Are you ready to face your dark side? Your life depends on it!

In my last blog I wrote, ‘Our greatest fears have been realized, are we ready to change now?” referring to the current state of the world. Yes, it’s true there is an oligarchy, a ‘ruling class’, who beLIEve they are the royal heirs to the dominion of the earth and all souls living on it. They are here to take over earth, steal all the resources and enslave humanity at whatever the cost. So far, they have played their part. Now what can we do to fix our individual and shared human experience here and send them packing?

I never agreed with the notion of ‘being a product of your environment’ because we have free-will to choose what we want, or don’t in our lives. I have another perspective on this now, which is opposite, to my previous, but I still maintain that we have free-will choice to change it. What if our world environment is a product of our collective fractured human experience and what if our world is the way it is to to act as a mirror to heal us. Adversity is a great teacher and experience is what we are here to do.

Our external world is very much a reflection of what is going on within us, individually and collectively. We all have a role to play in taking responsibility for what is going on in our earth and fixing it, beginning with our own personal being. What goes on around us is also fed back into our inner world and this has created great conflict within our being. We can only stop this from happening when we seek balance, if we do nothing then the cycle will continue. We cannot be healthy while living in a sick world, just as we cannot be sick when we live in a healthy world. I mean this on a collective level (at the moment) and will speak of the individual experience later on.

There is balance in everything natural; our Universe is not some random experiment from our Creator. We are not only spiritual beings having a human experience; we are also human beings having a spiritual experience here on Earth. ‘As above so below – As below so above’ this is true law. We all know, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction too, another true law… it’s all truth and consequence. Consequence is not a bad thing when you are in a loving and righteous place but when you stand in fear you will find consequences to be less than favourable, possibly downright disastrous. As a result, when we are fearful we will avoid the truth in place of something to pacify us – usually lies and usually external from us. To me, fear is the result of external conditioning and indoctrination as well as our unwillingness to explore, accept and embrace our darkness.

The bigger the lie and the more it is driven into our minds the easier it is to believe, I call this indoctrination. One of the biggest lies we have been told is that we have to be nice, kind and only show good, positive emotions to get along in this world. I know this to be untrue. Not only is this teaching inhumane it is downright destructive and holds humanity back from our natural course of evolution. We must allow ourselves to experience and express both positive and negative, in a healthy way, if we are to achieve greater knowledge and move forward into the light.

We have a physical shadow in the sun to show us that we have darkness inside of us. Ever notice how when the sun gets higher in the sky, our shadows get smaller and smaller? I relate this to letting our darkness having light shed on it and our soul light will get heal but only if we go directly through the darkness. Once we do, our light lifts up and illuminates all that is around us so we can see clearly and unobstructed. The darkness will always be there but it will be minimal compared to before we begin our shadow work.

Truth will wait to be discovered and will always maintain its integrity whereas lies change so often we can hardly keep up and they lack ALL validity and integrity. ‘Oh, what a wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive!’ Truth always stands the test of time, this is fact. When lies are uncovered and exposed – it is then, that the truth comes out! We live in a world of lies but the truth is being brought into the light more and more. Lies are the darkness and truth is the light.

When we stop believing that we are ONLY a spiritual being having a human experience and accept that the opposite is true also, that we are humans having a spiritual experience, we begin to stir inside. Awareness of our humanity and spirituality is what creates harmony in our lives. Where did that singular, one-sided belief come from anyway? I’ll give you a hint… it’s to anchor you in the right side of your brain! It is absolutely imperative that when self-educating we approach everything with an open mind and heart. We cannot see objectively at all when our views are clouded by nation, culture, religions, politics, etc., these are the wedges that divide us. When we do have a one-sided standpoint it is called a subjective view and shuts down objectivity. We cannot be singular or one-sided; this is not harmony, which means there is no balance.

Individual experience of spiritual awakening, healing our hearts and balancing our minds is our single greatest asset here and contains within, the power of the Universe. We can accomplish so much more positive when we remember who we are and awaken to our true identity. We must disregard what we have been taught about ‘human nature’ and look within ourselves for the answers. What is the motivation behind what we have been taught about human nature? It is to get us to ‘beLIEve’ we are all irresponsible savages who need ‘governing’ rather than know that we are Divine Beings with limitless possibility. Knowing comes from experience and learning the truth of our Divinity. We are infinitely more than the sum total of our material possessions and we are worth more than all the gold in the world – we are the value and as such we must value ourselves in a whole way, individually and collectively as the human race. NOTHING ELSE will work!

We are light beings but we also have darkness inside of us that has grown through many many lifetimes. We have to go to our dark place to find the source of our light and to bring it forward to shine bright. I learned that I had a very very dark place inside of me that resulted in my creation of over 50+ broken bones, 8 surgeries, and 9 dis-eases and nearly taking my own life on several occasions. My outer world reflected the pain and trauma that went on within me, in my mind and my emotions. It will not be this severe for everyone, I am also an Empath and I (un)consciously took on world pain too.

ALL physical illness can be traced to deep emotional wounds that we are afraid to address but we have to do our shadow work. Of course, the toxins in our world don’t help but they too are triggers that create that dark reflection inside of us that we all MUST deal with if we are to heal. Toxic inner, toxic outer – toxic outer, toxic inner. If we can approach the shadow work knowing that we will heal, why not do it and stop breaking our own hearts.

What we resist incorrectly, persists until it is dealt with. I didn’t want to go to the dark side. I had believed the lies I was taught, that negative emotion is not acceptable and I turned it inward on myself. It did not matter if I wanted to go there or not, if I wanted to help humanity heal – I had to! I struggled to be the light while I lived in that darkness for over 30yrs. At the age of 7 I forgot who I was for the most part, even though I came in still connected to Source. It was ALL so worth it and those who know (personally) what I went through probably never thought they would hear me say that.

My shadow work resulted in a bright shining light that will never be snuffed, diffused or broken again. I AM whole, again. There is still work to do and I DO IT, with pleasure because I know the Self-work is never done until we pass over! I don’t just sit and rant, whine and complain – those days are over. I AM truly grateful for the experience for it showed me just how strong and beautiful I really AM, I call this ‘grace’. Healing has created a fire in my soul that no longer knows barriers, divisions, doubt and especially fear. I have been through the shit storm and I survived to tell what I have learned.

I clearly see and have gratitude for all my ‘negative’ experiences; they have been my greatest teachers. It makes me feel so emotional that I was once so hateful and resentful of myself and life, but I know it had to happen. There was no way around it, no matter how much I resisted and broke! Knowing that I came to this place of enlightened peaceful bliss from the fires of my own hell brings me to tears of gratitude!

Now, I speak truth, expose lies and stand in the glory of the beautiful consequences that come my way as a result! I dared to go to that dank dark bottomless pit, found my light and stepped into it. My past life is almost a faded memory now, I treasure the lessons learned as I live in the moment and have excitement for the future. I can see my world healing around me, just as my body did when I dared to go to the place I didn’t want to go. I have so much to live for and to love for and I know in my soul, if we truly want to change the world, we have to go to the darkness to heal it.

This is my last incarnation on this earth, I have know this all my life. Now I really know it because I came here to do what I had to do, heal my soul. When I leave here I will be a spirit guide for those who are still here. It is with great honour that I accept this life for what it has given me and continues to give now that I have found my grace.

I love you all so very much, you deserve all the happiness and richness life has to offer. Please wake-up, please!

Namaste and blessed be Brothers and Sistars!

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