We have been lied to and had the truth of our personal power suppressed throughout history. First we were told our minds aren’t powerful, then we were told are minds are the very powerful. Both of these statements are true, here’s why; our minds are powerful, absolutely but compared to our heart they are not nearly as powerful.

This is why affirmations don’t usually work if you are a depressed or sad person. In order for things like affirmations to work we must believe them and so many of us do not and so we ‘fail’ and believe they do not work. See what just happened there. It could be said that affirmations are designed to fail by their very nature because if you only ‘think’ they are true, they never will be. However, using the power of the heart to speak affirmations will make them far more powerful and you will see results. You must believe them to be true and then they will work for you. This is much more difficult to do because if you believed what the affirmations are attempting to help you with to begin with you would not even need them! You cannot trick your heart into anything unlike the way you can trick your mind into any number of things. Our hearts are wise and loving while our brains are mere processors.

Emotions come from feelings and feelings come from the heart. The way we view our world and believe what we see only creates more of that. If we see the world around us as beautiful and wonderful, we then create more of that and so the circle begins. If we see our lives as lacking and sad and we believe this is true, we then create more of that in our lives and then begins a viscous spiral. The Universe will give you what you ask for, every time, in abundance, in all speed, without fail!

The things our emotions create in our lives and bodies are incredible and most of the time we don’t even realize we are creating these manifestations. We are powerful creators my friend – my brothers – my sisters. The way we view our lives in the ‘what is’ situation, through our emotions and feelings backed up with power of the physical visualization we live, is how we create our lives whether we know it or not. The Universe responds to every feeling we send out with a thought by sending it back to us in abundance.

It DOES NOT MATTER if you are a positive person or negative it is Universal Law. We have the power to create a life that we truly desire, nothing is unattainable and do you know what? Just because you were born means it is your Divine Birthright to have and live and happy beautifully abundant life. Instead of only viewing ‘what is’ by looking at your current situation, view a different life and believe you deserve better, feel you deserve better. Things will start to change, little by little. You will notice little synchronicity’s start to happen and the more you practice choosing a better life and believing you deserve it, the better your life will get everyday.

Every single thing that is happening in your life right now is of your creation. It does not matter if you are an emoting positive or negative energy or somewhere in the middle energy. Whatever you put out is what you will get back. Our emotion or feeling vibration that is being sent out by the power of our heart with the perception of the mind is what we will get back in our lives through our experiences. The Universe is always lining up with our vibrations and giving us back exactly what is put out.

Remember this next time you are looking at your life and feeling bad because as you do you are creating more of what is bad. In those moments when you are feeling negatively use your mind power to your advantage. Shift your thoughts to something that makes you happy and feel those feelings and in that moment start to imagine a better life, a better place where you want to live. Allow yourself to receive that life, move in the direction of it by following your intuition. Your intuition is your hearts voice telling you what is the best for you to do in each moment.

Live a heart-centered life and do not allow your mind and the thoughts created in it to get you down. Stop listening to your negative ego that tells you you are not good enough or stupid or fat and lazy. When you believe this to be true this is what you will create, every time with out fail. Live from your heart as much as you possibly can, only love lives in the heart and when you love yourself you will have a fabulous life full of all the great things you desire. When you listen to the language of your intuition it will guide you to your best life. Follow it, it will never lead you astray.

-michelle xo


  1. diane armitage says:

    michelle, this is beautiful BEing and DOing – thank you for sharing and of course at the perfect time for me. lovely beautiful you xo

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