The system is EVERYTHING that is not Nature or Natural to us. Imagine back to the days when we all lived as One with Nature in Tribes. Our tribes nowadays have not changed; they are our families, loved ones and those we care for. That is what is important. The control construct that has been built around us would literally crumble tomorrow if we all decided to stop feeding it. They DO NOT make it easy to leave, that is sure, but every step we can take away from it is literally and advancement for man-kind! The system is LITERALLY HOLDING US BACK from RE-evolving back to our Natural ways of life.

What is more important…? Having a job tomorrow or leaving your descendants an ‘environment’ not fit to live in, in ANY SENSE. That is a tough call and extreme. I realize people have to provide for their families, I would never call out any good loving creating people who are just making their way through the carnival sideshow that is our illusory world on Earth. When the system falls, and it will and they fire you, steal your pension, halt shipping, close all stores, cut electricity and gas, and impose FORGIEN MILITARY to ‘police’ everyone… will you still beLIEve that the system was important in anyway? It has taken away our Natural abilities to live in balance with Nature and because of that I am willing to bury them where they fall and NOT ALLOW them back in, no matter how ‘sweet’ the ‘offer’. Do not be lead into temptation and allow your nature to deliver you from EVIL!

I will not support ANY puppet masters of the system, anyone ‘claiming’ to be better or more important because they hold a ‘title’. They ALL KNOW too, if you really know who you are, they cannot control you! The ‘higher ups’ are EVIL, the ones who have to title themselves with words like ‘honourable’ because they have SOLD ALL of theirs. They ‘bought in’ to ‘being the lie’ and ‘sold their soul’, period. They hide behind these titles with their costumes and rituals adMINISTERing your life to you and it is bullcrap! We are FORCED to perform in their CIRCUS and BUY-IN-too to their filthy garbage. We have NO choice unless we exit to an extremely remote wilderness but even then, we carry ‘supplies and tools’.

In our true, purest Natural way of living we can completely and wholly trust that Nature will be there to protect, support and care for us and we have a responsibility to protect, support and care for it too. It is that easy. The system pretends to ‘support’ you yet it has created this beLIEf system in our brains through images, media, education, government, politics, religion, fashion, agriculture, the list goes on and on. There is nothing that is created by the system that is not OUT-RANKED by Nature! It only attempts to mimic our untapped, unlimited power that is our creative life force. We are all co-creators, NOT SLAVES!

Nature has its own creative and wild chaotic ‘order’ there are no ‘perfect circles’ or ‘perfectly straight lines’. It’s time we embrace and start loving our creative and wild chaotic ‘order’. We are Nature too and we have ‘fallen’ from Paradise, Nature. We have become slaves to a world of jobs, working parents, lines, grids, numbers and consuming. The ‘Eden’ spoken of in the Bible is NATURE! The serpent that speaks with a forked tongue, that swallows its prey whole, offered a world of duality, good and evil. That serpent, that snake in the grass was the system. The very word ‘system’ begins with a SSSSS – hiss sound… that is evil talk! It’s all a metaphor, demonic code talk. They can’t just tell us because if they did we would all drop the lies tomorrow and return to Paradise, return to Nature. There would be an MASS EXODUS from the system.

How do we benefit from our water being forcibly medicated/poisoned, chemtrails being shit in the sky, Monsanto corrupting our NATURAL FOOD SOURCE and poisoning us with pesticides, vaccines that CORRUPTS our DNA. How is being spied on with tracking devices like cell phones, laptops and tablets beneficial? Do we benefit, really, from doctors that PRETEND to ‘treat’ our health – they are titled doctors NOT called Healers! How do we benefit from 60 MILLION ‘legal’ laws FORCED on us by poo-LICE OFFICErs when the GOLDEN RULE, the ONE TRUE LAW is DO NO HARM! It’s ALL garbage and we have to fight to get out of the stench of their DUMP or be EXTINGUISHED, BECOME EXTINCT. Nature will continue with or without man, the choice is ours if we want to join back. To legion ourselves with Nature and not be RE-legion-ed away ever again is the most important accomplishment man can make.

When pregnant women are tasered by police, never mind everyone who has been ‘shocked and jolted’ into SUBmission, we need to stop supporting the real criminals/police and not criminalise the woman. Another pregnant woman was arrested and dragged out of Emerg for running a red light while driving herself to the hospital because we was in preterm labour and feared losing her baby. We should be TOTALLY OUTRAGED and if you are not, you are NOT PAYING ATTENTION! The line has been crossed and the time to END the system is NOW, before they can launch their ultimate terrorist attacks at ALL MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN. Silence is CONSENT, if you do not speak out then you condone acts like these. It is NOT OK!

We need to be response able, ready to respond rather than react when the shit hits the fan, when it goes dark that means it is really ON. The cowards will cut the power to ‘their grid’, ‘our power source’ and then come in under the cover of darkness and start taking people out of their homes, forcing them through ‘check points’, forcing them into FEMA concentration camps, forced RFID chips, forced vaccinations, forced confinement and more. There are MORE of US than there are of ‘them’ and that ‘power outage’ is our queue to jump to action. We must be prepared though, the most important thing we can do is connect with our community and outer communities, educate each other to what is going on. We need to have our defenses ready and our offensive plans already working. We are the power, we are the force to be reckoned with, not them.

Find out what the New World Order is, if you don’t already know. It is responsible for ALL of it and the worst is coming… have you watched ‘The Hunger Games’? It’s fucking SICK! But, of course, it gets all dressed up with a ‘romance’ and then it’s all ok, even though CHILDREN are KILLING EACH OTHER as SPECTATOR SPORT for RICH and TITLED soul-LESS HUE-mans. That is what this world IS COMING TO, if we don’t stop it NOW! The movie is FILLED with their agenda, it is horrifying! They have ABSOLUTE CONTROL of EVERYTHING!

There are things we can do. Learn about Permaculture, Cob homes, community-immunity. We have to educate ourselves as to our options to the system. It won’t be easy for everyone, the more money you have the harder it will be to ‘trust’ that people are not just after your money, you will have a hard time reconciling that. The ‘poorer’ you are, well you already have massive skills to learn how to get by on very little, teach it to others. I would like to suggest that when the shit does hit the fan, all the people who work in stores, markets, etc. go open the doors and let people in anyway. The farmers who have no way to transport crops anymore because ‘shipping’ is shut down, start sharing your abundance with your community. Just because the system is going to crash and fail does not mean we have to too. If you support your community, it will support you. If we all work together, there is less work for everyone!

I’m not just talking, I am taking these steps myself. When I am not online ‘outing’ the system, I am actively pursuing alternatives to the control construct. I have plans and implement then as I am able, I cannot give all this information and not walk my talk, I am NOT a hypocrite. I am a truth speaker and I stand in the power of truth, it is the only way out of the lies. Yes, the truths I put out there about the system may be painful and hard to take but let me assure you, it is NOT a joke and the worst is coming! I do not wish to leave this messed up world for my children or any children, do you? I am willing to give my life for this truth and to Nature. I’m exiting the system and taking back responsibility for taking care of what matters. I’m leaving and I am NOT going QUIETLY, I DO NOT CONSENT!



‘You are your government’ is a fucking lie. How dare they say this and ask You to beLIEve it. When you are the government you are guilty of atrocious crimes against humanity and against this Earth! The very word government means MIND CONTROL! Get this through your heart, feel it and get angry. Shut them down in your mind. They are only about death, destruction and lies and we are all party to it because we do not know how to stop it.

Do you support your government? I do not and will not. Do you ‘vote’ for the next person to RULE you, to be the BOSS of you, to GOVERN you, to have AUTHORITY over you? I do not and will not. I refuse to support anything that only causes hideous effects such as assault, rape, murder, torture, bombing, war, famine etc. I cannot and will not put my creative love energy into a system that is hellbent on total destruction of this earth. I don’t care who from hell is offering themselves to ‘govern’ me and my children – they can ALL fuck off!

The ‘people’ you elect when you vote, do you really know them? Do you know they are all Demonic Priests and Priestesses? They do not care about anyone on this land, they just want to satisfy their greedy nasty freakish selves. It’s time to call these assholes what they are and turn our backs on them and create something beautiful on this earth rather than FOLLOWING and allowing these fucktards to run their show. It’s their ‘party’ and we are not invited! And I WILL NOT party with them!

The government you elect into power is NOT the government, they are controlled by a shadow government that dictates who will run for what party and who will win the elections. Your vote means absolutely nothing except to show them how brainwashed you really are. To participate in the death campaign being waged against humanity is the ultimate mind control. The war is waged against your Mothers and Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, You, your Children, your cousins, nieces and nephews, your GrandMothers, GrandFathers and even your pets! They are raping, murdering, stealing from, and polluting your natural ways and it is WRONG.

It is time to get angry and to do something about it and that does not mean ‘asking’ them to fix it. Take back your power and control, take back your inheritance that is this Earth. Stop paying these douche bags for it! Why! If you think you ‘own’ your property because you ‘paid’ for it, then you are a fool. Your deed, your title is only ink on paper, it means nothing and is only a way for them to STEAL your loving life force by making you work hard to pay them back! What a fucking scam!

What has your government created that is loving and abundant for all without cost. NOTHING! They are takers, period. They take your life force through creating a system in which you have no community, nobody loving and supporting each other, sharing abundance out of the goodness of our hearts, where we all live in grids, where there are working parents that are not there to care for the children they have. They created the idea of marriage, cause chaos in it then make it impossible for you to get divorced. Why even bother with any of it! Fuck ‘em! What have they done for you lately that did not cost someone else something.

Do you know someone who has had governmental force used against them? Then they were assaulted, period. No man has any reason to lay their hands on another man for any reason. Whether it was by the police, judges, banks, IRS, CRA, or other bullcrap fictions! Third party imposters is what they are, interlopers, shills, demons, freaks and losers. They are comprised of people who are dead inside, they have sold out and are now commited to getting everyone else to sell out too. “Give us your soul, we’ll take good care of it as we suck the life out of it, then we will leave you for dead and not be responsible for our actions!” This is literally what they think!

Let me tell you, my Mother was a pure blooded Mohawk that means I am a NATIVE WOMAN to the landmass known as Canada AND the USA! The parasitical force known as government INVADED this land, stole from my ancestors their native tongue, their ways of life, customs and SO MUCH MORE which means it was all stolen from me and my children too. I’m mad as hell, I WILL NOT ‘get over it’, I WILL NOT accept it and I send back all the damage the Canadian Government has done to desicrate this land and people on it, (mis)represented by ‘prime minister’ harper, his puppet masters, cronies, fellow rapists, murderers, polluters, pillagers. May Harper and Obama and their children and families be affected in the same way until their MENTALLY ILLNESS is cured and they are ready to make things right. I send it all back!

I WILL NOT ‘register’ as an Indian. I WILL NOT ask for ‘status’ what a fucking joke! To ask the government to recognize me as my Native Being is a farce. I do not give two shits what any of them think, they are retarded (look the word up before you attack me), they are mentally ill, WHY would I care what they think of me. To them I am only a number in a computer to be tracked and controlled – NO THANKS! We are ALL Natives of this land regardless of colour, if we were born here we are native to the land and we need to STOP ASKING FOR OUR INHERITANCE! We need to band together, claim our land and take responsibility for caring for it. This goes for anyone in their native land too, not just here in Canada and the USA. This is the best way to stop them. Take what is your birthrite and create a loving beautiful space where life flourishes, where you build a community that shares everything WITHOUT ANY SYSTEM INFLUENCE!

Supporting your government means you are unsane, you are mentally ill. You are brainwashed and therefore you cannot be trusted.I will not make any apologies if this offends anyone, TRUTH does not apologize. I send you lots and lots of healing love instead.

 Please check out these links. Really listen to what these beautiful loving co-creators have to say, they decode the code and offer a solution which is something NO SYSTEM can offer us!

Love For Life and their YouTube channel is called ArthurLoveForLife (this post won’t let me insert the link, sorry)