When I find inspirational posts or article, I usually post it with a personal message about how important it is to live a heart-centered life. How our ego will become harmonic with our heart. Our balance in our brains will shift from left-brained logical, reasoning and rational mind to the more creative, imaginative, emotional and intuitive right-brain. This link is an excerpt from The Heart Of The Matter, by Marcey Shapiro MD. It clearly and concisely gives much new scientific research which is proving, in my opinion, the heart is the centre of our Universe, our connection each ‘other’, to our Divinity, our connection to All That Is and to our Sacred Mother Earth.

Living a heart-centered life is actually a harmony between the mind and heart. I believe the heart is the Soul Record of every human and living being on this earth, it IS the all knowing part of us. It knows our past, present and future, it is the guide to the bliss of life. The heart beats and grows before the brain does, by quite a while when you consider the gestation time of a human infant. I feel the heart speaks to us through our intuition and when we can learn to hear, feel, interpret and act upon our ‘gut feelings’ we will all become more of who we are at our essence – that being Love.

I did not always view all of my experiences as good. All of my health issues were of manifestation of my pure dislike, even hatred for my broken bones and surgeries and moreover my body. I always ‘had more problems’ and then one day I realized I wasn’t waiting for ‘what’s next’, another health problem? Since then I have not had as many serious issues, I had a torn ACL about 2 years ago and could not walk on my left knee. It’s hard to see the positive when you are always broken, when you feel your body’s failed you, however when my heart changed it was revealed to me ‘why’ I went through it all.

I can see the positive in all those experiences and now I experience those effects, it’s a totally different perspective and I never imagined it could ever be possible, first of all that I would heal and that ‘I’ would understand and feel the reasoning behind it. I saw the bigger picture, I experienced the negative side of the health issues and now I am experiencing the positive which includes a much healthier body. All because there was a shift from my mind (negative ego) to my heart. It was all to reveal that I am a healer, healing facilitator is more like it, we are our own best healer we just sometimes need to be shown the door. I learned so reasons for the health problems I went through and it showed me the way to the healer within.

When I felt my shift from all fear vibrations and acceptance of ‘who’ I AM and embracing my less comfortable poor health I found a place within me where I had profound love for those around me and it dawned on me that if I could love them that much then it MUST apply to Me TOO! Right! From that point on my body has not only healed and I have a Love Energy that bursts from my chest but my entire life is improving and has improved in all ways. I cannot even begin to count the ways my heart has lead me to where I needed to be, all because I listened to my intuition.

All fear dissipated as the Love grew out of the shift to my heart and it got huge, that is for sure. I don’t feel there is much to fear in life, it’s all a hologram, a dream from our Higher-Self anyways. As far as I am concerned, I have already been through the worst a human can be through so nothing can hurt me now. I see the importance that we use our heart as a filter and pause before a reaction. It is not easy to view everything through your heart, but I promise you the more you do the more balanced and harmonic you will feel. Your life will improve in ways you never expected and you will be in the right place at the right time more and more. The syncronicities in life will be on rapid fire after while and life will just become a game!

I recently reclaimed another ‘brand new life’ when I moved back to what I consider my ‘hometown’, since I lived here the longest and experienced my teens, marriage, children, much happiness and deep hurt. I am back here and living a pure heart-centered life and I am experiencing things I only had ever dreamed of. This is MY TIME and I am the creator. I surrender to Source the path to what it is I want and I have come to a place where I merely have a passing thought of what I want and it manifests. I have reconnected with who I was at birth, the heart has been the key to everything.

All of these great things are happening to me because of living a heart-centered life. I understand that I have shifted in my mind too, I have shifted from more left-brain to right-brain and it is now balanced with my heart. I am sure the more I connect with my soul and allow it to guide me the more harmonic my life will get. I know this all to be true in my life experience and we are all humans so it’s got to work for everyOne who wants to have that inner peace in life.

The better my heart-centeredness tunes in the less ego I have, it just sort of falls away and there is less fighting against from the it and it begins to serve me better all the time. The things I used to beat myself up for are no longer running through my head over and over, in fact there are very little negative thoughts that go through my mind. It’s actually quite a nice effect that I never could have seen happening. My ego now discerns situations and experiences, I have consciously left behind knee-jerk reactions and turned them into a Love impression instead.

In North America Heart Disease is the number one killer and I firmly believe it is because we are not living up to our potential. It is the ‘hobbies’ and things we are ‘naturals’ at that we need to be doing as our professions. What makes us happiest is the path we need to follow, it won’t always be peaches n’ cream but at least the adversity you will face you will do so with a heart filter and you will begin to allow yourself to enjoy or learn from negative experiences. Why are we so afraid to do what makes us happiest, what is the worst that can happen if you actually take a step in faith and see what your heart tells you is your passion. What is possible for you, dream from your heart because it sends out a very powerful signal and that brings back what you want in abundance through the Universal Law of Attraction. Is it possible to see that there are other possibilities in life that what we are ‘taught’ we must do to keep the ‘machine’ running smoothly.

When we follow our heart we view the world with so much more compassion and we have empathy for those who are experiencing a ‘harsher reality’ than we are. We treat ourselves and others better in all ways because we understand that we want to achieve further harmony and we wish it for others too and so we seek out ways to make that happen. We understand and accept that those who are what we consider ‘less-fortunate’ came here to experience too and we can only support them on their journey.

I now understand that nothing is ever truly negative, it can be our best fastest teachers at times. We can learn big lessons from even the smallest negative reactions. I have come to a place where I can cycle through feelings and emotions better now, especially the ones I used to consider negative.

Our Higher-Self created us to experience in human form, as we have many times before and likely, will again. The one thing I feel remains the same throughout all these lives is our heart, it is the carrier of the soul and we all know we have a one, so why aren’t we listening to it.




Energy always is, always was and always will be. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Everything is energy in vibration or vibrating energy. All energy is neutral; it does not carry a charge until we put one into it. We are Energy of Divine origin therefore we cannot move out of energy if we wanted to, moreover it is our choice to charge our energy positively or negatively. In doing so we charge ourselves positively or negatively.

The perceptions we have of our ‘reality’ charges our lives with positive (Love) vibration or negative (Fear) vibration. If we are having a hard time in our life all we have to do is shift our perceptions to all the goodness and our whole world will open up to limitless possibilities. I know it is easier said than done but once you learn how to, it is life changing.

We have the free-will choice of how to react in every instance, experience and event in each moment. We have the choice to resonate positive or negative reaction. We have the choice to have ‘knee-jerk judgments’ or to use ‘discernment’ instead. Knowing the difference between judgement and discernment can change your perceptions and reactions.                    

With the Law Of Attraction we will get whatever it is we are in alignment with in that moment based on our perspective. Viewing things as ‘good or bad’ will bring us more of that – in ABUNDANCE.

Our feelings are based in one of two energies – love or fear, positive or negative. Our feelings create emotions; emotions are the energetic output of those feelings. Everything that feels good is love and anything that does not feel good is fear, every other emotion is an extension of either of these.

When we align with love or fear we will experience events and people in our lives that are of ‘like’ vibration. When we live through our hearts and allow our hearts to guide us we experience blissful joy but when we align with fear we experience negative circumstances, which can leave us with an abundance of effects, including health problems.

Change your perceptions to positive and you can align with all that is great and good in the world. You are always in alignment with ‘something’ it is your choice to decide what you want to be aligned with.

Living in negative fear vibration:  Fear does not feel good. When we live in negativity, nothing in our lives seems to go our way and we feel like victims of circumstance. We (unconsciously) create manifestations of that fear in different forms and in doing so our lives can feel like they have been turned upside down and we are left wondering why.

Negative knee-jerk reactions are based in fear. Fear is caused, much of the time, because of our previous experiences because we did not have an objective perspective while experiencing events or people. If you can take a step out of your subjective viewpoint and see the bigger picture you will soon learn that the ‘negative’ you experienced was not negative at all.

Fear reactions are also caused by negative ego, the one that tells us lies about how bad we are. When we have judgments of others, we are always talking about ourselves; this is the negative ego putting the negative traits you do not like about yourself onto someone else. Learning to accept and embrace yourself with all your self-perceived flaws will stop you from judging yourself and others.

Those who proclaim they ‘CAN’T’ are limiting themselves in every imaginable way. That is fear. That IS allowing your ego to tell you that you are not worthy and that you do not deserve. When we can stop fearing we can calm the ego and allow it to serve us, which is its real job.

Our ego is a great tool when coupled with our heart, we can accomplish anything. However when we fear failure we will continue to ‘fail’ because we are not using our heart with our ego. Our heart and mind need to be balanced, when this balance is achieved we are then able to live a heart-centered life. This brings our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies into harmony and our lives will improve in leaps and bounds with miracles that seem to happen overnight!

When we reconnect with our awareness that we are Source Energy, we positively charge our energy to a love vibration and our mental, emotional and physical bodies all begin to realign themselves to a balance that benefits us in every way. It is our choice too, to stay in one vibration or another however when we live in fear we are not always in conscious awareness of it. Stop allowing your negative ego to give up on what your heart (soul) is calling you to do. It will tell you that your dreams are unattainable but this is untrue. Dreams come from the heart, it is your ego (mind) that will stand in your way if you are in a negative energy or fear vibration.

Our hearts are a ‘soul record’ of everything we are, have done and will do. Our heart speaks to us through our intuition and as long as we listen to it we will never be misled. Our lives, lead by intuition will speak to us through synchronicities and the more we acknowledge them the more we will experience.  It takes time to learn to trust your intuition but when you do miracles happen and synchronicities become a game.

We are Source Energy, we are of Divine Vibration we then know that there is nothing we cannot do. This means we are automatically of love vibration, this is why fear and negativity feel so bad to us. It is counter-intuitive and it is created in the mind, through external sources which turn into negative ego.

I say this all the time and I will keep saying it, “Just because you are born means you are entitled to be happy. It is your Divine Birthright to have, do or be anything you want. So what is stopping you?

Your heart is calling you back to your essence, why resist? What could be better than lining-up your vibration with your Higher-self, Source Energy?



We have been lied to and had the truth of our personal power suppressed throughout history. First we were told our minds aren’t powerful, then we were told are minds are the very powerful. Both of these statements are true, here’s why; our minds are powerful, absolutely but compared to our heart they are not nearly as powerful.

This is why affirmations don’t usually work if you are a depressed or sad person. In order for things like affirmations to work we must believe them and so many of us do not and so we ‘fail’ and believe they do not work. See what just happened there. It could be said that affirmations are designed to fail by their very nature because if you only ‘think’ they are true, they never will be. However, using the power of the heart to speak affirmations will make them far more powerful and you will see results. You must believe them to be true and then they will work for you. This is much more difficult to do because if you believed what the affirmations are attempting to help you with to begin with you would not even need them! You cannot trick your heart into anything unlike the way you can trick your mind into any number of things. Our hearts are wise and loving while our brains are mere processors.

Emotions come from feelings and feelings come from the heart. The way we view our world and believe what we see only creates more of that. If we see the world around us as beautiful and wonderful, we then create more of that and so the circle begins. If we see our lives as lacking and sad and we believe this is true, we then create more of that in our lives and then begins a viscous spiral. The Universe will give you what you ask for, every time, in abundance, in all speed, without fail!

The things our emotions create in our lives and bodies are incredible and most of the time we don’t even realize we are creating these manifestations. We are powerful creators my friend – my brothers – my sisters. The way we view our lives in the ‘what is’ situation, through our emotions and feelings backed up with power of the physical visualization we live, is how we create our lives whether we know it or not. The Universe responds to every feeling we send out with a thought by sending it back to us in abundance.

It DOES NOT MATTER if you are a positive person or negative it is Universal Law. We have the power to create a life that we truly desire, nothing is unattainable and do you know what? Just because you were born means it is your Divine Birthright to have and live and happy beautifully abundant life. Instead of only viewing ‘what is’ by looking at your current situation, view a different life and believe you deserve better, feel you deserve better. Things will start to change, little by little. You will notice little synchronicity’s start to happen and the more you practice choosing a better life and believing you deserve it, the better your life will get everyday.

Every single thing that is happening in your life right now is of your creation. It does not matter if you are an emoting positive or negative energy or somewhere in the middle energy. Whatever you put out is what you will get back. Our emotion or feeling vibration that is being sent out by the power of our heart with the perception of the mind is what we will get back in our lives through our experiences. The Universe is always lining up with our vibrations and giving us back exactly what is put out.

Remember this next time you are looking at your life and feeling bad because as you do you are creating more of what is bad. In those moments when you are feeling negatively use your mind power to your advantage. Shift your thoughts to something that makes you happy and feel those feelings and in that moment start to imagine a better life, a better place where you want to live. Allow yourself to receive that life, move in the direction of it by following your intuition. Your intuition is your hearts voice telling you what is the best for you to do in each moment.

Live a heart-centered life and do not allow your mind and the thoughts created in it to get you down. Stop listening to your negative ego that tells you you are not good enough or stupid or fat and lazy. When you believe this to be true this is what you will create, every time with out fail. Live from your heart as much as you possibly can, only love lives in the heart and when you love yourself you will have a fabulous life full of all the great things you desire. When you listen to the language of your intuition it will guide you to your best life. Follow it, it will never lead you astray.

-michelle xo


THANK YOU to Tazein at for your vote of confidence and nominating me for the Most Influential Blogger Award. There are not enough words to articulate the gratitude I am feeling, please know that I love you, always – in all ways ❤

The Questions are:

1- If you could create your own planet what would it look like?

My own planet would be a place of great beauty and bounty, similar to earth. Flora and fauna, animals, sea creatures, water, seas & oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains and great lands in abundance. It would be surrounded by inhabited moons, the skies would be blue, purple and indigo. The BEing’s would live with the nature of the planet and love and respect everything living. Everything would be shared and provided with the pure joy of just being able to share. Each BEing would be sovereign unto themselves, full of their essence, allowing their hearts to guide them, without negative ego. There would be unconditional love, without forgiveness because there would be no judgments and no trespassing on others. Every living thing on the planet would love and feel the connection they all with each other and Source and dance the beautiful dance of balance and harmony.

2-If you could visit one nation, you have never visited before, what nation would that be?

India, Tibet or Nepal

3- Have you ever taken a long distance trip?

I have traveled and lived all throughout my province but a ‘distance trip’ to me is going from living in pain and hurt all my life to healing, gratitude and abundance 😉

4-What is something you would collectively change about humanity?

The lack of respect for all living things and the fear that has gripped our planet which has caused us to live in lack and limitation. I would facilitate healing of those who have lost their connection to Source/Great Spirit/Creator, we live in a Universe that only knows love and giving, humanity needs to remember this and reflect the Universal Laws.

5-What is your favorite song?

SHINE – Collective Soul OR BITCH Meredith Brooks

6-If you could meet one person who is still alive who would you choose to meet?

NicholeNikolai Krysidigo – a dear soul siSTAR in whom I have found a kindred spirit. I need not meet someone ‘famous’.

7- If you could change one thing- one symbol- to represent you, what would that symbol be?Why?

The symbol that would represent me would be the mighty oak. Starting out as an acorn, splitting its shell, sending out shoots to root itself as it grows into a vulnerable young tree, then finding its truth and growing into it. It provides inspiration, shelter and shade to those want and need it. I choose this symbol because it represents the ‘as above, so below’ beautifully.

I was a seed in my mothers womb, I split my shell and was born. Through my early childhood I was connected to Source, I put my roots firmly in that Energy but I was still vulnerable to the physicality of this 3D world. Once I lived some, suffered much and broke, hurt and then healed I came into my essence and now I am that ‘mighty oak’, strong and true. I provide shelter, inspiration, love and compassion to those who need it. I have remembered my truth.

My nominations are:







Having disabilities has enriched my life to no end. Healing from them has created miracles of epic proportions!

It wasn’t until I made a conscious decision to choose health that my life changed drastically! All the pain and suffering I endured has given me true insight and understanding about how our physical bodies manifest emotional, mental and spiritual pain. Our bodies are a reflection of what is going on in our lives and the thoughts and feelings we have.

If we have mental pain – depression, negative ego, fear of the future or if we have emotional pain – past hurts, negative emotion, feelings of lack & limitation or spiritual pain – feelings of separation, feeling lost and without purpose, are a few examples of what will manifest or be mirrored in our physical body. Illness and disease are not all ‘in’ your head, they are not psychosomatic – they are caused by imbalances in your life.

Our bodies are a map of what is going on in our lives. When we understand this map and know how to read it we can then address the pains in our other bodies. We must want to heal though, in our heart of hearts – our Sacred Heart, before any healing will take place. Just wanting or wishing too heal is not enough, we must desire it with our whole being. We must be willing to heal all areas of our lives not just treat the symptoms.

When we choose to heal it begins immediately. It is not just physical healing, it is healing in all areas of our life – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Our lives begin to become more harmonious and we become more balanced. The four bodies begin to work together in a fine and delicate dance, it is never all 25%/25%/25%/25% despite what ‘logic’ would indicate, emotion and feeling are not logic based.

My healing started slow… First I accepted my physical disabilities, then I began to embrace them and look at the benefits they provided me. It wasn’t until I was admitted to the hospital for a possible minor heart attack that I really began to examine what it was that I truly wanted in my life. I felt like I was walking the (health) path of my parents which was not mine to walk – they did it because it was theirs. It was not mine to follow and so in the hospital I made a decision, a life altering one at that.

When I began healing it was because I had made a conscious decision to not live in illness and disease anymore. I stopped talking about all the physical pain and agony I had been through. I stopped telling the story of my life from a negative point of view. I stopped allowing my ego to tell me lies about what a failure I was, how bad I was. I stopped living in lack and limitation and moved to feeling abundant and free. I started to love myself unconditionally, I forgave myself for the lies I told myself, I stopped judging myself.

I allowed my heart to take over. I later realized that my hospitalization was a crisis of the heart on a physical level telling me that I was ‘breaking my heart’ through the thoughts I was thinking and feelings I was emoting. Although I did not know it at the time in this detail I have come to see the bigger picture and I have come to understand what I went through and why.

Now living a heart centered existence my life is rich and full, I have love energy bursting from my heart chakra all day everyday. I meditate more, laugh more and I do NOT allow things to get me down, I have more gratitude and appreciation. I no longer have an ego that rules me it serves me, it discerns for me and it follows my heart. I have a beautiful and simple life living in the moment because I now truly understand that each moment is all we have, it’s not just a saying anymore. The past is over and the future is always the future, it never comes.

Through it all I have come to see that I was never really suffering I was being graced with higher knowledge – it just wasn’t visible to me because i was too involved. I only had a subjective view but I changed my perspective on it all and the objective truth was revealed. I know now that I came here with a soul agreement to go through everything I did in all areas of my life for higher understanding, learning, growth and soul expansion. I have true empathy for others going through similar things I did – I can recall the feelings I had and through that I am able to feel compassion and unconditional love for those ‘suffering’ as I ‘did’.

Compassion is the greatest gift we can give to another because it breeds love. Unconditional love for another is the greatest feeling we can have for ourselves and others. I have been graced with life experiences that have allowed me come to a place where I have a profound love for every living thing on this planet and everyONE walking it. Whether they are loving me back or antagonizing me does not matter, we all have a place in this world, we are all here for a reason. Every soul incarnated on this earth today is here for a divine purpose, they are important and needed and I can honestly and sincerely say that I love you all, without you my life would not be the same.

I wish you all health, happiness, harmony & love! Have a wonderful day, enjoy each moment as you move through them.

Much Love -michelle xo ♥
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Now this is showing Mother Earth some love! Our Sacred Mother loves and supports us, sustains and shelters us and yet we continue to harm and poison her. When I see inspiring stories like this it warms my heart and I must share.
I truly appreciate when people get involved and actively DO SOMETHING to make their community better instead of ‘talk talk talk’ with no action to back it up. I feel it is SUPER important to re-plant the nature that has been lost to Urban Jungles as it is always done with dignity, respect and love.
The benefits that community gardens provide are enormous. Least of which are re-connecting to our Sacred Mother and the sense of community among the gardeners. Everyone is there for a common goal and for the good of the whole. This is lost in us now in our sprawling metropolises, this brings new meaning to the term ‘Urban Jungle’.
I watched a documentary called Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action it was all about a community garden, like these, in LA. Eventually the garden was plowed for no really good reason except to ‘make money’. I highly recommend the documentary, it is very well done and will pull at your heart strings.
I wish this team of urban gardeners, Gangsta Guerilla Gardeners all the success they deserve. Please offer your support by liking and following them too. Since we cannot be there with them it is the next best thing.
Cheers! -michelle.

La Paz Group

Food activist Ron Finley campaigns to “change the composition of the soil” in his hometown of South Central LA. In place of the “food desert” made up of liquor stores and fast food (not to mention drive-by shootings) he and his volunteer organization LA Green Grounds plants “food forests” in abandoned lots, traffic medians and sidewalk parkways.

Finley’s point of view is a call to arms to change our conversation about food.

The city of LA leads the United States in vacant lots. They own 26 square miles in vacant lots. That’s the equivalent of 20 New York Central Parks. That’s enough space to plant 724,838,400 tomato plants.

As a combination vegetable graffiti artist and gardening gangster,

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I recently read a very well done article that caused somewhat of a heated debate. As wrote my comment to the article I decided it would be better to make it a blog post instead. It was too much to put as a comment….  I provided the links that inspired this, below in green. Enjoy!

Most people in this world still believe that eating animal products is GOOD for us however there is overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. I feel it is more about fear of and resistance to change, resistance to set aside our loyalties to our elders who did the best they could with what they had (information/education). It seems to me that the consensus is, ‘if it was good enough for them it is good enough for me’. Well, I feel this is somewhat of a cop-out because it is easier to follow in someone elses footsteps than to strike out on our own, or is it.

It is becoming increasingly harmful to our health to consume any animal products even in moderation. Not only are so many illnesses and disease linked to animal/product consumption the continued quest to provide these products is wiping out Mother Earth. She is a reflection of Us and We are a reflection of Her. The ‘ill-informed’ demand is wiping out our planets rainforests at an astonishing rate, other environmental factors such as chemical pollution, methane pollution and outright poisoning of the animal stock food supply is not only harmful it is dangerous and eventually lethal.

We are the only species on this planet that consciously chooses to consume the milk of another animal and deny that it could be doing more harm than good. Human breast-milk is for humans, cow milk is for cows, PERIOD! And, ‘formula is just that, a ‘formula of chemicals’ directly marketed and advertised as good for baby – it is ‘bull-crap’ just as ‘milk does a body good’ is. Next time you think it is ok to feed a baby anything other than a mothers milk go to a dairy farm and put your baby on a cow udder – still feel right?

I understand there are RARE times when a mother has difficulty breastfeeding however the underlying belief needs to be addressed before that can change. The belief which has been pounded into women – BY MEN – is their bodies can and will fail them in relation to child-rearing. There is not one man on this planet in this incarnation that can tell you from experience what is normal for a woman’s body during pregnancy and after. And, given that all women are different, there really is no ‘normal’.

I am sickened that ‘celebrities’ can be paid enough money to endorse such garbage as the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign, apparently their integrity can be bought and IS bought. The ads for milk are produced by the dairy farmers and are not endorsed by any ‘genuine’ government or regulatory body. ALL of their ‘studies’ are funded by them which means they are 100% biased and those who believe that (animal) milk good for us have bought it hook line and sinker! The same is true with the ‘formula’ we eagerly buy to make our lives ‘easier’. It is all ‘hog-wash’ and is in no way true, we have been fed these lies on so many levels and it is time to wake up and get informed and educate yourself.

Eating other animals is not good for us in any form; eggs, dairy, meat, seafood, poultry, etc. The idea that we ‘need’ meat in our diets comes from the past when meat was the only source of food during harsh times and in harsh climates. It comes from outdated, poorly researched and biased ‘information’ as well. The argument does not have a leg to stand on these days. With advancements in science, research HAS proven and continues to prove that eating animals is not in the best interest of any human on earth! More and more they are finding and validating that a nature based diet that does not include animals is the best diet, we as humans, can consume.

Eating a diet that is rich and abundant in plants, nuts, seeds, bean, legumes, etc., IS the natural diet for humans. We simply do not have the teeth or digestive systems that are needed to eat any forms of meat at all. There is no legitimate reason for anyone to continue to eat meat once they know better. It is out of incorrectly informed beliefs, personal preference and denial that people continue to consume animal products. Most eat ‘fast-food’ and think it does not harm you but there is not one dietician with integrity that will tell you it is ever ok to eat that ‘food’ because there is no safe amount of it to eat. It isn’t even food, I won’t get into that right now.

It is not always easy for us to ‘digest’ this information because we have been led on for generations. Standing in your own power instead of allowing yourself to just follow the ‘herd’ will empower you further and you will feel better when you eat better. Do what you feel is best for you always but do some research into what lies you have been fed about animal consumption. There is NO nutritional value whatsoever in eating animal products that cannot be found elsewhere in nature. It is better for us overall. 

If you wish to truly live a harmonic life where all of your bodies work together you must change your diet too. For some the changes will just happen as you ascend or become enlightened or more aligned with what makes you happiest, this is what happened to me, but for most it will have to be a conscious change. Choosing to eat a more natural diet you consciously choose to eat better and feed your body what it needs and in turn you become more natural.

I myself have become informed, I research and educate myself with mainly NON-mainstream information because the ‘mainstream’ is very biased and ‘results’ are paid for. Just as there is no legitimate argument to continue to eat animals or their products there is very little legitimate information in mainstream media to pose a valid argument to the contrary! This is changing but until the non-mainstream becomes the mainstream please do not ‘buy’ what you are told, find out for yourself.

I have always been a conscious eater, for the most part and now that I am far more informed than I was before I am actively cutting out these products and I am on my way to being vegetarian, then vegan. It kills our environment and us in the process, how can we possibly be spiritual beings and allow this to happen. Denial will not feed you when the world is depleted. As my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies come more aligned and harmonic these changes are coming naturally. It takes and open mind and an open heart to truly understand that change IS good for us and resistance to change is only going to make you sick.

If you cannot ‘just stop’ eating animals and their products at least eat less of it and more of the good plant based foods. Not only will you feel better, you could lose weight, decrease you chances of causing many digestive illnesses and heart related diseases. We know in our heart that it is not in the best interest of our health to kill another animal to feed ourselves, except in rare dire circumstances. Each time we eat an animal or it’s product we are eating the fear that the animal went through as it was slaughtered. Animals have feelings too and we know it in our heart, it is not good for us physically or spiritually to continue to eat meat or animal products.

Just because many people ‘believe’ it’s true does not make it true! Our opinions are formed from our beliefs and our beliefs are formed from our experiences. If you are standing firm in your opinion that eating animals does no harm to you and you have never tried an alternate more natural diet how can you possibly state that it is ok or healthy? You cannot.

Cheers! -michelle


Evidence Shows Dairy is Cause for Many Health Related Problems

Protein From Animal Products is More Harmful Than From Plants