Energy always is, always was and always will be. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Everything is energy in vibration or vibrating energy. All energy is neutral; it does not carry a charge until we put one into it. We are Energy of Divine origin therefore we cannot move out of energy if we wanted to, moreover it is our choice to charge our energy positively or negatively. In doing so we charge ourselves positively or negatively.

The perceptions we have of our ‘reality’ charges our lives with positive (Love) vibration or negative (Fear) vibration. If we are having a hard time in our life all we have to do is shift our perceptions to all the goodness and our whole world will open up to limitless possibilities. I know it is easier said than done but once you learn how to, it is life changing.

We have the free-will choice of how to react in every instance, experience and event in each moment. We have the choice to resonate positive or negative reaction. We have the choice to have ‘knee-jerk judgments’ or to use ‘discernment’ instead. Knowing the difference between judgement and discernment can change your perceptions and reactions.                    

With the Law Of Attraction we will get whatever it is we are in alignment with in that moment based on our perspective. Viewing things as ‘good or bad’ will bring us more of that – in ABUNDANCE.

Our feelings are based in one of two energies – love or fear, positive or negative. Our feelings create emotions; emotions are the energetic output of those feelings. Everything that feels good is love and anything that does not feel good is fear, every other emotion is an extension of either of these.

When we align with love or fear we will experience events and people in our lives that are of ‘like’ vibration. When we live through our hearts and allow our hearts to guide us we experience blissful joy but when we align with fear we experience negative circumstances, which can leave us with an abundance of effects, including health problems.

Change your perceptions to positive and you can align with all that is great and good in the world. You are always in alignment with ‘something’ it is your choice to decide what you want to be aligned with.

Living in negative fear vibration:  Fear does not feel good. When we live in negativity, nothing in our lives seems to go our way and we feel like victims of circumstance. We (unconsciously) create manifestations of that fear in different forms and in doing so our lives can feel like they have been turned upside down and we are left wondering why.

Negative knee-jerk reactions are based in fear. Fear is caused, much of the time, because of our previous experiences because we did not have an objective perspective while experiencing events or people. If you can take a step out of your subjective viewpoint and see the bigger picture you will soon learn that the ‘negative’ you experienced was not negative at all.

Fear reactions are also caused by negative ego, the one that tells us lies about how bad we are. When we have judgments of others, we are always talking about ourselves; this is the negative ego putting the negative traits you do not like about yourself onto someone else. Learning to accept and embrace yourself with all your self-perceived flaws will stop you from judging yourself and others.

Those who proclaim they ‘CAN’T’ are limiting themselves in every imaginable way. That is fear. That IS allowing your ego to tell you that you are not worthy and that you do not deserve. When we can stop fearing we can calm the ego and allow it to serve us, which is its real job.

Our ego is a great tool when coupled with our heart, we can accomplish anything. However when we fear failure we will continue to ‘fail’ because we are not using our heart with our ego. Our heart and mind need to be balanced, when this balance is achieved we are then able to live a heart-centered life. This brings our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies into harmony and our lives will improve in leaps and bounds with miracles that seem to happen overnight!

When we reconnect with our awareness that we are Source Energy, we positively charge our energy to a love vibration and our mental, emotional and physical bodies all begin to realign themselves to a balance that benefits us in every way. It is our choice too, to stay in one vibration or another however when we live in fear we are not always in conscious awareness of it. Stop allowing your negative ego to give up on what your heart (soul) is calling you to do. It will tell you that your dreams are unattainable but this is untrue. Dreams come from the heart, it is your ego (mind) that will stand in your way if you are in a negative energy or fear vibration.

Our hearts are a ‘soul record’ of everything we are, have done and will do. Our heart speaks to us through our intuition and as long as we listen to it we will never be misled. Our lives, lead by intuition will speak to us through synchronicities and the more we acknowledge them the more we will experience.  It takes time to learn to trust your intuition but when you do miracles happen and synchronicities become a game.

We are Source Energy, we are of Divine Vibration we then know that there is nothing we cannot do. This means we are automatically of love vibration, this is why fear and negativity feel so bad to us. It is counter-intuitive and it is created in the mind, through external sources which turn into negative ego.

I say this all the time and I will keep saying it, “Just because you are born means you are entitled to be happy. It is your Divine Birthright to have, do or be anything you want. So what is stopping you?

Your heart is calling you back to your essence, why resist? What could be better than lining-up your vibration with your Higher-self, Source Energy?



  1. So beautifully written! Keep on shining , my dearest bright SI-STAR ! ❤ U xxxxx

  2. Au Matu says:

    a VERY timely Re:mind:eR…”knee-jerk reaction” was EXACTLY the term i needed to see today, many many Thanks!!!

    • Hey! The Universe always delivers, the awareness is where we find the answers when we allow them to come from any place, no matter how crazy. SO happy to have been part of your process! Blessings! Namaste

  3. Au Matu says:

    Reblogged this on Au Matu and commented:
    Charge it as you please, it’s just Energy…

  4. Mathew says:

    G’day Michelle

    Very good blog by the way & I love how you incorporated vibrations within your blog, I do the same.

    I look at it this way, we are like the universe ever expanding out but like the space in the universe consciousness is curved. We take on different emotions out of the core & the further away from the creative point (core) we go the more emotionally driven we are which of course causes conflicts. If we chose a curve that propelled us around the core we would be some what more at peace & in harmony which of course gives us a feeling of love.


    • Thank you Mathew for taking the time to respond. I love to hear others feelings on such topics. Reading the second paragraph of yours makes me feel the saying ‘full circle’ can be applied here since a curve that curves long enough will eventually come back to the beginning.
      I agree with what you say too about peace and harmony. For me learning to understand my feelings behind my emotions opened me up to a world of balance. My emotions used to go off willy-nilly but now instead of living in polar opposites and duality, I walk the middle ground and in that place there is profound peace and total unconditional love. In that place I know both the infinite and finite, the is and is not and I have never felt more at home than when I can be in that place in each moment. Never thinking about the past not worried about the future, I just AM BEing Me and I truly love Me.
      All the best to you always, in all ways! -michelle

      • Mathew says:

        Well you see Michelle I’m the opposite as I love to live within the discord of life however when I do feel at one I feel at home & safe which I use to rebuild my vitality to go on in living in discord, I’m a ratbag!!

        Believe it or not I’ve been in continues pain since I was six yrs old & was brought up with two quite aggressive parents which I understand & forgive, even after this I’m still content in living how I live. Living in the place of love is beautiful as I feel it so much more than ever & you would think after going through what I have that’s all I would want but no the ratbag in me forgives that much that I’m accepting of all even discord however your blog struck a note & made me rethink.


  5. Dearest Mathew – I love this conversation! You would not believe how similar we are, this last comment of yours blew me away. I felt the same way you did, living in the discord and being happy with it. I don’t feel it’s all that bad as long as you do feel safe, at home and vital there. We all have different paths to walk, journeys to follow and experiences to observe and learn (from). You are a beautiful and LOVELY ‘ratbag’ and even though you may live in the ‘discord’ it is clear to me that you are still a very loving person and that is what is most important in life, finding that love place and living it.

    I ABSOLUTELY believe you have been in continuous pain since age 6! Mine started at age 7 and I am writing a blog about it, how it came about (I can see it now), how it affected my life for 30+ years and how I came to heal from it 🙂 We have much in common however, my parents – all three of them – were alcoholics and I lived all the affects that a child of alcoholics do: extreme poverty, neglect, mental and emotional abuse. It took me a long time but I too, forgave them. There was a point after my own children were born that I was VERY angry with them, I felt they did NOT care for us. Feeling and knowing the unconditional love I had for my babes I did not feel they did they best they could since I felt I would do ANYTHING to make sure my children were loved, protected and provided for. But feelings, thoughts, beliefs and opinions change as we open our minds and hearts and after all that I realized that they did in fact do the best they could, even with the mental and emotional abuse – they didn’t know any better.

    As for the discord in life, mine has all but disappeared and only comes around once in a while. I have no issues with what people consider negativity, it is one of our greatest teachers and when I do experience it, I welcome it – ask what am I suppose to get out of this – accept, embrace and love it. I have gotten to a place where I cycle through it very fast now as I just allow it to move through me. When I was in pain and dis-eased it was because I hung on to them, would dwell on them and beat myself up over it. I always say, ‘if we beat ourselves up physically, the way we do mentally we would all be broken, scarred and bruised’ and do you know what? I WAS! Which is why I say that.

    I am truly grateful that my blog struck a cord with you – I get giddy when I hear feedback like that, so thank you very much! We must all do what makes us happiest in life, regardless of what it is and as long as we ‘do no harm to others’ we are free to live how we wish, want, need or dream. Thank you so much for sharing with me and all who read my blog. I LOVE it when others share it’s a beautiful thing and something we could all benefit from if we learned to do it more! SO SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU! Namaste dear Mathew! -m. xo

    • WOW what can I say, it is funny how people who have been through the mill become more accepting however a lot of people who have gone through the mill don’t make it like I nearly didn’t a few times in my early life or some become totally conflictive right through out there lives & do unto other what was done unto them, I am no 49yrs old & I made it!!!

      You seem to have a beautiful disposition & outlook Michelle as for me I live, at times, in discord but I’m not living in discord which a lot of people mix up. While I live in discord of life I have helped a fair amount of people because they relate to me as I do of them. I’ve worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life the last time was working with disabled people of all kinds including people who have been in jail, disability comes in many forms. I had one disabled bloke a few years older than me who cried at the drop of a hat, after a stint with me & another co-worker you couldn’t make him cry even if you wanted too. If I text book treated him he would be still in a mess, I didn’t treat him with kids gloves or something different from the rest but as an equal & when I incorporated this with humour I had an immediate response. I was firm but humorous at the same time which helped him not to take life too seriously.

      I involve myself with discord & at times become that discord but the love I feel around me at times brings me back to earth, I am exceptionally fortunate but a lot of people aren’t in being able to flip flop like this. It is funny because people have a hard time working me out when they see me flip flop, they see me in discord & judge me on that then they see me in total peace & harmony, some people think I’m trying to trick them but it’s just me using the tools I have at hand to help others. It’s great to be able to use so called negatives in a positive way.

      Lots of love to you too Michelle

      PS I’m going to refer people back to this through a post on my blog because it’s important people know more than perceive.

  6. mike becker says:

    Thank you. I believe our readers will find similarity in our work and welcome you and them to check it out. Positive always.

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