT on our planet as far as I am concerned and only because it is quite literally everywhere and cheap. Canola oil (margarine) IS NOT fit for human consumption and the hydrogenation or partial hydrogenation process is deadly to humans! It is a GMO which is derived from the rape seed which WAS traditionally used for INDUSTRIAL USE!! Still do not believe you are being turned into a robot?!

The protective agencies that are in place are being over-ridden by corporations and government bodies and they are changing and adjusting the practices they put in place all for the almighty buck! There are very few commitees or agencies that are not biased because they have Chairs that sit on the board of some corporation. Some of us were in denial some still are – WAKE UP PEOPLE – we are still allowing them to poison us!

I understand it is almost impossible NOW to eliminate all poison and chemicals from our food-supply even if we grow it ourselves because everything is affected. We can make much better dietary choices however and feel better about making them. When we start to put healthier foods into our bodies we feel better, we vibrate at a higher rate and we become quieter inside. Our bodies stop reacting so strongly to eliminate the chemicals we are fed! Please BOYCOTT fast food, BOYCOTT big business for smaller mom n pop operations, do whatever you can for the children in your life to keep them remembering their Love Energy. Don’t allow them to be poisoned by advertising and marketing, help them to learn to figure things out on their own!

I sincerely care about each and every one of you and you are needed! You are necessary and you are important, please stop making choices that keep you in denial and from reaching your true potential. We are here to be free and to live of our own free will not to be a robot that is a programmed-thinker! Live from your heart every day, have compassion! Say HI to the homeless person, they are protecting our planet directly through recycling what we do not want… Do you see how EVERY ONE OF US HAS VALUE! Money DOES NOT equal value! Money is just paper and you can’t take it with you when you die!

We as individuals need to take back the planet, we need to stop corporations, bankers and governments from poisoning us! It is up to us individually to make better choices and we learned how to make bad ones which means we can unlearn it too!

I only want to start an internal dialogue within you that will help you to wake up to this corruption and mass poisoning of our systems. I am not trying to be self-righteous at all, I have been there and understand but now that I am more informed it is important to get the word out. I still have things I personally am working on and so do not claim in anyway to be perfect BUT I do have an inner peace that allows me to move through the stream of life without feeling like I am drowning. The marketing of these corrupt practices no longer affect me, I am sovereign onto myself, ONLY, I CHOOSE how I feel. I love you all and wish the best life for you, how much do you love you?