My New Year is off to a wonderful start and its because of my readers so I want to tell you, I feel joyously over-whelmed at the support I have received from all over the world and it inspires me to continue my writing. It was my intention when I started this blog (and still is) to reach as many others (as possible) in an effort to share my life experiences and all the lessons I have learned. As well I want to share with you all the knowledge I have come to understand and remember in order to help anyone who has had similar problems. In the short time I have been writing, you have shown me that I am the right track. I am so very grateful and appreciative of your support and your kindness, it means so much to me and I have to to let you know.
If you have any ideas, questions or other feedback, about what you would like me to write about please share them, let me know what you want and I will work on getting you what you are asking for. To date I have had a requests to talk about some more of my health issues which I have not yet touched on as well as one about my experience and knowledge regarding MEDICATIONS and finally one requesting what my ‘most noted accomplishment was’? I feel these are all VERY GOOD questions, I appreciate you asking, it is really something to consider and perhaps I will do some reflecting tonight about that question.
Please do not hesitate to post comments and share your feelings! I really enjoy reading them and replying to you all individually because I feel you took the time to write to me so it is important that you know, I truly appreciate you ALL!. If you find your comment does not show up on the ‘comment feed’ it is because I have received some comments that are just random lettering, they ‘look’ like this:
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I am unaware of ‘what’ the ‘problem’ is but I think it may be that it is because they are being converted from a foreign language perhaps? I will contact WordPress (my web-host) to see if they can provide me the answer, which I will relay back to you. If you know I am interested in learning the reason for it. I must also tell you too that some of your comments go to SPAM however I do check it often, UNSPAM & reply to them too so that nobody goes UN-noticed and unappreciated.
In any case, I AM grateful for all your comments and feedback. Whether I can read them or not just knowing you took your time to not only read my blog but comment too is so gracious of you and I cannot wait to hear more from you. Please feel free to share my blog with anyone you know, especially those who will benefit from it.

Eternal Gratitude!