I recently read a very well done article that caused somewhat of a heated debate. As wrote my comment to the article I decided it would be better to make it a blog post instead. It was too much to put as a comment….  I provided the links that inspired this, below in green. Enjoy!

Most people in this world still believe that eating animal products is GOOD for us however there is overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. I feel it is more about fear of and resistance to change, resistance to set aside our loyalties to our elders who did the best they could with what they had (information/education). It seems to me that the consensus is, ‘if it was good enough for them it is good enough for me’. Well, I feel this is somewhat of a cop-out because it is easier to follow in someone elses footsteps than to strike out on our own, or is it.

It is becoming increasingly harmful to our health to consume any animal products even in moderation. Not only are so many illnesses and disease linked to animal/product consumption the continued quest to provide these products is wiping out Mother Earth. She is a reflection of Us and We are a reflection of Her. The ‘ill-informed’ demand is wiping out our planets rainforests at an astonishing rate, other environmental factors such as chemical pollution, methane pollution and outright poisoning of the animal stock food supply is not only harmful it is dangerous and eventually lethal.

We are the only species on this planet that consciously chooses to consume the milk of another animal and deny that it could be doing more harm than good. Human breast-milk is for humans, cow milk is for cows, PERIOD! And, ‘formula is just that, a ‘formula of chemicals’ directly marketed and advertised as good for baby – it is ‘bull-crap’ just as ‘milk does a body good’ is. Next time you think it is ok to feed a baby anything other than a mothers milk go to a dairy farm and put your baby on a cow udder – still feel right?

I understand there are RARE times when a mother has difficulty breastfeeding however the underlying belief needs to be addressed before that can change. The belief which has been pounded into women – BY MEN – is their bodies can and will fail them in relation to child-rearing. There is not one man on this planet in this incarnation that can tell you from experience what is normal for a woman’s body during pregnancy and after. And, given that all women are different, there really is no ‘normal’.

I am sickened that ‘celebrities’ can be paid enough money to endorse such garbage as the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign, apparently their integrity can be bought and IS bought. The ads for milk are produced by the dairy farmers and are not endorsed by any ‘genuine’ government or regulatory body. ALL of their ‘studies’ are funded by them which means they are 100% biased and those who believe that (animal) milk good for us have bought it hook line and sinker! The same is true with the ‘formula’ we eagerly buy to make our lives ‘easier’. It is all ‘hog-wash’ and is in no way true, we have been fed these lies on so many levels and it is time to wake up and get informed and educate yourself.

Eating other animals is not good for us in any form; eggs, dairy, meat, seafood, poultry, etc. The idea that we ‘need’ meat in our diets comes from the past when meat was the only source of food during harsh times and in harsh climates. It comes from outdated, poorly researched and biased ‘information’ as well. The argument does not have a leg to stand on these days. With advancements in science, research HAS proven and continues to prove that eating animals is not in the best interest of any human on earth! More and more they are finding and validating that a nature based diet that does not include animals is the best diet, we as humans, can consume.

Eating a diet that is rich and abundant in plants, nuts, seeds, bean, legumes, etc., IS the natural diet for humans. We simply do not have the teeth or digestive systems that are needed to eat any forms of meat at all. There is no legitimate reason for anyone to continue to eat meat once they know better. It is out of incorrectly informed beliefs, personal preference and denial that people continue to consume animal products. Most eat ‘fast-food’ and think it does not harm you but there is not one dietician with integrity that will tell you it is ever ok to eat that ‘food’ because there is no safe amount of it to eat. It isn’t even food, I won’t get into that right now.

It is not always easy for us to ‘digest’ this information because we have been led on for generations. Standing in your own power instead of allowing yourself to just follow the ‘herd’ will empower you further and you will feel better when you eat better. Do what you feel is best for you always but do some research into what lies you have been fed about animal consumption. There is NO nutritional value whatsoever in eating animal products that cannot be found elsewhere in nature. It is better for us overall. 

If you wish to truly live a harmonic life where all of your bodies work together you must change your diet too. For some the changes will just happen as you ascend or become enlightened or more aligned with what makes you happiest, this is what happened to me, but for most it will have to be a conscious change. Choosing to eat a more natural diet you consciously choose to eat better and feed your body what it needs and in turn you become more natural.

I myself have become informed, I research and educate myself with mainly NON-mainstream information because the ‘mainstream’ is very biased and ‘results’ are paid for. Just as there is no legitimate argument to continue to eat animals or their products there is very little legitimate information in mainstream media to pose a valid argument to the contrary! This is changing but until the non-mainstream becomes the mainstream please do not ‘buy’ what you are told, find out for yourself.

I have always been a conscious eater, for the most part and now that I am far more informed than I was before I am actively cutting out these products and I am on my way to being vegetarian, then vegan. It kills our environment and us in the process, how can we possibly be spiritual beings and allow this to happen. Denial will not feed you when the world is depleted. As my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies come more aligned and harmonic these changes are coming naturally. It takes and open mind and an open heart to truly understand that change IS good for us and resistance to change is only going to make you sick.

If you cannot ‘just stop’ eating animals and their products at least eat less of it and more of the good plant based foods. Not only will you feel better, you could lose weight, decrease you chances of causing many digestive illnesses and heart related diseases. We know in our heart that it is not in the best interest of our health to kill another animal to feed ourselves, except in rare dire circumstances. Each time we eat an animal or it’s product we are eating the fear that the animal went through as it was slaughtered. Animals have feelings too and we know it in our heart, it is not good for us physically or spiritually to continue to eat meat or animal products.

Just because many people ‘believe’ it’s true does not make it true! Our opinions are formed from our beliefs and our beliefs are formed from our experiences. If you are standing firm in your opinion that eating animals does no harm to you and you have never tried an alternate more natural diet how can you possibly state that it is ok or healthy? You cannot.

Cheers! -michelle


Evidence Shows Dairy is Cause for Many Health Related Problems

Protein From Animal Products is More Harmful Than From Plants


  1. silvershaman says:

    Most societies learn a MORE or social norrm. If eating insects is part of that then they don’t any different. Just like years ago brother, and sisters had sex and sex with their mothers fathers and uncles and nephews till so one realized bad things happened. THey loved each other and intercourse was part of love. No eating animals occured naturally when there were no nuts and berrys and fruits to gather. So man gets hungary he eats even if it is a rat or a human or earth worm.
    We are more advanced and we know we are not designed to eat meat that will promote a good bodily health. NO ONE IN THE MEAT INDUSTRY IS CONCERNED ABOUT HEALTH.
    Only Vegetarians and Vegans. eventually the out come is that as the MEAT EATERS DIE OUT then the VEGANS will take over GOOD FOOD FARMING and there will no longer be a demand for COWS, PIGS, CHICKENS. The fish are tainted with Mercury and Plastic so the people that eat that will die too.

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