The Light Side


This is my new ‘ABOUT’ page. I have updated it to reflect the changes that are going on in my life. My ‘blog’ is still fairly new but it is going to grow, just as I am growing. Over the last month, after my healing, I have learned how our hearts create the world we live in based on how our ego perceives things and I am here to offer you access to this information.

I have learned to ‘bring through’ or ‘channel’ my Source Energy to create the life I am now living. I was born an Empath and I have now remembered how to ‘tap into’ that information for myself. I have also learned how to offer my gift to others in a way that may help them heal.  It is imperative for me to share these changes in my life so that I may help someone who is wanting to live a different life and be their authentic selves, that being one of Source!

I Thank You for visiting! I have faith that you will find what you are looking for, here. We are all searching for something and even though I have connected to my Source Energy, I still search. I do not have ‘all’ the answers for you but I now have all the answers for me. I know that there are those of you out there in the world now, who are looking for answers to life’s ‘big’ questions. I understand how you feel, you feel like you ‘understand’ most things but there are some answers you seek and I hope you will find them here.

You are the ‘creator’ of your own life and by DIVINE RIGHT, just because you were born means you are ENTITLED to anything and everything you could possibly imagine and you absolutely DESERVE everything you want. I am here to help you, to guide you through the steps to finding the place in which you will feel an inner peace and a Love Energy that can and will literally, burst from your heart all day, every day.

You MUST do the ‘work’ involved however it is not a job nor does it feel like work when you are doing that which is involved. YOU are just as much of a ‘creator’ as Source is, as God is. Everything in this world is an extension of Source, good – bad, light – dark, peaceful – chaotic. It is up to you to decide what it is that you want and to create it in your life based on your perceptions. There are no others who create your own personal world; however, we are all co-creators in the ‘Grand Scheme of Things’. In an individual sense though, we are the artists of our own lives!

I would really like this blog to be an open forum for people to come to read, comment, ask questions, get feedback, but above all to connect to someone else that has struggled and has similar feelings to the way you do. Speak out, let your voice be heard for I will genuinely listen and if you ask for help, then I will help; if you need to rant, I won’t take it personally; if you need to share in a safe place, then…. Welcome to my blog!

If you would rather have a one-on-one conversation, or do not wish to air your feelings in a public forum, please feel free to email me & I will respond as fast as humanly possible. I am in the beginning stages right now so response times will not be delayed but as traffic increases and more people catch wind of this place I will do what I can to make sure you are all taken care of! It is because I appreciate your feelings and ideas too which has brought you here, I have utmost respect for you and I have a personal privacy code (confidentiality) Second only to Source! Whatever you tell me stays your business. Normally I would say it stays with me but have in the past, have taken on world hurts to the point of illness which do not belong to me. Just know that what you tell me in privacy will go no further than me.

My email is

I would like to state, in my blogs I will use the following terms interchangeably; God, Source, Spirit, Higher Self/Spirit, Divine, Divinity etc. and It or Energy only when the ‘first letter’ is capitalized.

I sincerely hope that you get what you are looking for!



Leave a Reply and I will answer all comments and feedback. Many thanks!

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