Now this is showing Mother Earth some love! Our Sacred Mother loves and supports us, sustains and shelters us and yet we continue to harm and poison her. When I see inspiring stories like this it warms my heart and I must share.
I truly appreciate when people get involved and actively DO SOMETHING to make their community better instead of ‘talk talk talk’ with no action to back it up. I feel it is SUPER important to re-plant the nature that has been lost to Urban Jungles as it is always done with dignity, respect and love.
The benefits that community gardens provide are enormous. Least of which are re-connecting to our Sacred Mother and the sense of community among the gardeners. Everyone is there for a common goal and for the good of the whole. This is lost in us now in our sprawling metropolises, this brings new meaning to the term ‘Urban Jungle’.
I watched a documentary called Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action it was all about a community garden, like these, in LA. Eventually the garden was plowed for no really good reason except to ‘make money’. I highly recommend the documentary, it is very well done and will pull at your heart strings.
I wish this team of urban gardeners, Gangsta Guerilla Gardeners all the success they deserve. Please offer your support by liking and following them too. Since we cannot be there with them it is the next best thing.
Cheers! -michelle.

La Paz Group

Food activist Ron Finley campaigns to “change the composition of the soil” in his hometown of South Central LA. In place of the “food desert” made up of liquor stores and fast food (not to mention drive-by shootings) he and his volunteer organization LA Green Grounds plants “food forests” in abandoned lots, traffic medians and sidewalk parkways.

Finley’s point of view is a call to arms to change our conversation about food.

The city of LA leads the United States in vacant lots. They own 26 square miles in vacant lots. That’s the equivalent of 20 New York Central Parks. That’s enough space to plant 724,838,400 tomato plants.

As a combination vegetable graffiti artist and gardening gangster,

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I am so grateful for Laura’s series on ‘Healing One’s Spirit’ and what it means to do so and how much our lives can improve. We can all learn to heal. If we listen carefully, become more aware & BELIEVE that if we are willing to help ourselves, Source will not fail us, It will be there to assist us along through our journey. After all, isn’t the journey actually the destination? -michelle


What Does “Healing One’s Spirit” mean? Part 4 of 4 Part Series

In attempting to hand over this control and trust whatever is required of us to experience through our illness, accepting the outcome no matter what that means about how short or long our life will be, this is where it helps to have a healed relationship to Source. Also having some realizations that have come through you personally but are of Divine origin (you will know if it is coming from a higher source or from your ego and intellectual mind because the former will resonate in your being, feel uplifting like you’ve just hit on something and may also give you shivers—what some call “God bumps”—goose bumps spurred on by a spiritual Truth). Having such illuminating spiritual experiences can give you the knowledge that when your body dies, as much as ego fears that’s the end of…

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I completely understand what Laura is talking about in this series and I pray that you will too. Take pause, think about you life and what isn’t working… Will surrendering help, letting go; giving it over to God rather than carrying the load all on your own? I know for a fact it helps, we just need to believe in ourselves and the love and compassion the Divine has for us! -michelle


Part 3 of 4 Part Series on What Does “Healing One’s Spirit” mean?
“Healing spirit” can mean calling on Spirit to guide us and infuse us with an expanded truth about reality and life, and for what is needed for healing to happen in us individually. It may mean involving Spirit so deeply in our healing we completely surrender and truly open up to whatever Spirit has in store for us, and start listening to what Spirit moves us to do in our lives—no matter how uncomfortable and out of our safety/comfort zones it takes us. Could it be we are living our lives being too ordinary when we have an extraordinary gift we have neglected to share with the world—or haven’t even discovered exists in us yet, or maybe we’ve become callous and complacent when we could show more compassion to fellow man? Spirit may be telling us it’s…

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Part 2, these blogs from Laura provide so much insight to our lives and the capacity we all possess when we strive to live our authentic life – up to our potential. -michelle


Part 2 of 4 Part Series on What Does “Healing One’s Spirit” mean?
It is the following meaning of “healing spirit” I want to explore for now: to integrate our spiritual aspects to bring in the healing, to involve the realm of Spirit for healing. Instead of only looking to purely physical elements affecting health, or mental/emotional elements that go into our health; spiritual elements quite likely surpass the influence on our health that either body (physical) or mind (mental/emotional) do, and is of utmost importance to consider on our healing journeys. What is Spirit trying to tell us about changes we need to tweak in our lives, changes that would make this lifetime more–not only healthy (disease-free and pain-free) for our bodies, but to fulfill certain experiences we are here to have? Sometimes our health is challenged to give us some first-hand knowledge that can only be gained by…

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I apologize for not putting an article out yesterday, I must am happy to re-blog a very IMPORTANT message….


What Does “Healing One’s Spirit” mean?
Copyright Oct. 24/ published Nov.27, 2012

Part 1 of a 4 Part Series
It can be said that healing requires healing of body, mind and spirit. We can easily picture what healing one’s body involves, and even healing for one’s mind, but what does “healing one’s spirit” mean? Aren’t we supposed to be perfect in spirit already and don’t have to heal our spirits? The phrase “healing spirit” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not so much that we have to heal our *spirits* but reintegrate spiritually as we are fragmented—we are a fragment of Source, and potentially disconnected from our spirit due to illusions of separation in the physical. “Healing spirit” can be healing your relationship to Source, and working on returning to a state of wholeness. If we can regain a sense of wholeness while still in the physical, we are…

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I am currently working on a blog which I am not ready to post, until then please enjoy on from a dear friend of mine. I hope you will comment on it too and be sure to check out Laura’s blog while you are at it, healing comes from every source you access, so why not someone’s blog. Take care I look forward to joining you again soon with my new article. Cheers!


Autumn of 2012 has been a reminder for me of the importance of taking care of our mental health. The story of a most unfortunate teen suicide hit the news (Amanda Todd). She took her own life after considerable bullying and cyber-bullying, and sadly similar cases exist. When I talked over with my own teen how outrageous the taunting was from school-mates, he reports that was what he saw go on in high school all the time. This is a regular occurrence? Sickening. I asked my son how he made it through? A combination of high self-esteem, being callous and not caring what anyone thought of him, and a martial arts background with an attitude to not let anyone push him around helped him not be targeted as much. It appears if you are going to survive high school nowadays, you must thicken your skin on issues and in ways…

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This time of year if a good time to talk about reflection, letting go, releasing and surrendering….

As the countdown to Christmas holidays and the New Year gets closer I am inspired to talk about the ideas this that time of year reminds me of. Reflection on the past events of the year is something I tend to do around the holidays and as the New Year draws near. I am not one to make resolutions, I personally have always felt that they encourage us to set ourselves up for failure, then when we don’t follow through on them, we feel pretty crappy about ourselves. This is not how we should feel at anytime but it happens and so I encourage everyone to make resolutions throughout the year and not just at New Years. I think doing it that way relieves so much of the pressure we put on ourselves to succeed because we tend to tell everyone ‘what we are going to do different’. I am all for making future plans but we must leave room for flexibility because God may have a different ideas for us. We tend to put ourselves in places which we really aren’t meant to be in, however if you make a resolution to better yourself and it really resonates with you then you are most certainly on the right path and God will help you along during the times of hardship or self-doubt. I honestly believe that if we make promises to ourselves which involve the act of helping others we will be more likely to succeed.

What I pledge to do different this upcoming New Year is make it a step-by-step process. First I will reflect on my year in general and acknowledge the areas which were strong what I am proud of and give thanks for those good times. After that, then I will take stock of the things which didn’t work for me and what needs addressing. I used to get down on myself and have so much negative self-talk that I could not see myself clear to all the wonderful things, but this year is very different because it has been a year of healing for me and many others across the globe. I have so many things to be thankful for this year and specific actions which I am very proud of. The things I feel which are not as good, will have my sincere heart-felt self-support to ensure that I make positive changes which will stick. I am not perfect but I feel so much more whole than in the past and I am able to make changes in my life which require little or no effort these days because I listen to my Higher Self and really pay attention to what It, my body and emotions are trying to tell me.

This year has been a big year of releasing for me and I would just like to take a moment to thank Source for standing by my side through everything, all the time. My gratitude is endless for the changes I have been through, for they have all been positive. The things I used to think were negative-weren’t, that was my ego talking, I can see this now as even the hard times and difficulties we go through are always for the betterment of our soul… Whether we chose to believe it or not. I had some wonderful lessons handed to me this year and once I learned to let go of the old ways I lived by, the new just came pouring in like a waterfall and how glorious it has been. I surrendered my spirit and my physical life to Source and everything changed. Boxing Day is a great reminder for us to take all the old feelings, ways of living and things we don’t like in general and had them over and just release them. Most times when we do we actually feel lighter and tend to feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off us, and quite literally it has. We never have to carry our burdens alone, why not share the load and let God take care of some of our deepest darkest issues? We may think that if we are to do this, how are we going to do it? Well, for me it started in June with a health crisis of the heart. I did make a conscious decision during it but it also lead me to lighten my personal load, to be more honest with myself and to acknowledge that I couldn’t do it all myself and now I no longer want to. I have developed an up close and personal relationship with my Higher Spirit.

My ideas for this New Year upcoming are very different than the past, I may actually make one resolution so that it is easy to handle. I’m not exactly sure what it will be at this moment in time but I know for sure it will have something to do with actively being of service to others. I am so excited to find out what Sources plans will be for me this new year given how wonderful my gifts were this year. Just the fact that I have so much excitement over it tells me that there are big things in store. Perhaps I will commit to only seeing Natural Doctors, or see a Spiritual Healer, or being that I went through a Miracle healing this year and am getting better everyday maybe I will commit to getting more exercise or more importantly getting outdoors and spending time in Mother Natures glory. I do not know at this point but I know for sure that the answer will come. I would like to honour my healing and bring my body back into a state of fitness. I was an athlete at one time and all the health issues I have had left me feeling completely robbed of that and I would like it back. Losing a couple more pounds wouldn’t hurt either but I am not really concerned about that at the moment. This inspires me to write a little bit about weight loss.

I do not ‘diet‘ to lose weight ever. I think this is a painful one for most because almost everyone feels they must deprive themselves or take count of everything they put into their mouth in order to take those pounds off. I know for a fact diets do not work and I found once I surrendered to Source-the pounds just started to come off. I now see weight as an emotional, mental or spiritual blockage we have which is manifested physically on our bodies. Don’t get me wrong for I don’t want to see a skinny world but I would really like to see a healthy population! And generally it comes down to a body-mind-spirit-emotion connection although I am well aware that many of us overeat, put bad food into our bodies, lack of exercise or have a serious emotional pain which causes us to eat whatever makes us ‘happy‘ but we all know where it ends – negative self-talk and then we start beating ourselves up for no reason. God made us perfectly imperfect, try to see a weight issue as a blockage you need to address to make peace with yourself on the inside and the outside will follow. Again, this personally happened to me, after letting go the pounds just started dropping off. So instead of making a resolution to lose weight and then deprive yourself to do so, why not resolve to get fit and take baby steps, change your diet to a healthier one which includes more wholesome and organic foods then consciously address those nagging issues that you talk about in your head all the time.

From your heart, ask your Higher Self what you really want for you, the answer will come and when it does, it will make you vibrate with excitement. You will feel like you cannot contain it and when that happens it will be because you have connected with Truth and therefore you will succeed. I pray that everyone gets what they truly desire and needs for the New Year 2013. Just remember to be honest with yourself about your negativity but do it with kindness and compassion, like you are talking to a baby, don’t beat yourself up about the things you didn’t do ‘right’ or how ‘bad‘ you are for this or that. It won’t work if you treat yourself as a ‘less-than‘. I always say if we beat ourselves up the way we freely talk to ourselves, with so much negativity, we would be broken and bruised. I know this is true as it is what I did to myself and instead of becoming better from the negative ‘news feed‘ I got worse and worse and worse. Through complete forgiveness and non-judgement of others I came to a place where I could no longer harbour ‘ill-will’ towards myself because I accepted and embraced all of my flaws for they are a part of me so how could I possibly ‘hate‘ them. If I can do it, so can you! Happy New Year everyone!

Love yourself, I do!